How to use recv_nonblocking method in Airtest

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...68            self.__sockI.settimeout(None)69        except socket.timeout:70            return []71        res = [data]72        nb = self.recv_nonblocking()73        res = res + nb74        return res75    def recv_nonblocking(self):76        """77        This returns a list of bytestrings (all messages in the buffer)78        Returns an empty list if no message is present in the buffer79        Reads everything in the buffer80        """81        assert self.__sockI is not None, "receiver not initialized"82        res = []83        while True:84            try:85                if not WINDOWS:86                    data, _ = self.__sockI.recvfrom(self.__buffersize, socket.MSG_DONTWAIT)87                else:88                    self.__sockI.setblocking(False)89                    data, _ = self.__sockI.recvfrom(self.__buffersize)90            except IOError:91                return res92            finally:93                if WINDOWS:94                    self.__sockI.setblocking(True)95            res += [data]96def test_send(interface, msg):97    print(f"sending: {msg}")98    interface.send(msg)99def test_recv(interface, timeout=None):100    print(f"receiving (blocking)...")101    res = interface.recv(timeout)102    print(f"received: {res}")103def test_recv_nonblocking(interface):104    print(f"receiving (non blocking)...")105    res = interface.recv_nonblocking()106    print(f"received: {res}")107def main(args):108    # standard library imports109    import time110    ip_send = args.ipsend111    ip_recv = args.iprecv112    port_send = args.portsend113    port_recv = args.portrecv114    conn = UDPInterface()115    conn.init_sender(ip_send, port_send)116    conn.init_receiver(ip_recv, port_recv)117    test_send(conn, b"hello 0")118    test_send(conn, b"hello 1")119    test_recv(conn)120    test_send(conn, b"hello 2")121    test_send(conn, b"hello 3")122    test_recv_nonblocking(conn)123    test_recv_nonblocking(conn)124    test_send(conn, b"hello 4")125    test_recv(conn, timeout=1.0)126    test_recv(conn, timeout=1.0)127if __name__ == "__main__":128    # standard library imports129    import argparse130    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()131    parser.add_argument('--ipsend', type=str, default="", help='IP address of the drone if any.')132    parser.add_argument('--iprecv', type=str, default="", help='local IP address if any.')133    parser.add_argument('--portsend', type=int, default=8989, help='Port to send udp messages to.')134    parser.add_argument('--portrecv', type=int, default=8989, help='Port to reveive udp messages from.')135    args = parser.parse_args()...

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...37            ret = None38        finally:39            self.sock.settimeout(None)40        return ret41    def recv_nonblocking(self, size):42        self.sock.settimeout(0)43        try:44            ret = self.recv(size)45        except(socket.error) as e:46            #10035 no data when nonblocking47            if e.args[0] == 10035: #errno.EWOULDBLOCK: 尼玛errno似乎不一致48                ret = None49            #10053 connection abort by client50            #10054 connection reset by peer51            elif e.args[0] in [10053, 10054]: #errno.ECONNABORTED:52                raise53            else:54                raise55        return ret...

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