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...3940 def title(self):41 return self._title4243 def setup_workdir(self, env, t, scomm):44 """This method sets up the unique working directory for a given diagnostic type45 """46 # create the working directory first before calling the base class prerequisites47 endYr = (int(env['clim_first_yr_'+t]) + int(env['clim_num_yrs_'+t])) - 1 48 subdir = '{0}.{1}-{2}/{3}.{4}_{5}'.format(env['caseid_'+t], env['clim_first_yr_'+t], endYr,self._name.lower(), env['clim_first_yr_'+t], endYr)49 workdir = '{0}/climo/{1}/{2}'.format(env['PTMPDIR_'+t], env['caseid_'+t], subdir)5051 if (scomm.is_manager()):52 print('DEBUG lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir t = {0}'.format(t))53 print('DEBUG lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir subdir = {0}'.format(subdir))54 print('DEBUG lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir first workdir = {0}'.format(workdir))5556 try:57 os.makedirs(workdir)58 os.makedirs(workdir+'/atm')59 os.makedirs(workdir+'/rof')60 except OSError as exception:61 if exception.errno != errno.EEXIST:62 err_msg = 'ERROR: {0} problem accessing the working directory {1}'.format(self.__class__.__name__, workdir)63 raise OSError(err_msg)6465 for model in ('lnd', 'atm', 'rtm'):66 if ('rtm' in model):67 m_dir = 'rof'68 else:69 m_dir = model70 # create symbolic links between the old and new workdir and get the real names of the files71 old_workdir = env['PTMPDIR_'+t]+'/climo/'+env['caseid_'+t]+'/'+env['caseid_'+t]+'.'+str(env['clim_first_yr_'+t])+'-'+str(endYr)+'/'+m_dir72 env['case'+t+'_path_climo'] = workdir7374 print('DEBUG lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir old_workdir = {0}'.format(old_workdir))75 print('DEBUG lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir case_t_path_climo = {0}'.format(env['case'+t+'_path_climo']))7677 if 'lnd' in model:78 workdir_mod = workdir79 else:80 workdir_mod = workdir + '/' + m_dir81 # Add links to the new wkrdir that use the expected file names (existing climos have dates, the NCL do not like dates)82 print('DEBUG lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir workdir_mod = {0}'.format(workdir_mod))83 84 climo_files = glob.glob(old_workdir+'/*.nc') 85 for climo_file in climo_files:86 name_split = climo_file.split('.') # Split on '.'87 if ('-' in name_split[-3]):88 fn = str.join('.',name_split[:len(name_split)-3] + name_split[-2:]) #Piece together w/o the date, but still has old path 89 path_split = fn.split('/') # Remove the path90 new_fn = workdir_mod + '/' +path_split[-1] # Take file name and add it to new path91 rc1, err_msg1 = cesmEnvLib.checkFile(new_fn, 'read')92 if not rc1:93 try:94 os.symlink(climo_file,new_fn)95 except:96 print('INFO lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir symlink {0} to {1} already exists.'.format(new_fn, climo_file))9798 env['DIAG_BASE'] = env['PTMPDIR_1'] 99 env['PTMPDIR_'+t] = '{0}/climo/{1}/{2}'.format(env['PTMPDIR_'+t], env['caseid_'+t], subdir)100101 if (scomm.is_manager()):102 print('DEBUG lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir DIAG_BASE = {0}'.format(env['DIAG_BASE']))103 print('DEBUG lnd_diags_bc.setup_workdir PTMPDIR_t {0}'.format(env['PTMPDIR_'+t]))104105 return env106107 def check_prerequisites(self, env, scomm):108 """This method does some generic checks for the prerequisites109 that are common to all diagnostics110 """111 print(' Checking generic prerequisites for land diagnostics.')112 # setup the working directory for each diagnostics class113 env = self.setup_workdir(env, '1', scomm)114 if (env['MODEL_VS_MODEL'] == 'True'):115 env = self.setup_workdir(env, '2', scomm)116117 def run_diagnostics(self, env, scomm):118 """ base method for calling diagnostics119 """120 return121122# todo move these classes to another file123class RecoverableError(RuntimeError):124 pass125126class UnknownDiagType(RecoverableError):127 pass ...

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...10 >>> os.path.exists(selfdir())11 True12 """13 return os.path.dirname(__file__)14def setup_workdir():15 """16 >>> workdir = setup_workdir()17 >>> assert workdir != '.'18 >>> assert workdir != '/'19 >>> os.path.exists(workdir)20 True21 >>> os.rmdir(workdir)22 """23 return tempfile.mkdtemp(dir="/tmp", prefix="python-fleure-tests-")24def cleanup_workdir(workdir):25 """26 FIXME: Danger!27 >>> workdir = setup_workdir()28 >>> os.path.exists(workdir)29 True30 >>> open(os.path.join(workdir, "workdir.stamp"), 'w').write("OK!\n")31 >>> cleanup_workdir(workdir)32 >>> os.path.exists(workdir)33 False34 """35 assert workdir != '/'36 assert workdir != '.'37 os.system("rm -rf " + workdir)38def dicts_equal(lhs, rhs):39 """40 >>> dicts_equal({}, {})41 True...

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