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1# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public2# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this3# file, You can obtain one at socket5import time6import sys7from Peach.Engine.engine import Engine8from Peach.Engine.common import PeachException9from Peach.publisher import Publisher10from Peach.publisher import Timeout11from Peach.publisher import PublisherSoftException12from Peach.Utilities.common import *13import Peach14def Debug(msg):15 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:16 print(msg)17#class Timeout(SoftException):18# def __init__(self, msg):19# self.msg = msg20# 21# def __str__(self):22# return self.msg23class Tcp(Publisher):24 """25 A simple TCP client publisher.26 """27 def __init__(self, host, port, timeout=0.25, throttle=0):28 """29 @type host: string30 @param host: Remote host31 @type port: number32 @param port: Remote port33 @type timeout: number34 @param timeout: How long to wait for reponse35 @type throttle: number36 @param throttle: How long to wait between connections37 """38 Publisher.__init__(self)39 self._host = host40 try:41 self._port = int(port)42 except:43 raise PeachException("The Tcp publisher parameter for port was not a valid number.")44 try:45 self._timeout = float(timeout)46 except:47 raise PeachException("The Tcp publisher parameter for timeout was not a valid number.")48 try:49 self._throttle = float(throttle)50 except:51 raise PeachException("The Tcp publisher parameter for throttle was not a valid number.")52 self._socket = None53 def start(self):54 pass55 def stop(self):56 self.close()57 def connect(self):58 """59 Create connection.60 """61 self.close()62 if self._throttle > 0:63 time.sleep(self._throttle)64 # Try connecting many times65 # before we crash.66 for i in range(30):67 try:68 self._socket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)69 self._socket.connect((self._host, self._port))70 exception = None71 break72 except:73 self._socket = None74 exception = sys.exc_info()75 # Wait half sec and try again76 time.sleep(1)77 if self._socket is None:78 value = ""79 try:80 value = str(exception[1])81 except:82 pass83 raise PeachException("TCP onnection attempt failed: %s" % value)84 self.buff = ""85 self.pos = 086 def close(self):87 """88 Close connection if open.89 """90 try:91 if self._socket is not None:92 self._socket.close()93 finally:94 self._socket = None95 self.buff = ""96 self.pos = 097 def send(self, data):98 """99 Send data via sendall.100 @type data: string101 @param data: Data to send102 """103 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:104 print(">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>")105 print("tcp.Tcp.send():")106 printHex(data)107 try:108 self._socket.sendall(data)109 except:110 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:111 print("Tcp: Sendall failed: " + str(sys.exc_info()[1]))112 raise PublisherSoftException("sendall failed: " + str(sys.exc_info()[1]))113 def _receiveBySize(self, size):114 """115 This is now a buffered receiver.116 @rtype: string117 @return: received data.118 """119 # Do we already a have it?120 if size + self.pos < len(self.buff):121 ret = self.buff[self.pos:self.pos + size]122 self.pos += size123 return ret124 # Only ask for the diff of what we don't already have125 diffSize = (self.pos + size) - len(self.buff)126 try:127 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:128 print("Asking for %d, need %d, have %d" % (size, diffSize, len(self.buff) - self.pos))129 self._socket.settimeout(self._timeout)130 ret = self._socket.recv(diffSize)131 if not ret:132 # Socket was closed133 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:134 print("Socket is closed")135 raise PublisherSoftException("Socket is closed")136 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:137 print("<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<")138 print("tcp.Tcp.receive():")139 printHex(ret)140 self.buff += ret141 except socket.error as e:142 if str(e).find('The socket operation could not complete without blocking') != -1:143 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:144 print("timed out waiting for data")145 raise Timeout(146 "Timed out waiting for data [%d:%d:%d:%d]" % (len(self.buff), (size + self.pos), size, diffSize))147 elif str(e).find('An existing connection was forcibly') != -1:148 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:149 print("Socket was closed!")150 raise PublisherSoftException("Socket is closed")151 else:152 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:153 print("recv failed: " + str(sys.exc_info()[1]))154 raise PublisherSoftException("recv failed: " + str(sys.exc_info()[1]))155 finally:156 self._socket.settimeout(None)157 ret = self.buff[self.pos:]158 self.pos = len(self.buff)159 return ret160 def _receiveByAvailable(self):161 """162 Receive as much as possible prior to timeout.163 @rtype: string164 @return: received data.165 """166 self._socket.settimeout(self._timeout)167 try:168 ret = self._socket.recv(4096)169 if not ret:170 raise PublisherSoftException("Socket is closed")171 if Peach.Engine.engine.Engine.debug:172 print("<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<")173 print("tcp.Tcp.receive():")174 printHex(ret)175 self.buff += ret176 except socket.error as e:177 if str(e).find('The socket operation could not complete without blocking') == -1:178 pass179 else:180 raise PublisherSoftException("recv failed: " + str(sys.exc_info()[1]))181 self._socket.settimeout(None)182 ret = self.buff[self.pos:]183 self.pos = len(self.buff)184 return ret185 def receive(self, size=None):186 if size is None:187 return self._receiveByAvailable()188 else:189 return self._receiveBySize(size)190class TcpListener(Tcp):191 """192 A TCP Listener publisher. This publisher193 supports the following state actions:194 * start - Start listening195 * stop - Stop listening196 * accept - Accept a client connection197 * close - Close a client connection198 """199 def __init__(self, host, port, timeout=0.25):200 Tcp.__init__(self, host, port, timeout)201 self._listen = None202 self._clientAddr = None203 def start(self):204 self.close()205 if self._listen is None:206 for i in range(3):207 try:208 self._listen = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)209 self._listen.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)210 self._listen.bind((self._host, self._port))211 self._listen.listen(1)212 exception = None213 break214 except:215 self._listen = None216 exception = sys.exc_info()217 time.sleep(0.5)218 if self._listen is None:219 value = ""220 try:221 value = str(exception[1])222 except:223 pass224 raise PeachException("TCP bind attempt failed: %s" % value)225 self.buff = ""226 self.pos = 0227 def stop(self):228 try:229 if self._socket is not None:230 self._socket.close()231 except:232 pass233 finally:234 self._socket = None235 # Avoid TIME_WAIT state by not closing our listener236 #try:237 # if self._listen != None:238 # self._listen.close()239 #except:240 # pass241 #242 #finally:243 # self._listen = None244 def accept(self):245 self.buff = ""246 self.pos = 0247 conn, addr = self._listen.accept()248 self._socket = conn249 self._clientAddr = addr250 def close(self):251 try:252 if self._socket is not None:253 self._socket.close()254 except:255 pass256 finally:257 self._socket = None258 def connect(self):259 raise PeachException("Action 'connect' not supported")260try:261 import win32gui, win32con, win32process262 import sys, time, os, signal263 class TcpListenerLaunchGui(TcpListener):264 """265 Does TcpListener goodness and also can laun a program. After266 some defined amount of time we will try and close the267 GUI application by sending WM_CLOSE than kill it.268 """269 def __init__(self, host, port, windowname, timeout=0.25):270 TcpListener.__init__(self, host, port, timeout)271 self._windowName = windowname272 def stop(self):273 self.closeApp(self._windowName)274 TcpListener.stop(self)275 def call(self, method, args):276 """277 Launch program to consume file278 @type method: string279 @param method: Command to execute280 @type args: array of objects281 @param args: Arguments to pass282 """283 realArgs = [method, "/c", method]284 for a in args:285 realArgs.append(a)286 #print "Spawning %s" % method287 os.spawnv(os.P_NOWAIT, os.path.join(os.getenv('SystemRoot'), 'system32', 'cmd.exe'), realArgs)288 @staticmethod289 def enumCallback(hwnd, windowName):290 """291 Will get called by win32gui.EnumWindows, once for each292 top level application window.293 """294 try:295 # Get window title296 title = win32gui.GetWindowText(hwnd)297 # Is this our guy?298 if title.find(windowName) == -1:299 return300 (threadId, processId) = win32process.GetWindowThreadProcessId(hwnd)301 # Send WM_CLOSE message302 try:303 win32gui.PostMessage(hwnd, win32con.WM_CLOSE, 0, 0)304 win32gui.PostQuitMessage(hwnd)305 except:306 pass307 # Give it upto 5 sec308 for i in range(100):309 if win32process.GetExitCodeProcess(processId) != win32con.STILL_ACTIVE:310 # Process exited already311 return312 time.sleep(0.25)313 try:314 # Kill application315 win32process.TerminateProcess(processId, 0)316 except:317 pass318 except:319 pass320 def closeApp(self, title):321 """322 Close Application by window title323 """324 #print "CloseApp: %s" % title325 win32gui.EnumWindows(TcpListenerLaunchGui.enumCallback, title)326except:327 pass328class TcpProxyB(TcpListener):329 def __init__(self, host, port):330 TcpListener.__init__(self, host, port)331class TcpProxyA(Tcp):332 def __init__(self, host, port):...

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1# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public2# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this3# file, You can obtain one at sys5import time6import socket7from Peach.Engine.common import PeachException8from Peach.Publishers.tcp import TcpListener9#10# CAP REQ :multi-prefix11# NICK cdiehl12# USER cdiehl 0 * :Christoph Diehl13#14class FakeServer(TcpListener):15 def __init__(self, host, port):16 TcpListener.__init__(self, host, port)17 self._accepted = False18 def start(self):19 if self._listen is None:20 for i in range(3):21 try:22 self._listen = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)23 self._listen.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)24 self._listen.bind((self._host, self._port))25 self._listen.listen(1)26 exception = None27 break28 except:29 self._listen = None30 exception = sys.exc_info()31 time.sleep(0.5)32 if self._listen is None:33 value = ""34 try:35 value = str(exception[1])36 except:37 pass38 raise PeachException("TCP bind attempt failed: %s" % value)39 self.buff = ""40 self.pos = 041 def accept(self):42 if not self._accepted:43 self.buff = ""44 self.pos = 045 conn, addr = self._listen.accept()46 self._socket = conn47 self._clientAddr = addr48 self._accepted = True49 def close(self):50 pass51 def stop(self):52 pass53# connectedUsers = []54#55# request = client.recv(1024)56# initialized = True57#58# request = request.split("\r\n")59# for line in request:60# if line.startswith("NICK"):61# connectedUsers.append(line.split("NICK ")[1])62#63# hostname = client.gethostname()...

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