How to use __create_step_tuple method in autotest

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...716 if stored_option:717 option = stored_option718 logging.debug('Persistent option %s now set to %s', option_name, option)719 return option720 def __create_step_tuple(self, fn, args, dargs):721 # Legacy code passes in an array where the first arg is722 # the function or its name.723 if isinstance(fn, list):724 assert(len(args) == 0)725 assert(len(dargs) == 0)726 args = fn[1:]727 fn = fn[0]728 # Pickling actual functions is hairy, thus we have to call729 # them by name. Unfortunately, this means only functions730 # defined globally can be used as a next step.731 if callable(fn):732 fn = fn.__name__733 if not isinstance(fn, types.StringTypes):734 raise StepError("Next steps must be functions or "735 "strings containing the function name")736 ancestry = copy.copy(self._current_step_ancestry)737 return (ancestry, fn, args, dargs)738 def next_step_append(self, fn, *args, **dargs):739 """Define the next step and place it at the end"""740 steps = self._state.get('client', 'steps')741 steps.append(self.__create_step_tuple(fn, args, dargs))742 self._state.set('client', 'steps', steps)743 def next_step(self, fn, *args, **dargs):744 """Create a new step and place it after any steps added745 while running the current step but before any steps added in746 previous steps"""747 steps = self._state.get('client', 'steps')748 steps.insert(self._next_step_index,749 self.__create_step_tuple(fn, args, dargs))750 self._next_step_index += 1751 self._state.set('client', 'steps', steps)752 def next_step_prepend(self, fn, *args, **dargs):753 """Insert a new step, executing first"""754 steps = self._state.get('client', 'steps')755 steps.insert(0, self.__create_step_tuple(fn, args, dargs))756 self._next_step_index += 1757 self._state.set('client', 'steps', steps)758 def _run_step_fn(self, local_vars, fn, args, dargs):759 """Run a (step) function within the given context"""760 local_vars['__args'] = args761 local_vars['__dargs'] = dargs762 try:763 exec('__ret = %s(*__args, **__dargs)' % fn, local_vars, local_vars)764 return local_vars['__ret']765 except SystemExit:766 raise # Send error.JobContinue and JobComplete on up to runjob.767 except error.TestNAError, detail:768 self.record(detail.exit_status, None, fn, str(detail))769 except Exception, detail:...

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