How to use _process_touch_batch method in ATX

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...187188 if _type == 'EV_SYN':189 if _code in ('SYN_REPORT', 'SYN_MT_REPORT'):190 try:191 self._process_touch_batch()192 except IndexError: # there might be a 6th finger, ignore that.193 self._touch_batch = []194 elif _code == 'SYN_DROPPED':195 self._touch_batch = []196 else:197 # print 'unknown syn code', _code198 pass199 elif _type == 'EV_KEY':200 self.emit_key_event(_time, _code, _value)201 elif _type == 'EV_ABS':202 self._touch_batch.append((_time, _device, _type, _code, _value))203 else:204 # print 'unknown input event type', _type205 pass206207 def emit_key_event(self, _time, _code, _value):208 name = '%s_%s' % (_code, _value)209 msg = getattr(HC, name, None)210 if msg is None:211 return212 event = KeyEvent(_time, msg, _code)213 self.queue.put(event)214215 def emit_touch_event(self, event):216 self.queue.put(event)217218 def _process_touch_batch(self):219 '''a batch syncs in about 0.001 seconds.'''220 if not self._touch_batch:221 return222223 _time = self._temp_status_time224 changed = False225226 for (_time, _device, _type, _code, _value) in self._touch_batch:227 if _code == 'ABS_MT_TRACKING_ID':228 if _value == 0xffffffff:229 self._temp_status[self._curr_slot] = -INF230 changed = True231 else:232 pass ...

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