How to use __stop_loggers method in autotest

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...146 self._console_proc = None147 self._console_log = console_log or 'logfile_monitor.log'148 def reboot_followup(self, *args, **dargs):149 super(LogfileMonitorMixin, self).reboot_followup(*args, **dargs)150 self.__stop_loggers()151 self.__start_loggers()152 def start_loggers(self):153 super(LogfileMonitorMixin, self).start_loggers()154 self.__start_loggers()155 def remote_path_exists(self, remote_path):156 """Return True if remote_path exists, False otherwise."""157 return not 'ls %s' % remote_path, ignore_status=True).exit_status159 def check_remote_paths(self, remote_paths):160 """Return list of remote_paths that currently exist."""161 return [162 path for path in remote_paths if self.remote_path_exists(path)]163 @_log_and_ignore_exceptions164 def __start_loggers(self):165 """Start multifile monitoring logger.166 Launch monitors/ on the target and hook its output167 to monitors/ locally.168 """169 # Check if follow_paths exist, in the case that one doesn't170 # emit a warning and proceed.171 follow_paths_set = set(self.follow_paths)172 existing = self.check_remote_paths(follow_paths_set)173 missing = follow_paths_set.difference(existing)174 if missing:175 # Log warning that we are missing expected remote paths.176 logging.warn('Target %s is missing expected remote paths: %s',177 self.hostname, ', '.join(missing))178 # If none of them exist just return (for now).179 if not existing:180 return181 # Create a new lastlines_dirpath on the remote host if not already set.182 if not self._lastlines_dirpath:183 self._lastlines_dirpath = self.get_tmp_dir(parent='/var/tmp')184 # Launch followfiles on target185 self._followfiles_proc = launch_remote_followfiles(186 self, self._lastlines_dirpath, existing)187 # Ensure we have sane pattern_paths before launching console.py188 sane_pattern_paths = []189 for patterns_path in set(self.pattern_paths):190 try:191 patterns_path = resolve_patterns_path(patterns_path)192 except InvalidPatternsPathError, e:193 logging.warn('Specified patterns_path is invalid: %s, %s',194 patterns_path, str(e))195 else:196 sane_pattern_paths.append(patterns_path)197 # Launch locally, pass in output stream from followfiles.198 self._console_proc, self._logfile_warning_stream = \199 launch_local_console(200 self._followfiles_proc.stdout, self._console_log,201 sane_pattern_paths)202 if self.job:203 self.job.warning_loggers.add(self._logfile_warning_stream)204 def stop_loggers(self):205 super(LogfileMonitorMixin, self).stop_loggers()206 self.__stop_loggers()207 @_log_and_ignore_exceptions208 def __stop_loggers(self):209 if self._console_proc:210 utils.nuke_subprocess(self._console_proc)211 utils.nuke_subprocess(self._followfiles_proc)212 self._console_proc = self._followfile_proc = None213 if self.job:214 self.job.warning_loggers.discard(self._logfile_warning_stream)215 self._logfile_warning_stream.close()216def NewLogfileMonitorMixin(follow_paths, pattern_paths=None):217 """Create a custom in-memory subclass of LogfileMonitorMixin.218 Args:219 follow_paths: list; Remote paths to tail.220 pattern_paths: list; Local alert pattern definition files.221 """222 if not follow_paths or (pattern_paths and not follow_paths):...

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