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...26import sys27import json28import re29import glob30def get_cpufreq():31 """Returns CPU clock speed (min, max)"""32 33 with open('/proc/cpuinfo') as f:34 ms = (re.match('cpu MHz\t\t: (.*)$', l) for l in f.readlines())35 return "{:.1f} GHz".format(max(float(m.groups()[0]) / 1000 for m in ms if m is not None))36def get_proc_count():37 return len(glob.glob('/proc/[0-9]*'))38def print_line(message):39 """ Non-buffered printing to stdout. """40 sys.stdout.write(message + '\n')41 sys.stdout.flush()42def read_line():43 """ Interrupted respecting reader for stdin. """44 # try reading a line, removing any extra whitespace45 try:46 line = sys.stdin.readline().strip()47 # i3status sends EOF, or an empty line48 if not line:49 sys.exit(3)50 return line51 # exit on ctrl-c52 except KeyboardInterrupt:53 sys.exit()54if __name__ == '__main__':55 # Skip the first line which contains the version header.56 print_line(read_line())57 # The second line contains the start of the infinite array.58 print_line(read_line())59 while True:60 line, prefix = read_line(), ''61 # ignore comma at start of lines62 if line.startswith(','):63 line, prefix = line[1:], ','64 # insert information into the start of the json, but could be anywhere65 j = json.loads(line)66 j.insert(0, {'full_text' : '%s' % get_cpufreq(), 'name' : 'freqs'})67 j.insert(0, {'full_text' : '%s ps' % get_proc_count(), 'name': 'proccount'})68 # and echo back new encoded json...

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1import time 2from proj.tasks import *3from proj.celery import celery4import requests5@celery.task6def requests_func():7 #for i in range(0,3):8 #str = get_data.delay()9 #str = get_cpufreq.delay()10 str = getndump_inverter_data.delay()11 while(str.ready() == False):12 time.sleep(3)13 print str.get()...

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