How to use builtin_iproxy_path method in Airtest

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...30 self._device = None31 self.cleanup_handler = []32 reg_cleanup(self.tear_down)33 @staticmethod34 def builtin_iproxy_path():35 # Port forwarding for iOS:36 # 1. Windows/Mac: iproxy.exe/iproxy -u uid port1 port237 # 2. Ubuntu linux: apt-get install libusbmuxd-tools; iproxy port1 port238 # 3. Use python (low efficiency): python -t 5100:510039 if shutil.which("iproxy"):40 return shutil.which("iproxy")41 system = platform.system()42 iproxy_path = DEFAULT_IPROXY_PATH.get(system)43 if iproxy_path:44 if system == "Darwin":45 make_file_executable(iproxy_path)46 return iproxy_path47 warnings.warn("Please install iproxy for a better experience(Ubuntu Linux): apt-get install libusbmuxd-tools")48 return None49 @property50 def usb_device(self):51 """52 Whether the current iOS uses the local USB interface, if so, return the wda.usbmux.Device object53 当前iOS是否使用了本地USB接口,如果是,返回wda.usbmux.Device对象54 Returns: wda.usbmux.Device or None55 """56 if not self._device:57 # wda无法直接获取iOS的udid,因此先检查usb连接的手机udid列表58 for dev in wda.usbmux.Usbmux().device_list():59 udid = dev.get('SerialNumber')60 usb_dev = wda.Client(url=wda.requests_usbmux.DEFAULT_SCHEME + udid)61 # 对比wda.info获取到的uuid是否一致62 try:63 if['uuid'] == self.uuid:64 self._device = wda.usbmux.Device(udid)65 self._udid = udid66 except:67 return None68 return self._device69 def tear_down(self):70 for func in self.cleanup_handler:71 func()72 self.cleanup_handler = []73 # this function auto gen local port74 @retries(3)75 def setup_proxy(self, device_port):76 local_port = random.randint(11111, 20000)77 self.do_proxy(local_port, device_port)78 return local_port, device_port79 def do_proxy(self, local_port, device_port):80 """81 Start do proxy of ios device and self device82 目前只支持本地USB连接的手机进行端口转发,远程手机暂时不支持83 Returns:84 None85 """86 if not self.usb_device:87 raise AirtestError("Currently only supports port forwarding for locally connected iOS devices")88 proxy_process = self.builtin_iproxy_path() or shutil.which("tidevice")89 if proxy_process:90 cmds = [proxy_process, "-u", self._udid, str(local_port), str(device_port)]91 else:92 # Port forwarding using python93 self.do_proxy_usbmux(local_port, device_port)94 return95 # Port forwarding using iproxy96 # e.g. cmds=['/usr/local/bin/iproxy', '-u', '00008020-001270842E88002E', '11565', '5001']97 proc = subprocess.Popen(98 cmds,99 stdin=subprocess.PIPE,100 stdout=subprocess.PIPE,101 stderr=subprocess.PIPE,102 creationflags=SUBPROCESS_FLAG...

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