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1#!/usr/bin/env python32import argparse3import sys4import os5# This key table has to match the one in bootloader6keyTbl = [0xDEADBEEF, 0xAAAAAAAA, 0x11111111, 0x00000000, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0x55555555, 0xA5A5A5A5, 0x66666666]7#******************************************************************************8#9# Main function10#11#******************************************************************************12def main():13 # Read the binary file from the command line.14 with open(args.binfile, mode='rb') as binfile:15 clear_application= print('Loading Clear application {} bytes from {}...'.format(len(clear_application), args.binfile), flush=True)17 18 plaintext = pad_to_block_size(clear_application, 4)19 ivVal = word_from_bytes(os.urandom(4), 0)20 print("Initialization Vector")21 print(hex(ivVal))22 application = encrypt_app(args.keyidxVal, plaintext, ivVal)23 trailer = sec_trailer(args.keyidxVal, plaintext, ivVal, int(args.protectionVal, 0))24 print('Saving encrypted image {} bytes to {}...'.format(len(application), args.encimagefile), flush=True)25 with open(args.encimagefile, mode='wb') as encimagefile:26 encimagebytearray = bytearray(application)27 encimagefile.write(encimagebytearray)28 print('Saving security trailer {} bytes to {}...'.format(len(trailer), args.sectrailerfile), flush=True)29 with open(args.sectrailerfile, mode='wb') as sectrailerfile:30 trailerbytearray = bytearray(trailer)31 sectrailerfile.write(trailerbytearray)32 print('Done.')33#******************************************************************************34#35# Turn a 32-bit number into a series of bytes for transmission.36#37# This command will split a 32-bit integer into an array of bytes, ordered38# LSB-first for transmission over the UART.39#40#******************************************************************************41def int_to_bytes(n):42 A = [n & 0xFF,43 (n >> 8) & 0xFF,44 (n >> 16) & 0xFF,45 (n >> 24) & 0xFF]46 return A47#******************************************************************************48#49# Extract a word from a byte array50#51#******************************************************************************52def word_from_bytes(B, n):53 return (B[n] + (B[n + 1] << 8) + (B[n + 2] << 16) + (B[n + 3] << 24))54#******************************************************************************55#56# CRC function that matches the CRC used by the Apollo bootloader.57#58#******************************************************************************59poly32 = 0x1EDC6F4160def crc32(L):61 rem = 062 for b in L:63 rem = rem ^ (b << 24)64 for i in range(8):65 if rem & 0x80000000:66 rem = ((rem << 1) ^ poly32)67 else:68 rem = (rem << 1)69 rem = rem & 0xFFFFFFFF70 return rem71def pad_to_block_size(text, block_size):72 text_length = len(text)73 amount_to_pad = block_size - (text_length % block_size)74 if amount_to_pad == 0:75 amount_to_pad = block_size76 for i in range(0, amount_to_pad, 1):77 text += bytes(chr(amount_to_pad), 'ascii')78 return text79def encrypt_app(keyidx, clear_app, iv):80 key32 = keyTbl[keyidx]81 applen = len(clear_app)82 enc_app = []83 for i in range(0, applen, 4):84 word = word_from_bytes(clear_app, i)85 word = (word ^ iv) ^ key3286 iv = word87 enc_app.extend(int_to_bytes(word))88 return enc_app89def sec_trailer(keyidx, clear_app, iv, protection):90 key32 = keyTbl[keyidx]91 secTrailer = []92 secTrailer.extend(int_to_bytes(keyidx))93 secTrailer.extend(int_to_bytes(protection))94 applen = len(clear_app)95 secTrailer.extend(int_to_bytes(applen))96 crc = crc32(clear_app)97 sig = key32 ^ crc98 secTrailer.extend(int_to_bytes(sig))99 secTrailer.extend(int_to_bytes(iv))100 # Trailer Signature101 secTrailerSig = crc32(secTrailer) ^ key32102 secTrailer.extend(int_to_bytes(secTrailerSig))103 return secTrailer104#******************************************************************************105#106# Main program flow107#108#******************************************************************************109if __name__ == '__main__':110 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description =111 'Secure Image generation utility for Apollo or Apollo2')112 parser.add_argument('binfile',113 help = 'Binary file to program into the target device')114 parser.add_argument('keyidxVal', default=0, type=int, help = 'encryption key index')115 116 parser.add_argument('protectionVal', default=0, help = 'Image Protection Value (hex)')117 parser.add_argument('encimagefile', help = 'Destination file for Encrypted image')118 parser.add_argument('sectrailerfile', help = 'Destination file for security trailer')119 args = parser.parse_args()...

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