How to use deleteVersion method of stub class

Best Atoum code snippet using stub.deleteVersion


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1<?php2// GENERATED CODE -- DO NOT EDIT!3// Original file comments:4// Copyright 2021 Google LLC5//6// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");7// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.8// You may obtain a copy of the License at9//10// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software13// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,14// WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.15// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and16// limitations under the License.17//18namespace Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2;19/**20 * Service for managing [Versions][].21 */22class VersionsGrpcClient extends \Grpc\BaseStub {23 /**24 * @param string $hostname hostname25 * @param array $opts channel options26 * @param \Grpc\Channel $channel (optional) re-use channel object27 */28 public function __construct($hostname, $opts, $channel = null) {29 parent::__construct($hostname, $opts, $channel);30 }31 /**32 * Returns the list of all versions of the specified agent.33 * @param \Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\ListVersionsRequest $argument input argument34 * @param array $metadata metadata35 * @param array $options call options36 * @return \Grpc\UnaryCall37 */38 public function ListVersions(\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\ListVersionsRequest $argument,39 $metadata = [], $options = []) {40 return $this->_simpleRequest('/',41 $argument,42 ['\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\ListVersionsResponse', 'decode'],43 $metadata, $options);44 }45 /**46 * Retrieves the specified agent version.47 * @param \Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\GetVersionRequest $argument input argument48 * @param array $metadata metadata49 * @param array $options call options50 * @return \Grpc\UnaryCall51 */52 public function GetVersion(\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\GetVersionRequest $argument,53 $metadata = [], $options = []) {54 return $this->_simpleRequest('/',55 $argument,56 ['\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\Version', 'decode'],57 $metadata, $options);58 }59 /**60 * Creates an agent version.61 *62 * The new version points to the agent instance in the "default" environment.63 * @param \Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\CreateVersionRequest $argument input argument64 * @param array $metadata metadata65 * @param array $options call options66 * @return \Grpc\UnaryCall67 */68 public function CreateVersion(\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\CreateVersionRequest $argument,69 $metadata = [], $options = []) {70 return $this->_simpleRequest('/',71 $argument,72 ['\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\Version', 'decode'],73 $metadata, $options);74 }75 /**76 * Updates the specified agent version.77 *78 * Note that this method does not allow you to update the state of the agent79 * the given version points to. It allows you to update only mutable80 * properties of the version resource.81 * @param \Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\UpdateVersionRequest $argument input argument82 * @param array $metadata metadata83 * @param array $options call options84 * @return \Grpc\UnaryCall85 */86 public function UpdateVersion(\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\UpdateVersionRequest $argument,87 $metadata = [], $options = []) {88 return $this->_simpleRequest('/',89 $argument,90 ['\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\Version', 'decode'],91 $metadata, $options);92 }93 /**94 * Delete the specified agent version.95 * @param \Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\DeleteVersionRequest $argument input argument96 * @param array $metadata metadata97 * @param array $options call options98 * @return \Grpc\UnaryCall99 */100 public function DeleteVersion(\Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\DeleteVersionRequest $argument,101 $metadata = [], $options = []) {102 return $this->_simpleRequest('/',103 $argument,104 ['\Google\Protobuf\GPBEmpty', 'decode'],105 $metadata, $options);106 }107}...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1require_once('');2require_once('');3require_once('');4$version = $_POST['version'];5$server = new rabbitMQClient("testRabbitMQ.ini","testServer");6$request = array();7$request['type'] = "deleteVersion";8$request['version'] = $version;9$response = $server->send_request($request);10if($response == true)11{12 echo "Version deleted";13}14{15 echo "Version not deleted";16}17require_once('');18require_once('');19require_once('');20$version = $_POST['version'];21$server = new rabbitMQClient("testRabbitMQ.ini","testServer");22$request = array();23$request['type'] = "deleteVersion";24$request['version'] = $version;25$response = $server->send_request($request);26if($response == true)27{28 echo "Version deleted";29}30{31 echo "Version not deleted";32}33require_once('');34require_once('');35require_once('');36$version = $_POST['version'];37$server = new rabbitMQClient("testRabbitMQ.ini","testServer");38$request = array();39$request['type'] = "deleteVersion";40$request['version'] = $version;41$response = $server->send_request($request);42if($response == true)43{44 echo "Version deleted";45}46{47 echo "Version not deleted";48}49require_once('');50require_once('');51require_once('');52$version = $_POST['version'];53$server = new rabbitMQClient("testRabbitMQ.ini","testServer");54$request = array();55$request['type'] = "deleteVersion";56$request['version'] = $version;57$response = $server->send_request($request);58if($response == true)59{60 echo "Version deleted";61}62{63 echo "Version not deleted";64}65require_once('');66require_once('');67require_once('rabbit

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