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...31 thread.start()32 #thread = threading.Thread(target=showwarning, args=("Invalid Content Hash", "Firefox received bad content"))33 #thread.start()34 #result = showwarning("Invalid Content Hash", "Firefox received content that does not match the reqeusted CID.")35def recv_with_timeout(sock, timeout=5, transport_proto=XSP):36 # Receive data37 start_time = time.time() # current time in seconds since the epoch38 received_data = False39 reply = '<html><head><title>XIA Error</title></head><body><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p style="text-align: center; font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; font-size: xx-large; color: #666;">Sorry, something went wrong.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p style="text-align: center; color: #999; font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif;"><a href="">Report a bug</a></p></body></html>'40 try:41 while (time.time() - start_time < timeout and not received_data):42 try:43# we haven't ported Xselect into SWIG yet, and normal select no longer works on xsocket44# (rl, wl, xl) =[sock], [], [], 0.02)45# if not rl:46# continue47 if transport_proto == XSP:48 reply = Xrecv(sock, XIA_MAXBUF, 0)49 elif transport_proto == XDP:50 (reply, reply_dag) = Xrecvfrom(sock, XIA_MAXBUF, 0)51 received_data = True52 except IOError:53 received_data = False54 except Exception, msg:55 print 'ERROR: recv_with_timeout: %s' % msg56 except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit), e:57 Xclose(sock)58 sys.exit()59 if (not received_data):60 print "Recieved nothing"61 raise IOError62 63 if transport_proto == XSP:64 return reply65 elif transport_proto == XDP:66 return reply, reply_dag67 68 69def readcid_with_timeout(sock, cid, timeout=0.1):70 # Receive data71 start_time = time.time() # current time in seconds since the epoch72 received_data = False73 reply = '<html><head><title>XIA Error</title></head><body><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p style="text-align: center; font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; font-size: xx-large; color: #666;">Sorry, something went wrong.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p style="text-align: center; color: #999; font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif;"><a href="">Report a bug</a></p></body></html>'74 try:75 while (time.time() - start_time < timeout and not received_data):76 try:77 status = XgetChunkStatus(sock, cid)78 if status & READY_TO_READ == READY_TO_READ or status & INVALID_HASH == INVALID_HASH:79 reply = XreadChunk(sock, 65521, 0, cid)80 received_data = True81 if status & INVALID_HASH == INVALID_HASH:82 warn_bad_content()83 return False84 except IOError:85 received_data = False86 except Exception, msg:87 print 'ERROR: readcid_with_timeout: %s' % msg88 except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit), e:89 Xclose(sock)90 sys.exit()91 if (not received_data): # TIMEOUT92 print "%s: Recieved nothing; requesting retransmit" % time.time()93 XrequestChunk(sock, cid)94 return readcid_with_timeout(sock, cid)95 raise IOError96 return reply97 98 99def check_for_and_process_CIDs(dstAD, dst4ID, dstHID, message, browser_socket):100 rt = message.find('cid')101 if (rt!= -1):102 http_header = message[0:rt]103 try:104 content = get_content_from_cid_list(dstAD, dst4ID, dstHID, message[rt:].split('.')[2])105 except:106 print "ERROR: check_for_and_process_CIDs: Couldn't retrieve content. Closing browser_socket"107 browser_socket.close()108 return True109 send_to_browser(http_header, browser_socket)110 send_to_browser(content, browser_socket)111 return True112 else:113 return False114def process_videoCIDlist(dstAD, dstHID, message, browser_socket, socks):115 rt = message.find('CID') 116 cidlist = list()117 while(rt != -1):118 CID = message[rt+4:rt+44]119 content_dag = 'CID:%s' % CID120 #content_dag = 'RE %s %s %s' % (AD1, HID1, content_dag)121 content_dag = 'DAG 2 0 - \n %s 2 1 - \n %s 2 - \n %s' % (dstAD, dstHID, content_dag)122 cidlist.append(content_dag)123 #XrequestChunk(moresock, content_dag)124 #content = Xrecv(moresock, 65521, 0)125 #browser_socket.send(content)126 rt = message.find('CID', rt+44)127 ## issue multiple request128 ## and receive multiple content129 ## first issue all the requests130 for i in range(len(cidlist)):131 try:132 XrequestChunk(socks[i], cidlist[i])133 except:134 print 'ERROR: process_videoCIDlist: error requesting CID %s' % cidlist[i]135 ## then retrieve them136 for i in range(len(cidlist)):137 try:138 content = readcid_with_timeout(socks[i], cidlist[i], 2)139 except:140 browser_socket.close()141 print "closing browser socket6"142 return False143 if not send_to_browser(content, browser_socket):144 return False 145 return True146 147def sendVideoSIDRequest(ddag, payload, browser_socket):148 sock = Xsocket(XSOCK_STREAM)149 if (sock<0):150 print "error opening socket"151 return152 153 status = Xconnect(sock, ddag)154 if (status != 0):155 print "Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info()[0]156 Xclose(sock)157 print "send_sid_request() Closing browser socket "158 browser_socket.close()159 return160 161 print "Connected. OK\n"162 # Send request for number of chunks163 asknumchunks = "numchunks";164 Xsend(sock, asknumchunks, 0)165 #Xsend(sock, payload, 0)166 # Receive reply167 print 'send_sid_request: about to receive reply'168 try:169 reply = recv_with_timeout(sock) # = Xrecv(sock, 65521, 0)170 except:171 Xclose(sock)172 print "closing browser socket7"173 browser_socket.close()174 return175 Xclose(sock)176 numchunks = int(reply)177 print "send_sid_request: received reply for number of chunks ",numchunks178 ## may be send http header along with first content179 ## return ogg header180 http_header = "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\nDate: Tue, 01 Mar 2011 06:14:58 GMT\r\nConnection: close\r\nContent-type: video/ogg\r\nServer: lighttpd/1.4.26\r\n\r\n"181 ## next get chunks, at most 20 in a go182 threshold = 20183 socks = list()184 for i in range(threshold):185 sockcid = Xsocket(XSOCK_CHUNK)186 socks.append(sockcid)187 num_iterations = (numchunks/threshold) + 1188 for i in range(num_iterations):189 st_cid = i * threshold190 end_cid = (i+1) * threshold191 if(end_cid > numchunks):192 end_cid = numchunks193 cidreqrange = str(st_cid) + ":" + str(end_cid)194 print "Requesting for ",cidreqrange195 try:196 sock = Xsocket(XSOCK_STREAM)197 198 status = Xconnect(sock, ddag)199 if (status != 0):200 print "Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info()[0]201 Xclose(sock)202 print "send_sid_request() Closing browser socket "203 browser_socket.close()204 return205 206 Xsend(sock, cidreqrange, 0)207 except:208 print 'ERROR: sendVideoSIDRequest: error requesting cidreqrange %s' % cidreqrange209 210 try:211 reply= recv_with_timeout(sock) # = Xrecv(sock, 1024, 0)212 except:213 print "closing browser socket8"214 browser_socket.close()215 break;216 Xclose(sock)217 #print reply218 # Extract dst AD and HID from ddag 219 start_index = ddag.find('AD:')220 dstAD = ddag[start_index:start_index+3+40] 221 start_index = ddag.find('HID:')222 dstHID = ddag[start_index:start_index+4+40] 223 224 if(i == 0):225 send_to_browser(http_header, browser_socket)226 ret = process_videoCIDlist(dstAD, dstHID, reply, browser_socket, socks)227 if (ret==False):228 break;229 ## process CIDs 230 for i in range(threshold):231 Xclose(socks[i])232 return233def requestVideoCID(dstAD, dstHID, CID, fallback):234 sock = Xsocket(XSOCK_CHUNK)235 if (sock<0):236 print "error opening socket"237 return238 # Request content239 content_dag = 'CID:%s' % CID240 if fallback:241 content_dag = 'RE %s %s %s' % (dstAD, dstHID, content_dag)242 #print 'Retrieving content with ID: \n%s' % content_dag243 try:244 XrequestChunk(sock, content_dag)245 except:246 print 'ERROR: requestVideoCID: error requesting CID \n%s' % content_dag247 # Get content248 try:249 data = readcid_with_timeout(sock, content_dag)250 Xclose(sock)251 except:252 return None253 return data254def getrandSID():255 sid = "SID:"+ ("%040d"% int(random.random()*1e40))256 assert len(sid)==44257 return sid258def send_sid_request(ddag, payload, browser_socket, transport_proto=XSP):259 # Create socket260 if transport_proto == XSP:261 sock = Xsocket(XSOCK_STREAM)262 elif transport_proto == XDP:263 sock = Xsocket(XSOCK_DGRAM)264 else:265 print "ERROR: send_sid_request: Bad transport protocol specified"266 return267 if (sock<0):268 print "ERROR: send_sid_request: could not open socket"269 return270 271 try:272 if transport_proto == XSP:273 # Connect to service274 status = Xconnect(sock, ddag)275 if (status != 0):276 print "send_sid_request() Closing browser socket "277 print "Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info()[0]278 Xclose(sock)279 browser_socket.close()280 return281 rtt = time.time() 282 # Send request283 if transport_proto == XSP:284 Xsend(sock, payload, 0)285 elif transport_proto == XDP:286 Xsendto(sock, payload, 0, ddag)287 except IOError:288 print 'ERROR: send_sid_request: error binding to sdag, connecting to ddag, or sending SID request:\n%s' % payload289 290 # Receive reply and close socket291 try:292 if transport_proto == XSP:293 reply = ''294 reply += recv_with_timeout(sock)295 content_length_start_index = reply.find('Length: ')296 content_length_end_index = reply.find('\n\n')297 content_length = reply[content_length_start_index+8:content_length_end_index]298 content_length = int(content_length)299 while content_length > (len(reply) - content_length_end_index - 2):300 reply += recv_with_timeout(sock)301 elif transport_proto == XDP:302 (reply, reply_dag) = recv_with_timeout(sock, 5, XDP)303 Xclose(sock);304 except IOError:305 print "ERROR: send_sid_request(): Closing browser socket "306 print "Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info()[0]307 Xclose(sock)308 browser_socket.close()309 return 310 if transport_proto == XSP:311 Xclose(sock)312 # Extract dst AD and HID from ddag 313 start_index = ddag.find('AD:')314 dstAD = ddag[start_index:start_index+3+40] 315 start_index = ddag.find('IP:')316 dst4ID = ddag[start_index:start_index+3+40] ...

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