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1#!/usr/bin/env python2from Scripts import *3import os, datetime, shutil, time, sys, argparse4# Using the techniques outlined by wolfmannight here: buildMacOSInstallApp:6    def __init__(self):7        self.r = run.Run()8        self.u = utils.Utils("Build macOS Install App")9        self.target_files = [10            "BaseSystem.dmg",11            "BaseSystem.chunklist",12            "InstallESDDmg.pkg",13            "InstallInfo.plist",14            "AppleDiagnostics.dmg",15            "AppleDiagnostics.chunklist"16        ]17        # Verify we're on macOS - this doesn't work anywhere else18        if not sys.platform == "darwin":19            self.u.head("WARNING")20            print("")21            print("This script only runs on macOS!")22            print("")23            exit(1)24    def mount_dmg(self, dmg, no_browse = False):25        # Mounts the passed dmg and returns the mount point(s)26        args = ["/usr/bin/hdiutil", "attach", dmg, "-plist", "-noverify"]27        if no_browse:28            args.append("-nobrowse")29        out ={"args":args})30        if out[2] != 0:31            # Failed!32            raise Exception("Mount Failed!", "{} failed to mount:\n\n{}".format(os.path.basename(dmg), out[1]))33        # Get the plist data returned, and locate the mount points34        try:35            plist_data = plist.loads(out[0])36            mounts = [x["mount-point"] for x in plist_data.get("system-entities", []) if "mount-point" in x]37            return mounts38        except:39            raise Exception("Mount Failed!", "No mount points returned from {}".format(os.path.basename(dmg)))40    def unmount_dmg(self, mount_point):41        # Unmounts the passed dmg or mount point - retries with force if failed42        # Can take either a single point or a list43        if not type(mount_point) is list:44            mount_point = [mount_point]45        unmounted = []46        for m in mount_point:    47            args = ["/usr/bin/hdiutil", "detach", m]48            out ={"args":args})49            if out[2] != 0:50                # Polite failed, let's crush this b!51                args.append("-force")52                out ={"args":args})53                if out[2] != 0:54                    # Oh... failed again... onto the next...55                    print(out[1])56                    continue57            unmounted.append(m)58        return unmounted59    def main(self):60        while True:61            self.u.head()62            print("")63            print("Q. Quit")64            print("")65            fold = self.u.grab("Please drag and drop the output folder from gibMacOS here:  ")66            print("")67            if fold.lower() == "q":68                self.u.custom_quit()69            f_path = self.u.check_path(fold)70            if not f_path:71                print("That path does not exist!\n")72                self.u.grab("Press [enter] to return...")73                continue74            # Let's check if it's a folder.  If not, make the next directory up the target75            if not os.path.isdir(f_path):76                f_path = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(f_path))77            # Walk the contents of f_path and ensure we have all the needed files78            lower_contents = [y.lower() for y in os.listdir(f_path)]79            missing_list = [x for x in self.target_files if not x.lower() in lower_contents]80            if len(missing_list):81                self.u.head("Missing Required Files")82                print("")83                print("That folder is missing the following required files:")84                print(", ".join(missing_list))85                print("")86                self.u.grab("Press [enter] to return...")87            # Time to build the installer!88            cwd = os.getcwd()89            os.chdir(f_path)90            base_mounts = []91            try:92                self.u.head("Building Installer")93                print("")94                print("Taking ownership of downloaded files...")95                for x in self.target_files:96                    print(" - {}...".format(x))97          {"args":["chmod","a+x",x]})98                print("Mounting BaseSystem.dmg...")99                base_mounts = self.mount_dmg("BaseSystem.dmg")100                if not len(base_mounts):101                    raise Exception("Mount Failed!", "No mount points were returned from BaseSystem.dmg")102                base_mount = base_mounts[0] # Let's assume the first103                print("Locating Installer app...")104                install_app = next((x for x in os.listdir(base_mount) if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(base_mount,x)) and x.lower().endswith(".app") and not x.startswith(".")),None)105                if not install_app:106                    raise Exception("Installer app not located in {}".format(base_mount))107                print(" - Found {}".format(install_app))108                # Copy the .app over109                out ={"args":["cp","-R",os.path.join(base_mount,install_app),os.path.join(f_path,install_app)]})110                if out[2] != 0:111                    raise Exception("Copy Failed!", out[1])112                print("Unmounting BaseSystem.dmg...")113                for x in base_mounts:114                    self.unmount_dmg(x)115                base_mounts = []116                shared_support = os.path.join(f_path,install_app,"Contents","SharedSupport")117                if not os.path.exists(shared_support):118                    print("Creating SharedSupport directory...")119                    os.makedirs(shared_support)120                print("Copying files to SharedSupport...")121                for x in self.target_files:122                    y = "InstallESD.dmg" if x.lower() == "installesddmg.pkg" else x # InstallESDDmg.pkg gets renamed to InstallESD.dmg - all others stay the same123                    print(" - {}{}".format(x, " --> {}".format(y) if y != x else ""))124                    out ={"args":["cp","-R",os.path.join(f_path,x),os.path.join(shared_support,y)]})125                    if out[2] != 0:126                        raise Exception("Copy Failed!", out[1])127                print("Patching InstallInfo.plist...")128                with open(os.path.join(shared_support,"InstallInfo.plist"),"rb") as f:129                    p = plist.load(f)130                if "Payload Image Info" in p:131                    pii = p["Payload Image Info"]132                    if "URL" in pii: pii["URL"] = pii["URL"].replace("InstallESDDmg.pkg","InstallESD.dmg")133                    if "id" in pii: pii["id"] = pii["id"].replace("","")134                    pii.pop("chunklistURL",None)135                    pii.pop("chunklistid",None)136                with open(os.path.join(shared_support,"InstallInfo.plist"),"wb") as f:137                    plist.dump(p,f)138                print("")139                print("Created:  {}".format(install_app))140                print("Saved to: {}".format(os.path.join(f_path,install_app)))141                print("")142                self.u.grab("Press [enter] to return...")143            except Exception as e:144                print("An error occurred:")145                print(" - {}".format(e))146                print("")147                if len(base_mounts):148                    for x in base_mounts:149                        print(" - Unmounting {}...".format(x))150                        self.unmount_dmg(x)151                    print("")152                self.u.grab("Press [enter] to return...")153if __name__ == '__main__':154    b = buildMacOSInstallApp()...

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1import json2import unittest3from aos.ability.install_ability_device.install_app import InstallUpdateAbility4class TestCaseInstallAbility(unittest.TestCase):5    def setUp(self):6        #gia lap data tu brain:7 = json.loads(json.loads ("{\"source\": \"eac7efdf-00ce-4404-af69-26c9da50cb39\", \"type\": \"install_ability_device\", \"protocol\": \"firebase\", \"data\": \"{\\\"app\\\": \\\"product_control_test\\\", \\\"version\\\": \\\"2.0.0\\\", \\\"link\\\": \\\"\\\", \\\"is_service\\\": 0, \\\"action\\\": \\\"add\\\", \\\"md5_hash\\\": \\\"42e144f5829753ff55d953367297a2d2\\\", \\\"application_file\\\": \\\"\\\"}\", \"time\": \"1489720855370000000\"}")['data'])8    def test_is_valid_data_false(self):9        del['app']10        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertFalse(self.install_app.is_valid_data)12    def test_is_valid_data_true(self):13        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.is_valid_data)15    def test_is_valid_data_add_false_without_md5(self):16        del['md5_hash']17        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertFalse(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())19    def test_is_valid_data_add_false_without_link(self):20        del['link']21        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertFalse(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())23    def test_is_valid_data_add_true(self):24        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())26    def test_download_success(self):27        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())29        self.assertTrue(    def test_download_and_unzip_success_with_md5_true(self):31        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())33        self.assertTrue(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.unzip())35    def test_download_and_unzip_NOT_success_with_md5_false(self):36['md5_hash'] = 'random_md5_hash...'37        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())39        self.assertTrue(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.unzip())41    def test_update_config_true(self):42        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())44        self.assertTrue(        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.unzip())46        self.assertTrue(self.install_app.update_config())47        from import BASE_APP48        app_path_config = BASE_APP + self.install_app.app_name + "/config.json"49        import os50        self.assertTrue(os.path.isfile(app_path_config))51        from aos.system.libs.util import Util52        version = Util.read_file(app_path_config)['version']53        print "compare version: ", version, self.install_app.version54        self.assertTrue(version == self.install_app.version)55    def test_full_install_true(self):56        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(    def test_is_valid_ability_FALSE_with_not_new_version(self):59        # testcase nay remove nhe.60        self.assertTrue(True)61        #  version:62        #['version'] = '2.2.0'63        # self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        # self.assertTrue(        #66        # self.assertTrue(self.install_app.version ==['version'])67        #68        #['version'] = '2.2.0'69        # self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        #71        # self.assertFalse(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())72        #73        #['version'] = '1.0.0'74        # self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        #76        # self.assertFalse(self.install_app.is_valid_ability())77    def test_remove_app_success(self):78        import os79        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(['action'] = "remove"82        self.install_app = InstallUpdateAbility(        self.assertTrue(        self.assertTrue(not os.path.isdir(self.install_app.app_base_dir))85    def tearDown(self):86        try:87            import os88            if os.path.isdir(self.install_app.app_base_dir):89                import shutil90                shutil.rmtree(self.install_app.app_base_dir)91        except:92            pass93if __name__ == '__main__':...

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