How to use get_and_plot_keypoints method in Airtest

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...49 import traceback50 traceback.print_exc()51 return [], [], [], None52 return method_object.kp_sch, method_object.kp_src, method_object.good, result53 def get_and_plot_keypoints(self, method_name, plot=False):54 """获取并且绘制出特征点匹配结果."""55 if method_name not in self.method_object_dict.keys():56 print("'%s' is not in MATCHING_METHODS" % method_name)57 return None58 kp_sch, kp_src, good, result = self._get_result(method_name)59 if not plot or result is None:60 return kp_sch, kp_src, good, result61 else:62 im_search, im_source = deepcopy(self.im_search), deepcopy(self.im_source)63 # 绘制特征点识别情况、基于特征的图像匹配结果:64 h_sch, w_sch = im_search.shape[:2]65 h_src, w_src = im_source.shape[:2]66 # init the plot image:67 plot_img = np.zeros([max(h_sch, h_src), w_sch + w_src, 3], np.uint8)68 plot_img[:h_sch, :w_sch, :] = im_search69 plot_img[:h_src, w_sch:, :] = im_source70 # plot good matche points:71 for m in good:72 color = tuple([int(random() * 255) for _ in range(3)]) # 随机颜色画线73 cv2.line(plot_img, (int(kp_sch[m.queryIdx].pt[0]), int(kp_sch[m.queryIdx].pt[1])), (int(kp_src[m.trainIdx].pt[0] + w_sch), int(kp_src[m.trainIdx].pt[1])), color)74 # plot search_image75 for kp in kp_sch:76 color = tuple([int(random() * 255) for _ in range(3)]) # 随机颜色画点77 pos = (int([0]), int([1]))78 mark_point(im_search, pos, circle=False, color=color, radius=5)79 # plot source_image80 for kp in kp_src:81 color = tuple([int(random() * 255) for _ in range(3)]) # 随机颜色画点82 pos = (int([0]), int([1]))83 mark_point(im_source, pos, circle=False, color=color, radius=10)84 from airtest.aircv import show85 show(plot_img)86 show(im_search)87 show(im_source)88class RecordThread(threading.Thread):89 """记录CPU和内存数据的thread."""90 def __init__(self, interval=0.1):91 super(RecordThread, self).__init__()92 = os.getpid()93 self.interval = interval94 self.cpu_num = psutil.cpu_count()95 self.process = psutil.Process( self.profile_data = []97 self.stop_flag = False98 def set_interval(self, interval):99 """设置数据采集间隔."""100 self.interval = interval101 def run(self):102 """开始线程."""103 while not self.stop_flag:104 timestamp = time.time()105 cpu_percent = self.process.cpu_percent() / self.cpu_num106 # mem_percent = mem = self.process.memory_percent()107 mem_info = dict(self.process.memory_info()._asdict())108 mem_gb_num = mem_info.get('rss', 0) / 1024 / 1024109 # 记录类变量110 self.profile_data.append({"mem_gb_num": mem_gb_num, "cpu_percent": cpu_percent, "timestamp": timestamp})111 # 记录cpu和mem_gb_num112 time.sleep(self.interval)113 # print("--> mem_gb_num:", mem_gb_num)114class ProfileRecorder(object):115 """帮助用户记录性能数据."""116 def __init__(self, profile_interval=0.1):117 super(ProfileRecorder, self).__init__()118 self.record_thread = RecordThread()119 self.record_thread.set_interval(profile_interval)120 def load_images(self, search_file, source_file):121 """加载待匹配图片."""122 self.search_file, self.source_file = search_file, source_file123 self.im_search, self.im_source = imread(self.search_file), imread(self.source_file)124 # 初始化对象125 self.check_macthing_object = CheckKeypointResult(self.im_search, self.im_source)126 def profile_methods(self, method_list):127 """帮助函数执行时记录数据."""128 self.method_exec_info = []129 # 开始数据记录进程130 self.record_thread.stop_flag = False131 self.record_thread.start()132 for name in method_list:133 if name not in self.check_macthing_object.MATCHING_METHODS.keys():134 continue135 time.sleep(3) # 留出绘图空白区136 start_time = time.time() # 记录开始时间137 print("--->>> start '%s' matching:\n" % name)138 kp_sch, kp_src, good, result = self.check_macthing_object.get_and_plot_keypoints(name) # 根据方法名绘制对应的识别结果139 print("\n\n\n")140 end_time = time.time() # 记录结束时间141 time.sleep(3) # 留出绘图空白区142 # 记录本次匹配的相关数据143 ret_info = {144 "name": name,145 "start_time": start_time,146 "end_time": end_time,147 "result": result,148 "kp_sch": len(kp_sch),149 "kp_src": len(kp_src),150 "good": len(good)}151 self.method_exec_info.append(ret_info)152 self.record_thread.stop_flag = True...

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