How to use test_retry_touch method in Airtest

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...31 swipe_event.append(MoveEvent((500 + 100 * i, 500 + 100 * i)))32 swipe_event.append(SleepEvent(0.2))33 swipe_event.append(UpEvent())34 self.device.touch_proxy.perform(swipe_event)35 def test_retry_touch(self):36 """37 测试在指令内容异常时,能够自动尝试重连38 """39 # 在安卓10部分型号手机上,如果乱序发送指令,可能会导致maxtouch断开连接40 events = [MoveEvent((100, 100), 0), UpEvent(), DownEvent((165, 250), 0), SleepEvent(0.2), UpEvent(), DownEvent((165, 250), 0), SleepEvent(0.2), UpEvent()]41 self.device.touch_proxy.perform(events)42 time.sleep(3)43 self.device.touch((165, 250))44 def test_horizontal(self):45 """46 如果设备是横屏,必须要加上坐标转换(竖屏也可以加)47 """48 ori_transformer = self.device.touch_proxy.ori_transformer49 touch_landscape_point = [DownEvent(ori_transformer((100, 100))), SleepEvent(1), UpEvent()]...

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