How to use _touch_point_by_orientation method in Airtest

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...165 return screen166 @retry_session167 def touch(self, pos, duration=0.01):168 # trans pos of click169 pos = self._touch_point_by_orientation(pos)170 # scale touch postion171 x, y = pos[0] * self._touch_factor, pos[1] * self._touch_factor172 if duration >= 0.5:173 self.session.tap_hold(x, y, duration)174 else:175 self.session.tap(x, y)176 def double_click(self, pos):177 # trans pos of click178 pos = self._touch_point_by_orientation(pos)179 x, y = pos[0] * self._touch_factor, pos[1] * self._touch_factor180 self.session.double_tap(x, y)181 def swipe(self, fpos, tpos, duration=0.5, steps=5, fingers=1):182 # trans pos of swipe183 fx, fy = self._touch_point_by_orientation(fpos)184 tx, ty = self._touch_point_by_orientation(tpos)185 self.session.swipe(fx * self._touch_factor, fy * self._touch_factor,186 tx * self._touch_factor, ty * self._touch_factor, duration)187 def keyevent(self, keys):188 """just use as home event"""189 if keys not in ['HOME', 'home', 'Home']:190 raise NotImplementedError191 self.home()192 @retry_session193 def text(self, text, enter=True):194 """bug in wda for now"""195 if enter:196 text += '\n'197 self.session.send_keys(text)198 def install_app(self, uri, package):199 """200 curl -X POST $JSON_HEADER \201 -d "{\"desiredCapabilities\":{\"bundleId\":\"\", \"app\":\"[host_path]/\"}}" \202 $DEVICE_URL/session203 """205 raise NotImplementedError206 def start_app(self, package, activity=None):207 self.defaultSession = None208 self.driver.session(package)209 def stop_app(self, package):210 self.driver.session().close()211 def get_ip_address(self):212 """213 get ip address from webDriverAgent214 Returns:215 raise if no IP address has been found, otherwise return the IP address216 """217 return self.driver.status()['ios']['ip']218 def device_status(self):219 """220 show status return by webDriverAgent221 Return dicts of infos222 """223 return self.driver.status()224 def _touch_point_by_orientation(self, tuple_xy):225 """226 Convert image coordinates to physical display coordinates, the arbitrary point (origin) is upper left corner227 of the device physical display228 Args:229 tuple_xy: image coordinates (x, y)230 Returns:231 """232 x, y = tuple_xy233 # use correct w and h due to now orientation234 # _size 只对应竖直时候长宽235 now_orientation = self.orientation236 if now_orientation in [PORTRAIT, PORTRAIT_UPSIDEDOWN]:237 width, height = self._size['width'], self._size["height"]238 else:...

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...9 self.device = dev10 self.adb = self.device.adb11 self.minitouch = Minitouch(self.device)12 def click(self, pos, duration=0.05, button='left'):13 pos = self._touch_point_by_orientation(pos)14 self.minitouch.touch(pos, duration=duration)15 def swipe(self, p1, p2, duration=0.5, steps=5, fingers=1, button='left'):16 p1 = self._touch_point_by_orientation(p1)17 p2 = self._touch_point_by_orientation(p2)18 if fingers == 1:19 self.minitouch.swipe(p1, p2, duration=duration, steps=steps)20 elif fingers == 2:21 self.minitouch.two_finger_swipe(22 p1, p2, duration=duration, steps=steps)23 else:24 raise Exception("param fingers should be 1 or 2")25 def pinch(self, *args, **kwargs):26 return self.minitouch.pinch(*args, **kwargs)27 def double_tap(self, pos, button='left'):28 duration = 0.0529 pos = self._touch_point_by_orientation(pos)30 self.minitouch.touch(pos, duration=duration)31 time.sleep(0.05)32 pos = self._touch_point_by_orientation(pos)33 self.minitouch.touch(pos, duration=duration)34 def is_keyboard_shown(self):35 return self.adb.is_keyboard_shown()36 def _touch_point_by_orientation(self, tuple_xy):37 x, y = tuple_xy38 x, y = XYTransformer.up_2_ori(39 (x, y),40 (self.device.screen.display_info["width"],41 self.device.screen.display_info["height"]),42 self.device.screen.display_info["orientation"]43 )44 return x, y45 @property46 def name(self):47 return self._name48 49 @name.setter50 def name(self, value):...

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