How to use get_blank_screen method in Airtest

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...84 # 等待下一次需要获取屏幕时,再进行重连85 LOGGING.debug("mjpegsock is closed")86 self._is_running = False87 self.buf.close()88 return self.get_blank_screen()89 def get_frame(self):90 # 获得单张屏幕截图91 return self.get_frame_from_stream()92 def snapshot(self, ensure_orientation=True, *args, **kwargs):93 """94 Take a screenshot and convert it into a cv2 image object95 获取一张屏幕截图,并转化成cv2的图像对象96 !!! 注意,该方法拿到的截图可能不是队列中最新的,除非一直在消费队列中的图像,否则可能会是过往图像内容,请谨慎使用97 Args:98 ensure_orientation: True or False whether to keep the orientation same as display99 Returns: numpy.ndarray100 """101 screen = self.get_frame_from_stream()102 try:103 screen = aircv.utils.string_2_img(screen)104 except Exception:105 # may be black/locked screen or other reason, print exc for debugging106 traceback.print_exc()107 return None108 if ensure_orientation:109 if self.ori_function:110 display_info = self.ori_function()111 orientation = next(key for key, value in ROTATION_MODE.items() if value == display_info["orientation"])112 screen = aircv.rotate(screen, -orientation, clockwise=False)113 return screen114 def get_blank_screen(self):115 """116 生成一个黑屏图像,在连接失效时代替屏幕画面返回117 Returns:118 """119 if self.ori_function:120 display_info = self.ori_function()121 width, height = display_info['width'], display_info['height']122 if display_info["orientation"] in [90, 270]:123 width, height = height, width124 else:125 width, height = 1080, 1920126 img = numpy.zeros((width, height, 3)).astype('uint8')127 img_string = aircv.utils.img_2_string(img)128 return img_string...

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...52 cv2.imshow("test", img)53 c = cv2.waitKey(10)54 time.sleep(0.05)55 cv2.destroyAllWindows()56 def test_get_blank_screen(self):57 img_string = self.mjpeg_server.get_blank_screen()58 img = aircv.utils.string_2_img(img_string)59 def test_teardown_stream(self):61 self.mjpeg_server.get_frame()62 if self.mjpeg_server.port_forwarding is True:63 self.assertTrue(is_port_open(self.mjpeg_server.ip, self.mjpeg_server.port))64 self.mjpeg_server.teardown_stream()...

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