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...90 tr = (w*ratio)/tw91 templ = cv2.resize(templ, (max(int(tw*tr), 1), max(int(th*tr), 1)))92 return src, templ, tr, sr93 @staticmethod94 def _org_size(max_loc, w, h, tr, sr):95 """获取原始比例的框"""96 max_loc = (int((max_loc[0]/sr)), int((max_loc[1]/sr)))97 w, h = int((w/sr)), int((h/sr))98 return max_loc, w, h99 def multi_scale_search(self, org_src, org_templ, templ_min=10, src_max=800, ratio_min=0.01, ratio_max=0.99, step=0.01, threshold=0.8):100 """多尺度模板匹配"""101 mmax_val = 0102 max_info = None103 r = ratio_min104 while r <= ratio_max:105 src, templ, tr, sr = self._resize_by_ratio(106 org_src.copy(), org_templ.copy(), r, src_max=src_max)107 if min(templ.shape) > templ_min:108 src[0,0] = templ[0,0] = 0109 src[0,1] = templ[0,1] = 255110 result = cv2.matchTemplate(src, templ, cv2.TM_CCOEFF_NORMED)111 min_val, max_val, min_loc, max_loc = cv2.minMaxLoc(result)112 h, w = templ.shape113 if mmax_val < max_val:114 mmax_val = max_val115 max_info = (r, max_val, max_loc, w, h, tr, sr)116 # print((r, max_val, max_loc, w, h, tr, sr))117 if max_val >= threshold:118 omax_loc, ow, oh = self._org_size(max_loc, w, h, tr, sr)119 confidence = self._get_confidence_from_matrix(omax_loc, ow, oh)120 if confidence >= threshold:121 return confidence, omax_loc, ow, oh, r122 r += step123 if max_info is None:124 return 0, (0, 0), 0, 0, 0125 max_r, max_val, max_loc, w, h, tr, sr = max_info126 omax_loc, ow, oh = self._org_size(max_loc, w, h, tr, sr)127 confidence = self._get_confidence_from_matrix(omax_loc, ow, oh)128 return confidence, omax_loc, ow, oh, max_r129class MultiScaleTemplateMatchingPre(MultiScaleTemplateMatching):130 """基于截图预设条件的多尺度模板匹配."""131 METHOD_NAME = "MSTemplatePre"132 DEVIATION = 150133 @print_run_time134 def find_best_result(self):135 """函数功能:找到最优结果."""136 if self.resolution!=():137 # 第一步:校验图像输入138 check_source_larger_than_search(self.im_source, self.im_search)139 if self.resolution[0]<self.im_search.shape[1] or self.resolution[1]<self.im_search.shape[0]:140 raise TemplateInputError("error: resolution is too small.")...

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1#! /usr/bin/env python2# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-3#4# Support module generated by PAGE version 6.05# in conjunction with Tcl version 8.66# Jan 14, 2021 11:47:32 AM EET platform: Linux7# Jan 16, 2021 05:07:26 PM EET platform: Linux8import sys9import os10import glob11from PIL import Image, ImageTk12from cropperhandler import CropperHandler13try:14 import Tkinter as tk15except ImportError:16 import tkinter as tk17try:18 import ttk19 py3 = False20except ImportError:21 import tkinter.ttk as ttk22 py3 = True23# picture class and original crop coordinates24_crop_handler: CropperHandler25# canvas rectangle handle26_rect = None27# files to process28_pic_files = None29def init(top, gui, *args, **kwargs):30 global w, top_level, root31 global _pic_files32 w = gui33 top_level = top34 root = top35 # own inits36 _folder = os.path.abspath(".")37 w.btn_working_folder.configure(text=_folder)38 _pic_files = get_pic_files(_folder)39def get_pic_files(_path):40 # get all pic files41 _infiles = glob.glob(_path + "/*.jpg")42 for i, val in enumerate(_infiles):43 _infiles[i] = os.path.basename(_infiles[i])44 return _infiles45def a_btnCrop(p1):46 print("croppergui_support.a_btnCrop")47 _crop_handler.save_crop(_crop_handler._limits)48 # take next pic49 a_btnNext(p1)50 sys.stdout.flush()51# scale cropping to canvas52def _calc_crop_lines(cropper: CropperHandler, org_coords):53 _clines = [0] * 454 _org_size = cropper.get_image().size55 _x_scale = w.canvPhoto.winfo_width() / _org_size[0]56 _y_scale = w.canvPhoto.winfo_height() / _org_size[1]57 _clines[0] = org_coords[0] * _x_scale58 _clines[1] = org_coords[2] * _y_scale59 _clines[2] = org_coords[1] * _x_scale60 _clines[3] = org_coords[3] * _y_scale61 return _clines62def a_btnNext(p1):63 global _rect64 global _crop_handler65 global _pic_files66 print("croppergui_support.a_btnNext")67 sys.stdout.flush()68 if len(_pic_files) == 0:69 w.canvPhoto.delete("all")70 return71 _crop_handler = CropperHandler(_pic_files[0])72 del _pic_files[0]73 _crop_handler_coords = _crop_handler.find_edges()74 # load the image file and fit it to canvas75 ima = _crop_handler.get_image().resize(76 (w.canvPhoto.winfo_width(), w.canvPhoto.winfo_height()), Image.BILINEAR77 )78 photo = ImageTk.PhotoImage(ima)79 # put image on canvas80 w.canvPhoto.imageList = []81 id = w.canvPhoto.create_image(0, 0, image=photo, anchor=tk.NW)82 w.canvPhoto.imageList.append(photo)83 # crop lines to canvas84 _crop_lines = _calc_crop_lines(_crop_handler, _crop_handler_coords)85 _rect = w.canvPhoto.create_rectangle(86 _crop_lines[0],87 _crop_lines[1],88 _crop_lines[2],89 _crop_lines[3],90 outline="white",91 dash="2 4",92 )93def a_canv_mousewheel(p1):94 print("croppergui_support.a_canv_mousewheel")95 sys.stdout.flush()96# define on what section the pointer is on pic (use 20% rule)97def get_side(px):98 _side = "center"99 _add_crop = 1 # change magnitude (+/-) depends by edge100 _xcur = px.x # cursor pos101 _ycur = px.y102 _cw = w.canvPhoto.winfo_width() # canvas size103 _ch = w.canvPhoto.winfo_height()104 # define on which region the pointer is105 if _xcur < _cw * 0.20:106 _side = "left"107 elif _xcur > _cw * 0.80:108 _side = "right"109 _add_crop = -1110 elif _ycur < _ch * 0.20:111 _side = "up"112 elif _ycur > _ch * 0.80:113 _side = "down"114 _add_crop = -1115 return _side, _add_crop116def a_canv_scroll_down(p1):117 global _rect118 global _crop_handler119 # delete prev crop120 w.canvPhoto.delete(_rect)121 # add crop lines122 _side, _add = get_side(p1)123 _clines = _crop_handler.change_edge(_side, -10 * _add)124 _crop_lines = _calc_crop_lines(_crop_handler, _clines)125 _rect = w.canvPhoto.create_rectangle(126 _crop_lines[0],127 _crop_lines[1],128 _crop_lines[2],129 _crop_lines[3],130 outline="white",131 dash="2 4",132 )133 print("croppergui_support.a_canv_scroll_down")134 sys.stdout.flush()135def a_canv_scroll_up(p1):136 global _rect137 global _crop_handler138 # delete prev crop139 w.canvPhoto.delete(_rect)140 # add crop lines141 _side, _add = get_side(p1)142 _clines = _crop_handler.change_edge(_side, +10 * _add)143 _crop_lines = _calc_crop_lines(_crop_handler, _clines)144 _rect = w.canvPhoto.create_rectangle(145 _crop_lines[0],146 _crop_lines[1],147 _crop_lines[2],148 _crop_lines[3],149 outline="white",150 dash="2 4",151 )152 print("croppergui_support.a_canv_scroll_up")153 sys.stdout.flush()154def a_btn_working_folder(p1):155 print("croppergui_support.a_btn_working_folder")156 sys.stdout.flush()157def destroy_window():158 # Function which closes the window.159 global top_level160 top_level.destroy()161 top_level = None162if __name__ == "__main__":163 import croppergui...

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