How to use __send_stdin method in autotest

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...176 tee.write(output_list[-1])177 if not output_list[-1]:178 return179 @classmethod180 def __send_stdin(cls, channel, stdin):181 if not stdin or not channel.send_ready():182 # nothing more to send or just no space to send now183 return184 sent = channel.send(stdin[:cls.BUFFSIZE])185 if not sent:186 logging.warning('Could not send a single stdin byte.')187 else:188 stdin = stdin[sent:]189 if not stdin:190 # no more stdin input, close output direction191 channel.shutdown_write()192 return stdin193 def run(self, command, timeout=3600, ignore_status=False,194 stdout_tee=utils.TEE_TO_LOGS, stderr_tee=utils.TEE_TO_LOGS,195 connect_timeout=30, stdin=None, verbose=True, args=(),196 ignore_timeout=False):197 """198 Run a command on the remote host.199 @see @param connect_timeout: connection timeout (in seconds)201 @param options: string with additional ssh command options202 @param verbose: log the commands203 @param ignore_timeout: bool True command timeouts should be204 ignored. Will return None on command timeout.205 @raises AutoservRunError: if the command failed206 @raises AutoservSSHTimeout: ssh connection has timed out207 """208 stdout = utils.get_stream_tee_file(209 stdout_tee, utils.DEFAULT_STDOUT_LEVEL,210 prefix=utils.STDOUT_PREFIX)211 stderr = utils.get_stream_tee_file(212 stderr_tee, utils.get_stderr_level(ignore_status),213 prefix=utils.STDERR_PREFIX)214 for arg in args:215 command += ' "%s"' % utils.sh_escape(arg)216 if verbose:217 logging.debug("Running (ssh-paramiko) '%s'", command)218 # start up the command219 start_time = time.time()220 try:221 channel = self._open_channel(timeout)222 channel.exec_command(command)223 except (socket.error, paramiko.SSHException, EOFError), e:224 # This has to match the string from paramiko *exactly*.225 if str(e) != 'Channel closed.':226 raise error.AutoservSSHTimeout("ssh failed: %s" % e)227 # pull in all the stdout, stderr until the command terminates228 raw_stdout, raw_stderr = [], []229 timed_out = False230 while not channel.exit_status_ready():231 if channel.recv_ready():232 raw_stdout.append(channel.recv(self.BUFFSIZE))233 stdout.write(raw_stdout[-1])234 if channel.recv_stderr_ready():235 raw_stderr.append(channel.recv_stderr(self.BUFFSIZE))236 stderr.write(raw_stderr[-1])237 if timeout and time.time() - start_time > timeout:238 timed_out = True239 break240 stdin = self.__send_stdin(channel, stdin)241 time.sleep(1)242 if timed_out:243 exit_status = -signal.SIGTERM244 else:245 exit_status = channel.recv_exit_status()246 channel.settimeout(10)247 self._exhaust_stream(stdout, raw_stdout, channel.recv)248 self._exhaust_stream(stderr, raw_stderr, channel.recv_stderr)249 channel.close()250 duration = time.time() - start_time251 # create the appropriate results252 stdout = "".join(raw_stdout)253 stderr = "".join(raw_stderr)254 result = utils.CmdResult(command, stdout, stderr, exit_status,...

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