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...235 # sout = self.socket.makefile("r")236 # return (sin, sin)237 sout = adbClient.socket.makefile("r")238 return sout239 def getRestrictedScreen(self):240 ''' Gets C{mRestrictedScreen} values from dumpsys. This is a method to obtain display dimensions '''241 rsRE = re.compile('\s*mRestrictedScreen=\((?P<x>\d+),(?P<y>\d+)\) (?P<w>\d+)x(?P<h>\d+)')242 for line in'dumpsys window').splitlines():243 m = rsRE.match(line)244 if m:245 return m.groups()246 raise RuntimeError("Couldn't find mRestrictedScreen in dumpsys")247 def __getProp(self, key, strip=True):248 prop ='getprop %s' % key)249 if strip:250 prop = prop.rstrip('\r\n')251 return prop252 def __getDisplayWidth(self, key, strip=True):253 (x, y, w, h) = self.getRestrictedScreen()254 return int(w)255 def __getDisplayHeight(self, key, strip=True):256 (x, y, w, h) = self.getRestrictedScreen()257 return int(h)258 def getSystemProperty(self, key, strip=True):259 return self.getProperty(key, strip)260 def getProperty(self, key, strip=True):261 ''' Gets the property value for key '''262 import collections263 MAP_KEYS = collections.OrderedDict([264 (re.compile('display.width'), self.__getDisplayWidth),265 (re.compile('display.height'), self.__getDisplayHeight),266 (re.compile('.*'), self.__getProp),267 ])268 '''Maps properties key values (as regexps) to instance methods to obtain its values.'''269 for kre in MAP_KEYS.keys():270 if kre.match(key):...

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...79 tmpname = '/sdcard/test.png'80'adb shell screencap -p '+tmpname)81'adb pull /sdcard/test.png ' +filename)82#得到手机的分辨率83def getRestrictedScreen():84 ''' Gets C{mRestrictedScreen} values from dumpsys. This is a method to obtain display dimensions '''85 print 'in getRestrictedScreen'86 p = subprocess.Popen('adb shell dumpsys window ', stdout=subprocess.PIPE)87 out_p =p.communicate()88 outlines = out_p[0]89 outlines= outlines.splitlines()90 # print outlines91 import re92 rsRE = re.compile('\s*mRestrictedScreen=\((?P<x>\d+),(?P<y>\d+)\) (?P<w>\d+)x(?P<h>\d+)')93 for line in outlines:94 m = rsRE.match(line)95 if m:96 return m.groups()97 # in order to competiable with android-2.3.598 dsRE = re.compile('\s*DisplayWidth=(?P<x>\d+) DisplayHeight=(?P<y>\d+)')99 for line in outlines:100 m = dsRE.match(line)101 if m:102 return (0, 0) + m.groups()103 raise RuntimeError("Couldn't find mRestrictedScreen in dumpsys")104def adbmain(apk_path='now.apk'):105 pacs = adb_package('tdg')106 print pacs107 if pacs:108 #卸载掉对应的apk109 for oneapk in pacs:110 if 'netease' in oneapk:111 adb_uinstall(oneapk)112 adb_snap()113 adb_install(apk_path)114 adb_touch(365,775)115 adb_keyevent(4)116 adb_swipe(140,650,200,650)117 print 'start app'118 tdg_pac = adb_package('tdg')119 app_name = tdg_pac[0]120 adb_start(app_name)121 122if __name__ =="__main__":123 #print getDevices()124 apk_url = ""125 print 'start to download'126'wget -N '+apk_url+' -O now.apk -o wget.log') # -O tdg_netease.apk127 #print 'end download'128 # adbmain()129 #print getRestrictedScreen()130 print getDevices()131 # import socket132 # HOSTNAME = 'localhost'133 # TIMEOUT = 15134 # try:135 # PORT = int(os.environ['ANDROID_ADB_SERVER_PORT'])136 # except KeyError:137 # PORT = 5037138 # tsocket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)139 # tsocket.settimeout(TIMEOUT)140 # tsocket.connect((HOSTNAME, PORT))...

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