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1import roslib; roslib.load_manifest('smach_ros')2import rospy3import threading4import traceback5import smach6__all__ = ['MonitorState']7class MonitorState(smach.State):8 """9 A state that will check a given ROS topic with a condition function.10 """11 def __init__(self, topic, msg_type, cond_cb, max_checks=-1,input_keys = [],output_keys=[]):12 """State constructor13 @type topic string14 @param topic the topic to monitor15 @type msg_type a ROS message type16 @param msg_type determines the type of the monitored topic17 @type max_checks int18 @param max_checks the number of messages to receive and evaluate. If cond_cb returns False for any19 of them, the state will finish with outcome 'invalid'. If cond_cb returns True for 20 all of them, the outcome will be 'valid'21 22 """23 smach.State.__init__(24 self,25 outcomes=['valid','invalid','preempted'],26 input_keys = input_keys,27 output_keys = output_keys)28 self._topic = topic29 self._msg_type = msg_type30 self._cond_cb = cond_cb31 self._max_checks = max_checks32 self._n_checks = 033 self._trigger_event = threading.Event()34 def execute(self, ud):35 # If prempted before even getting a chance, give up.36 if self.preempt_requested():37 self.service_preempt()38 return 'preempted'39 self._n_checks = 040 self._trigger_event.clear()41 self._sub = rospy.Subscriber(self._topic, self._msg_type, self._cb, callback_args=ud)42 self._trigger_event.wait()43 self._sub.unregister()44 if self.preempt_requested():45 self.service_preempt()46 return 'preempted'47 if self._max_checks > 0 and self._n_checks >= self._max_checks:48 return 'valid'49 return 'invalid'50 def _cb(self,msg,ud) :51 try:52 if self._cond_cb(ud, msg):53 self._n_checks +=154 else:55 self._trigger_event.set()56 except Exception as e:57 rospy.logerr("Error thrown while executing condition callback %s: %s" % (str(self._cond_cb), e))58 self._trigger_event.set()59 60 if (self._max_checks > 0 and self._n_checks >= self._max_checks):61 self._trigger_event.set()62 def request_preempt(self):63 smach.State.request_preempt(self)...

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