How to use plot_cpu_mem_keypoints method in Airtest

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...89 end_time = datetime.fromtimestamp(int(self.timestamp_list[-1]))90 end_time = end_time.strftime('%H:%M:%S')91 title = "Timespan: %s —— %s" % (start_time, end_time)92 return title93 def plot_cpu_mem_keypoints(self):94 """绘制CPU/Mem/特征点数量."""95 plt.figure(1)96 # 开始绘制子图:97 plt.subplot(311)98 title = self._get_graph_title()99 plt.title(title, loc="center") # 设置绘图的标题100 mem_ins = plt.plot(self.time_axis, self.mem_axis, "-", label="Mem(MB)", color='deepskyblue', linestyle='-', marker=',')101 # 设置数字标签102 plt.legend(mem_ins, ["Mem(MB)"], loc='upper right') # 说明标签的位置103 plt.grid() # 加网格104 plt.ylabel("Mem(MB)")105 plt.ylim(bottom=0)106 for method_exec in self.method_exec_info:107 start_date = datetime.fromtimestamp(method_exec["start_time"])108 end_date = datetime.fromtimestamp(method_exec["end_time"])109 plt.vlines(start_date, 0, self.max_mem, colors="c", linestyles="dashed") # vlines(x, ymin, ymax)110 plt.vlines(end_date, 0, self.max_mem, colors="c", linestyles="dashed") # vlines(x, ymin, ymax)111 # 绘制mem文字:112 x = datetime.fromtimestamp(method_exec["mem_max_time"])113 text = "%s: %d MB" % (method_exec["name"], method_exec["mem_max"])114 plt.text(x, method_exec["mem_max"], text, ha="center", va="bottom", fontsize=10)115 plt.plot(x, method_exec["mem_max"], 'bo', label="point") # 绘制点116 # 绘制子图2117 plt.subplot(312)118 cpu_ins = plt.plot(self.time_axis, self.cpu_axis, "-", label="CPU(%)", color='red', linestyle='-', marker=',')119 plt.legend(cpu_ins, ["CPU(%)"], loc='upper right') # 说明标签的位置120 plt.grid() # 加网格121 plt.xlabel("Time(s)")122 plt.ylabel("CPU(%)")123 plt.ylim(0, 120)124 for method_exec in self.method_exec_info:125 start_date = datetime.fromtimestamp(method_exec["start_time"])126 end_date = datetime.fromtimestamp(method_exec["end_time"])127 plt.vlines(start_date, 0, 100, colors="c", linestyles="dashed") # vlines(x, ymin, ymax)128 plt.vlines(end_date, 0, 100, colors="c", linestyles="dashed") # vlines(x, ymin, ymax)129 # 绘制mem文字:130 x = datetime.fromtimestamp(method_exec["cpu_max_time"])131 text = "%s: %d%%" % (method_exec["name"], method_exec["cpu_max"])132 plt.text(x, method_exec["cpu_max"], text, ha="center", va="bottom", fontsize=10)133 plt.plot(x, method_exec["cpu_max"], 'ro', label="point") # 绘制点134 # 绘制子图3135 plt.subplot(313) # 绘制一下柱状图(关键点)136 # 设置轴向标签137 plt.xlabel('methods')138 plt.ylabel('keypoints number')139 method_list, method_pts_length_list, color_list = [], [], []140 for method_exec in self.method_exec_info:141 for item in ["kp_sch", "kp_src", "good"]:142 method_list.append("%s-%s" % (method_exec["name"], item))143 method_pts_length_list.append(method_exec[item])144 if method_exec["result"]:145 color_list.append(["palegreen", "limegreen", "deepskyblue"][["kp_sch", "kp_src", "good"].index(item)])146 else:147 color_list.append("tomato")148 method_x = np.arange(len(method_list)) + 1149, method_pts_length_list, width=0.35, align='center', color=color_list, alpha=0.8)150 plt.xticks(method_x, method_list, size='small', rotation=30)151 # 设置数字标签152 for x, y in zip(method_x, method_pts_length_list):153 plt.text(x, y + 10, "%d" % y, ha="center", va="bottom", fontsize=7)154 plt.ylim(0, max(method_pts_length_list) * 1.2)155 # 显示图像156 main():158 # 绘制结果图159 plot_object = PlotResult(dir_path="result", file_name="high_dpi.json")160 plot_object.plot_cpu_mem_keypoints()161if __name__ == '__main__':...

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