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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2# #!/usr/bin/env python3__author__ = 'Administrator'4import sys,os,time5import re6class getAppLog():7 ''' 定义基类 :8 判断andriod_home是否存在,继而判断adb命令是否存在9 判断device是否在线,如果在线,获取devices信息10 判断adb logcat是否可用11 清空缓存日志12 调用adb logcat捕获日志,并重定向到指定文件13 如果日志文件超过20M,备份原日志文件14 '''15 def def_log_file(self,log_name=None):16 ''' 定义 日志文件 '''17 PATH = lambda p: os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), p))18 log_name = 'test_logcat.txt' if log_name == None else log_name19 file_path = PATH(log_name)20 return file_path21 def envCheck(self):22 ''' 校验 andriod sdk '''23 print os.environ24 if "ANDROID_HOME" in os.environ:25 rootDir = os.path.join(os.environ["ANDROID_HOME"], "platform-tools")26 for path, subdir, files in os.walk(rootDir):27 if "adb.exe" in files:28 return os.path.join(path, "adb.exe")29 else:30 print '\nadb.exe does not exist!\n',31 time.sleep(3)32 else:33 print "\nANDROID_HOME not exist! Please setup andriod SDK and set the environment variable ANDROID_HOME. \n",34 time.sleep(3)35 def get_device_id(self):36 ''' 获取 deviceId,并作容错校验 '''37 #尝试停止、启动adb-server,方便调用adb获取信息38 os.popen('adb kill-server')39 time.sleep(3)40 os.popen('adb start-server')41 time.sleep(5)42 out = os.popen("adb devices").read()43 if out == '':44 print '\n[ERROR] Terminal device has a problem, the program exits, replace the terminal equipment!\n'45 time.sleep(3)46 exit()47 elif out.startswith('error'):48 print '\n[ERROR] Get devices error,program exits!\n'49 time.sleep(3)50 exit()51 elif out.split('\n')[1].strip().endswith('unauthorized') and str(out).count('device') == 1:52 print '\n[ERROR] Device unauthorized,program exits!\n'53 time.sleep(3)54 exit()55 elif out.split('\n')[0].strip().endswith('attached') and str(out).count('device') == 1 and len(out.split('\n')) <= 3:56 print '\n[ERROR] Not get list of devices,program exits!\n'57 time.sleep(3)58 exit()59 else:60 deviceId = out.split('\n')[1].split('\t')[0]61 return deviceId62 def check_log_is_enable(self):63 ''' 校验手机设备是否支持logcat命令 '''64 log_cat = os.popen("adb logcat -g 20").read()65 match ='''Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main': No such file or directory''',log_cat)66 if match:67 print '\n[ERROR] ' + log_cat + ' \n'68 time.sleep(3)69 sys.exit()70 def get_log_to_file(self,deviceid,file_path):71 ''' 调用logcat获取日志到文件72 adb -s deviceid logcat -c (清除LOGCAT的缓存)73 adb -d -s deviceid logcat *:W >test_logcat.txt74 '''75 if deviceid != '':76 clear_buffer = 'adb -s '+ deviceid +' logcat -c '77 get_log = 'adb -d -s ' + deviceid + ' logcat -v time -s *:W >>' + file_path78 if ' ' in file_path:79 print '\n ' + file_path + ': The path contains spaces,program exits!\n'80 time.sleep(3)81 sys.exit()82 #执行具体的命令83 os.system(clear_buffer)84 time.sleep(1)85 os.system(get_log)86 else:87 print '\ndeviceid not exist!\n'88 time.sleep(3)89 sys.exit()90 def log_file_size(self,file_path):91 ''' 如果log文件过大,备份并重新启用一个日志进行记录 '''92 if os.path.exists(file_path):93 file_size = os.path.getsize(file_path)94 file_name = file_path.split("/")[-1].split('.')[0]95 file_Suffix =file_path.split("/")[-1].split('.')[-1]96 timeStamp = time.strftime('%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S')97 new_name = file_name+'_'+ timeStamp + file_Suffix98 if file_size >= 20971520:99 os.rename(file_path, new_name)100if __name__ == '__main__':101 print '-' * 75102 log = getAppLog()103 log_file = log.def_log_file()104 log.log_file_size(log_file)105 log.envCheck()106 device_id = log.get_device_id()107 log.check_log_is_enable()...

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...22 self.assertEqual(23 Python2(, timeout=10).run(self.device),24 'timeout'25 )26 def test_logcat(self):27 self.assertEqual(28 Python2(, logcat_regex='').run(self.device),29 'logcat'30 )31if __name__ == '__main__':...

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