How to use get_available_forward_local method in Airtest

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...286 else:287 forward_local_using = self.get_forwards()288'{} {} has been forward', forward_local_using[index]['local'],289 forward_local_using[index]['remote'])290 def get_available_forward_local(self) -> int:291 """292 获取一个可用端口293 :return:294 port295 """296 sock = socket.socket()297 port = random.randint(11111, 20000)298 result = False299 try:300 sock.bind((, port))301 result = True302 # logger.debug('port:{} can use'.format(port))303 except socket.error:304 logger.debug('port:{} is in use'.format(port))305 sock.close()306 if not result:307 return self.get_available_forward_local()308 return port309 def _local_in_forwards(self, local: str = None, remote: str = None) -> Union[Tuple[bool, int], Tuple[bool, None]]:310 """311 检查local是否已经启用312 :return:313 bool, if True return index in _forward_local_using314 """315 l = self.get_forwards()316 for i, value in enumerate(l):317 if local:318 if value['local'] == local:319 return True, i320 if remote:321 if value['remote'] == remote:322 return True, i323 return False, None324 def abi_version(self):325 """ get abi (application binary interface) """326 abi = self.getprop('ro.product.cpu.abi')327'device {} abi is {}'.format(self.device_id, abi).rstrip('\r\n'))328 return abi329 def sdk_version(self):330 """ get sdk version """331 sdk = self.getprop('')332'device {} sdk is {}'.format(self.device_id, sdk).rstrip('\r\n'))333 return int(sdk)334 def check_file(self, path: str, name: str) -> bool:335 """336 command adb shell find 'name' in the 'path'337 Args:338 path: 在设备上的路径339 name: 需要检查的文件340 :return:341 bool342 """343 return bool(self.raw_shell(['find', path, '-name', name]))344 def get_process_status(self, pid: int = None, name: str = None) -> list:345 """346 adb shell ps347 获取应用状态348 Args:349 pid: 按照pid寻找350 name: 通过grep寻找匹配的name(并不是精准寻找,只要有匹配的项都会返回)351 :return:352 list 每一项都包含了ps信息353 """354 if pid:355 shell = ['ps -x', str(pid)]356 elif name:357 shell = "ps | grep -w \"{}\"".format(name)358 else:359 shell = 'ps'360 out = self.raw_shell(shell, skip_error=True)361 out = split_process_status(out)362 if not out:363 logger.error('{}: {} is not started', pid and 'pid' or 'name', pid and pid or name)364 return out365 def kill_process(self, pid: int = None, name: str = None):366 """367 command adb shell kill [pid]368 :param name: 需要杀死的进程名369 :param pid: 需要杀死的进程pid370 :return:371 None372 """373 if pid:374 out = self.get_process_status(pid=pid)375 if out:376 pid = out[0]['PID']377 else:378 return False379 elif name:380 out = self.get_process_status(name=name)381 if out:382 if len(out) > 1:383'匹配到多个进程')384 pid = out[0]['PID']385 else:386 return False387 self.start_shell(['kill', str(pid)])388'{} PID:{} NAME:{} is kill', self.device_id, pid, out[0]['NAME'])389 def get_device_id(self, decode: bool = False) -> str:390 return decode and self.device_id.replace(':', '_') or self.device_id391 def set_forward(self, remote: str):392 """393 通过get_available_forward_local获取可用端口,并与remote绑定394 Args:395 remote: 要与local绑定的设备端口 localabstract:{remote}"396 :return:397 localport:要转发的本地端口 tcp:<local>398 remote:要与local绑定的设备端口 localabstract:{remote}"`399 """400 localport = self.get_available_forward_local()401 self.forward('tcp:%s' % localport, remote)402 return localport, remote403 def get_forward_port(self, remote: str):404 """获取开放端口的端口号"""405 index = self._local_in_forwards(remote='localabstract:%s' % remote)406 if not index[0]:407 logger.error('No port corresponding to remote was found')408 return None409 return int(re.compile(r'tcp:(\d+)').findall(self.get_forwards()[index[1]]['local'])[0])410 def remove_forward(self, local=None):411 """412 运行adb forward -- remove413 :param local:414 tcp port,如不填写则清楚所以绑定...

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...87 remote = f'localabstract:{self.MNC_LOCAL_NAME}'88 if port := self.device.get_forward_port(remote=remote, device_id=self.device.device_id):89 self.MNC_PORT = port90 return91 self.MNC_PORT = self.MNC_PORT or self.device.get_available_forward_local()92 self.device.forward(local=f'tcp:{self.MNC_PORT}', remote=remote)93 def _install_minicap(self) -> None:94 """95 check if minicap and installed96 Returns:97 None98 """99 if not self.device.check_file(ANDROID_TMP_PATH, 'minicap'):100 self.device.push(local=MNC_LOCAL_PATH.format(abi_version=self.device.abi_version),101 remote=MNC_REMOTE_PATH)102 time.sleep(1)103['chmod', '755', MNC_REMOTE_PATH])104 if not self.device.check_file(ANDROID_TMP_PATH, ''):105 self.device.push(local=MNC_SO_LOCAL_PATH.format(abi_version=self.device.abi_version,...

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