How to use test_using_ios_tagent method in Airtest

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...40 # 以下用例可能会因为wda更新而失败,到时候需要去掉 ios._display_info里的ipad横屏下的额外处理41 # 当ipad 在横屏+桌面的情况下,获取到的window_size的值为 height*height,没有width的值42 if self.ios.is_pad and self.client.orientation != 'PORTRAIT' and self.ios.home_interface():43 self.assertEqual(window_size.width, window_size.height)44 def test_using_ios_tagent(self):45 status = self.ios.driver.status()46 print(self.ios.using_ios_tagent)47 self.assertEqual('Version' in status, self.ios.using_ios_tagent)48 def test_snapshot(self):49 print("test_snapshot")50 filename = "./screen.png"51 if os.path.exists(filename):52 os.remove(filename)53 54 screen = self.ios.snapshot(filename=filename)55 self.assertIsInstance(screen, numpy.ndarray)56 self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(filename))57 def test_get_frames(self):58 frame = self.ios.get_frame_from_stream()...

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