How to use StringBuilder.buildOutput method of io.kotest.engine.config.dump class

Best Kotest code snippet using io.kotest.engine.config.dump.StringBuilder.buildOutput


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1package io.kotest.engine.config2import io.kotest.core.config.ProjectConfiguration3import io.kotest.engine.tags.runtimeTags4import io.kotest.mpp.bestName5fun ProjectConfiguration.createConfigSummary(): String {6 val sb = StringBuilder()7 sb.buildOutput("Parallelization factor", parallelism.toString())8 sb.buildOutput("Concurrent specs", concurrentSpecs.toString())9 sb.buildOutput("Global concurrent tests", concurrentTests.toString())10 sb.buildOutput("Dispatcher affinity", dispatcherAffinity.toString())11 sb.buildOutput("Coroutine debug probe", coroutineDebugProbes.toString())12 sb.buildOutput("Spec execution order", sb.buildOutput("Default test execution order", sb.buildOutput("Default test timeout", timeout.toString() + "ms")15 sb.buildOutput("Default test invocation timeout", invocationTimeout.toString() + "ms")16 if (projectTimeout != null)17 sb.buildOutput("Overall project timeout", projectTimeout.toString() + "ms")18 sb.buildOutput("Default isolation mode", sb.buildOutput("Global soft assertions", globalAssertSoftly.toString())20 sb.buildOutput("Write spec failure file", writeSpecFailureFile.toString())21 if (writeSpecFailureFile) {22 sb.buildOutput("Spec failure file path",23 specFailureFilePath.replaceFirstChar { if (it.isLowerCase()) it.titlecase() else it.toString() })24 }25 sb.buildOutput("Fail on ignored tests", failOnIgnoredTests.toString())26 sb.buildOutput("Fail on empty test suite", failOnEmptyTestSuite.toString())27 sb.buildOutput("Duplicate test name mode", if (includeTestScopeAffixes != null)29 sb.buildOutput("Include test scope affixes", includeTestScopeAffixes.toString())30 sb.buildOutput("Remove test name whitespace", removeTestNameWhitespace.toString())31 sb.buildOutput("Append tags to test names", testNameAppendTags.toString())32 if (registry.isNotEmpty()) {33 sb.buildOutput("Extensions")34 registry.all().map(::mapClassName).forEach {35 sb.buildOutput(it, indentation = 1)36 }37 }38 runtimeTags().expression?.let { sb.buildOutput("Tags", it) }39 return sb.toString()40}41fun ProjectConfiguration.dumpProjectConfig() {42 println("~~~ Kotest Configuration ~~~")43 println(createConfigSummary())44}45private fun StringBuilder.buildOutput(key: String, value: String? = null, indentation: Int = 0) {46 if (indentation == 0) {47 append("-> ")48 } else {49 for (i in 0 until indentation) {50 append(" ")51 }52 append("- ")53 }54 append(key)55 value?.let { append(": $it") }56 append("\n")57}58private fun mapClassName(any: Any) = any::class.bestName()...

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1import io.kotest.core.config.Project2fun main() {3 val sb = StringBuilder()4 Project.dump(sb)5 println(sb.toString())6}7kotest {

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