How to use pattern method of io.kotest.runner.junit.platform.gradle.GradlePostDiscoveryFilterExtractor class

Best Kotest code snippet using io.kotest.runner.junit.platform.gradle.GradlePostDiscoveryFilterExtractor.pattern


Source:KotestJunitPlatformTestEngine.kt Github


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...74 * Classname.method: adds classname selector and ClassMethodNameFilter post discovery filter75 * org.Classname: doesn't seem to invoke the discover or execute methods.76 *77 * filter in gradle test block:78 * includeTestsMatching("*Test") - class selectors and ClassMethodNameFilter with pattern79 * includeTestsMatching("*Test") AND includeTestsMatching("org.gradle.internal.*") - class selectors and ClassMethodNameFilter with two patterns80 */81 override fun discover(82 request: EngineDiscoveryRequest,83 uniqueId: UniqueId,84 ): KotestEngineDescriptor {85 logger.log { Pair(null, "JUnit discovery request [uniqueId=$uniqueId]") }86 logger.log { Pair(null, request.string()) }87 // if we are excluded from the engines then we say goodnight according to junit rules88 val isKotest = request.engineFilters().all { it.toPredicate().test(this) }89 if (!isKotest)90 return KotestEngineDescriptor(uniqueId, emptyList(), emptyList(), emptyList(), null)91 val classMethodFilterRegexes = GradlePostDiscoveryFilterExtractor.extract(request.postFilters())92 val gradleClassMethodTestFilter = GradleClassMethodRegexTestFilter(classMethodFilterRegexes)93 // a method selector is passed by intellij to run just a single method inside a test file...

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Source:GradlePostDiscoveryFilterExtractor.kt Github


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...10 * But ClassMethodNameFilter, as the name implies, only handles clases and methods.11 * Kotest is more advanced, and JUnit5 Platform allows for hierarchical tests, so this is a limitation12 * of Gradle not implementing the spec fully.13 *14 * Since ClassMethodNameFilter is private, we can't get access to the underlying patterns, so we resort15 * to this reflection bullshit to get the raw strings out, so we can parse and apply the patterns ourselves,16 * thus allowing kotest to properly support the --tests options.17 *18 */19object GradlePostDiscoveryFilterExtractor {20 private val logger = Logger(GradlePostDiscoveryFilterExtractor::class)21 fun extract(filters: List<PostDiscoveryFilter>): List<String> {22 val classMethodFilters = filters.filter { it.javaClass.simpleName == "ClassMethodNameFilter" }23 return classMethodFilters.flatMap { extract(it) }24 }25 private fun extract(filter: Any): List<String> = runCatching {26 val matcher = testMatcher(filter)27 logger.log { Pair(null, "TestMatcher [$matcher]") }28 val commandLineIncludePatterns = commandLineIncludePatterns(matcher)29 logger.log { Pair(null, "commandLineIncludePatterns [$commandLineIncludePatterns]") }30 val regexes = { pattern(it) }31 logger.log { Pair(null, "ClassMethodNameFilter regexes [$regexes]") }32 regexes33 }.getOrElse { emptyList() }34 private fun testMatcher(obj: Any): Any {35 val field ="matcher")36 field.isAccessible = true37 return field.get(obj)38 }39 private fun commandLineIncludePatterns(obj: Any): List<Any> {40 val field ="commandLineIncludePatterns")41 field.isAccessible = true42 return field.get(obj) as List<Any>43 }44 private fun pattern(obj: Any): String {45 val field ="pattern")46 field.isAccessible = true47 val pattern: Pattern = field.get(obj) as Pattern48 return pattern.pattern()49 }50}...

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