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...24 self.logger.setLevel(loglevel)25 self.allow_non_numeric_args = allow_non_numeric_args26 def _log(self, *args):27 self.logger.log(logging.DEBUG, " ".join(args))28 def _add_assert(self, node, reverse=False):29 assert_name = None30 args=[]31 if isinstance(node, ast.Call):32 assert_name = node.func.attr if isinstance(node.func, ast.Attribute) else node.func.id33 if len(node.args) > 2:34 args = node.args[2:] # save the extra arguments\35 elif len(node.keywords) > 0:36 args = node.keywords37 elif isinstance(node, ast.Assert):38 assert_name = 'assert'39 else:40 print("Unknown assert : %s" % astunparse.unparse(node).strip())41 return42 end_line = self._get_end_line(node)43 end_line = node.lineno if end_line == -1 else end_line44 assert_spec = AssertSpec(Test(self.filename, self.classname, self.funcname),45 line=node.lineno,46 end_line=end_line,47 col_offset=node.col_offset,48 assert_type=AssertType.get_assert_type(assert_name),49 assert_string=astunparse.unparse(node).strip(),50 args=args,51 reverse=reverse)52 if self.filename not in self.class_mapping:53 self.class_mapping[self.filename] = dict()54 if self.classname not in self.class_mapping[self.filename]:55 self.class_mapping[self.filename][self.classname] = []56 assert_str = assert_spec.get_uniq_str()57 if assert_str in self.assert_strings:58 #print("Duplicate " + assert_str)59 return60 self.class_mapping[self.filename][self.classname].append(assert_spec)61 self.asserts.append(assert_spec)62 self.assert_strings.append(assert_spec.get_uniq_str())63 def _get_end_line(self, node):64 if hasattr(node, 'parent'):65 ind = -166 parent = node.parent67 children = list(ast.iter_child_nodes(parent))68 #if hasattr(parent, 'body'):69 for i, n in enumerate(children):70 if n == node:71 ind = i72 break73 if ind == -1:74 print("Node not found")75 elif ind < len(children) - 1:76 if hasattr(children[ind+1], 'lineno'):77 return children[ind+1].lineno - 178 else:79 return self._get_end_line(parent)80 else:81 return self._get_end_line(parent)82 return -183 def visit_Assert(self, node):84 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())85 self.get_threshold(node.test, node)86 self.generic_visit(node)87 def visit_Call(self, node: ast.Call):88 if isinstance(node.func, ast.Attribute):89 if node.func.attr in ['assertTrue', 'assertFalse']:90 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())91 if isinstance(node.args[0], ast.Compare):92 self.get_threshold(node.args[0], node)93 else:94 self._log("Not handled:", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())95 elif node.func.attr in ['assertGreater', 'assertGreaterEqual', 'assertLessEqual', 'assertLess', 'assertAlmostEqual', 'assertNotAlmostEqual']:96 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())97 if self._is_fp_value(node.args[1]):98 self._log(node.func.attr + ':' + astunparse.unparse(node.args[1]).strip())99 self._add_assert(node) # call node100 self.count += 1101 elif self._is_fp_value(node.args[0]):102 self._log(node.func.attr + ':' + astunparse.unparse(node.args[0]).strip())103 self._add_assert(node, reverse=True) # call node104 self.count += 1105 else:106 self._log("Not handled:", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())107 elif node.func.attr in ['assert_almost_equal', 'assert_approx_equal', 'assert_array_almost_equal',108 'assert_allclose', 'assert_array_almost_equal_nulp', 'assert_array_max_ulp',109 'assert_array_less', 'assert_equal']:110 # numpy asserts111 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())112 # check if we want to consider comparison to a constant? capture atol, rtol or decimal arguments113 if Util.is_numerical_value(node.args[0]):114 self._add_assert(node, reverse=True)115 else:116 self._add_assert(node)117 self.count+=1118 elif node.func.attr in ['assertAllClose']:119 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())120 if Util.is_numerical_value(node.args[0]):121 self._add_assert(node, reverse=True)122 else:123 self._add_assert(node)124 self.count += 1125 elif isinstance(node.func, ast.Name):126 if in ['assertTrue', 'assertFalse']:127 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())128 if isinstance(node.args[0], ast.Compare):129 self.get_threshold(node.args[0], node)130 else:131 self._log("Not handled:", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())132 elif in ['assertGreater', 'assertGreaterEqual', 'assertLessEqual', 'assertLess', 'assertAlmostEqual', 'assertNotAlmostEqual']:133 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())134 if self._is_fp_value(node.args[1]):135 self._log( + ':' + astunparse.unparse(node.args[1]).strip())136 self._add_assert(node) # call node137 self.count += 1138 elif self._is_fp_value(node.args[0]):139 self._log(node.func.attr + ':' + astunparse.unparse(node.args[0]).strip())140 self._add_assert(node, reverse=True) # call node141 self.count += 1142 else:143 self._log("Not handled:", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())144 elif in ['assert_almost_equal', 'assert_approx_equal', 'assert_array_almost_equal',145 'assert_allclose', 'assert_array_almost_equal_nulp', 'assert_array_max_ulp',146 'assert_array_less', 'assert_equal']:147 # numpy asserts148 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())149 # check if we want to consider comparison to a constant? capture atol, rtol or decimal arguments150 if Util.is_numerical_value(node.args[0]):151 self._add_assert(node, reverse=True)152 else:153 self._add_assert(node)154 self.count += 1155 elif in ['assertAllClose']:156 self._log(">>", astunparse.unparse(node).strip())157 if Util.is_numerical_value(node.args[0]):158 self._add_assert(node, reverse=True)159 else:160 self._add_assert(node)161 self.count += 1162 self.generic_visit(node)163 def _is_fp_value(self, node):164 if self.allow_non_numeric_args:165 return True166 if isinstance(node, ast.Num):167 return True168 if isinstance(node, ast.UnaryOp) and isinstance(node.operand, ast.Num):169 return True170 def get_threshold(self, node, parent_node):171 if isinstance(node, ast.Compare) \172 and isinstance(node.ops[0], (ast.LtE, ast.Lt, ast.Gt, ast.GtE))\173 and len(node.comparators) == 1\174 and self._is_fp_value(node.comparators[0]): # only handling the case with single comparator operator175 self._log(astunparse.unparse(node.comparators[0]).strip())176 self._add_assert(parent_node)177 self.count += 1178 elif isinstance(node, ast.Compare) \179 and isinstance(node.ops[0], (ast.LtE, ast.Lt, ast.Gt, ast.GtE)) \180 and len(node.comparators) == 1\181 and self._is_fp_value(node.left): # only handling the case with single comparator operator182 self._log(astunparse.unparse(node.left).strip())183 self._add_assert(parent_node, reverse=True)184 self.count += 1185 else:186 self._log("Not handled : ", ast.dump(node))187class AssertScraper:188 def __init__(self, library_dir, libraryname, loglevel=logging.ERROR, allow_non_numeric_args=False):189 self.testfiles = glob.glob("{0}/**/*.py".format(library_dir) if not library_dir.endswith(".py") else library_dir, recursive=True)190 self.assertcount = 0191 self.markedflaky = 0192 self.testnames = []193 self.asserts = list()194 self.assert_strings = list()195 self.class_mapping = dict()196 self.loglevel=loglevel197 self.libraryname=libraryname...

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...204 'success': is_success,205 'screenshot': self._take_screenshot(screenshot, name_prefix='assert'),206 }207 self.steps.append(step)208 def _add_assert(self, **kwargs):209 """210 if screenshot is None, only failed case will take screenshot211 """212 # convert screenshot to relative path from <None|True|False|PIL.Image>213 screenshot = kwargs.get('screenshot')214 is_success = kwargs.get('success')215 screenshot = (not is_success) if screenshot is None else screenshot216 kwargs['screenshot'] = self._take_screenshot(screenshot=screenshot, name_prefix='assert')217 action = kwargs.pop('action', 'assert')218 self.add_step(action, **kwargs)219 if not is_success:220 message = kwargs.get('message')221 frame, filename, line_number, function_name, lines, index = inspect.stack()[2]222 print('Assert [%s: %d] WARN: %s' % (filename, line_number, message))223 if not kwargs.get('safe', False):224 raise AssertionError(message)225 def assert_equal(self, v1, v2, **kwargs):#, desc=None, screenshot=False, safe=False):226 """ Check v1 is equals v2, and take screenshot if not equals227 Args:228 - desc (str): some description229 - safe (bool): will omit AssertionError if set to True230 - screenshot: can be type <None|True|False|PIL.Image>231 """232 is_success = v1 == v2233 if is_success:234 message = "assert equal success, %s == %s" %(v1, v2)235 else:236 message = '%s not equal %s' % (v1, v2)237 kwargs.update({238 'message': message,239 'success': is_success,240 })241 self._add_assert(**kwargs)242 def assert_image_exists(self, pattern, timeout=20.0, **kwargs):243 """244 Assert if image exists245 Args:246 - pattern: image filename # not support pattern for now247 - timeout (float): seconds248 - safe (bool): not raise assert error even throung failed.249 """250 pattern = self.d.pattern_open(pattern)251 match_kwargs = kwargs.copy()252 match_kwargs.pop('safe', None)253 match_kwargs.update({254 'timeout': timeout,255 'safe': True,256 })257 res = self.d.wait(pattern, **match_kwargs)258 is_success = res is not None259 message = 'assert image exists'260 if res:261 x, y = res.pos262 kwargs['position'] = {'x': x, 'y': y}263 message = 'image exists\npos %s\nconfidence=%.2f\nmethod=%s' % (res.pos, res.confidence, res.method)264 else:265 res = self.d.match(pattern)266 if res is None:267 message = 'Image not found'268 else:269 th = kwargs.get('threshold') or pattern.threshold or self.image_match_threshold270 message = 'Matched: %s\nPosition: %s\nConfidence: %.2f\nThreshold: %.2f' % (271 res.matched, res.pos, res.confidence, th)272 kwargs['target'] = self._save_screenshot(pattern, name_prefix='target')273 kwargs['screenshot'] = self.last_screenshot274 kwargs.update({275 'action': 'assert_image_exists',276 'message': message,277 'success': is_success,278 })279 self._add_assert(**kwargs)280 def assert_ui_exists(self, ui, **kwargs):281 """ For Android & IOS282 Args:283 - ui: need have property "exists"284 - desc (str): description285 - safe (bool): will omit AssertionError if set to True286 - screenshot: can be type <None|True|False|PIL.Image>287 - platform (str, default:android): android | ios288 """289 is_success = ui.exists290 if is_success:291 if kwargs.get('screenshot') is not None:292 if self.d.platform == 'android':293 bounds =['bounds'] # For android only.294 kwargs['position'] = {295 'x': (bounds['left']+bounds['right'])//2,296 'y': (bounds['top']+bounds['bottom'])//2,297 }298 elif self.d.platform == 'ios':299 bounds = ui.bounds # For iOS only.300 kwargs['position'] = {301 'x': self.d.scale*(bounds.x+bounds.width//2),302 'y': self.d.scale*(bounds.y+bounds.height//2),303 }304 message = 'UI exists'305 else:306 message = 'UI not exists'307 kwargs.update({308 'message': message,309 'success': is_success,310 })311 self._add_assert(**kwargs)312 def _listener(self, evt):313 d = self.d314 # keep screenshot for every call315 if not evt.is_before and evt.flag == consts.EVENT_SCREENSHOT:316 self.__last_screenshot = evt.retval317 if evt.depth > 1: # base depth is 1318 return319 if evt.is_before: # call before function320 if evt.flag == consts.EVENT_CLICK:321 self.__last_screenshot = d.screenshot() # Maybe no need to set value here.322 (x, y) = evt.args323 cv_img = imutils.from_pillow(self.last_screenshot)324 cv_img = imutils.mark_point(cv_img, x, y)325 self.__last_screenshot = imutils.to_pillow(cv_img)...

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