How to use _archive_results method in autotest

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...181 log.exception('Error occured while executing job!')182 success = False183 finally:184 job_log_file.close()185 self._archive_results(results_dir_path)186 return success187 def _extract_payload(self, target_dir_path: str):188'Extracting job payload')189 original_cwd = os.getcwd()190 os.chdir(target_dir_path)191 try:192 with ZipFile(self.job.payload, 'r') as zip_obj:193 zip_obj.extractall()194'Package directory listing:')195 for f in os.listdir('.'):196'- %s', f)197'Extracting build package')198 if platform.system() == 'Windows':199 release_zip = glob.glob('xemu-win-*.zip')[0]200 with ZipFile(release_zip, 'r') as zip_obj:201 zip_obj.extractall()202 os.unlink(release_zip)203 elif platform.system() == 'Linux':204['tar', 'xf', glob.glob(f'xemu-*.tgz')[0]], check=True)205 else:206 assert False, 'Unsupported agent platform'207'Package directory listing:')208 for f in os.listdir('.'):209'- %s', f)210 finally:211 os.chdir(original_cwd)212 def _post_job_status_update(self):213'Posting job status update')214 state_dict = self.job.get_state_update_dict()215 state_file = io.BytesIO(json.dumps(state_dict).encode('utf-8'))216 files = [('state', ('state', state_file, 'application/json'))]217 if self._job_results_archive_path:218 files += [('results', ('results.tgz', open(self._job_results_archive_path, 'rb'), 'application/gzip'))]219 r = + '/' +, files=files, headers=self._agent_headers, verify=self._verify_cert)220 def _archive_results(self, results_dir_path: str):221 archive = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(prefix='xemu-results-', suffix='.tgz', delete=False)222 self._job_results_archive_path = archive.name223 archive.close()224 try:225'Generating results archive')226 with, "w:gz") as tar:227 tar.add(results_dir_path, arcname=os.path.basename(results_dir_path))228 except:229 log.exception('Failed to create results archive')230 os.unlink(self._job_results_archive_path)231 self._job_results_archive_path = None232 raise233class ContainerTestingAgent(Agent):234 """235 Agent that receives jobs and executes in test container.236 """237 @staticmethod238 def copy_from_container(c, src: str, dst: str, **kwargs):239['docker', 'cp', f'{}:{src}', dst], check=True, **kwargs)240 @staticmethod241 def copy_to_container(c, src: str, dst: str, **kwargs):242['docker', 'cp', src, f'{}:{dst}'], check=True, **kwargs)243 def _execute_job(self) -> bool:244 """245 Executes current job in test container.246 """247 assert docker is not None, "Docker package not installed"248 d = docker.from_env()249'Pulling test container')250 try:251 d.images.pull(TEST_CONTAINER_IMAGE_NAME, 'master')252 except:253 log.exception('Failed to pull container')254 raise255 with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(prefix='xemu-job-') as temp_path:256 success = True257 inputs_dir_path = os.path.join(temp_path, 'inputs')258 os.makedirs(inputs_dir_path)259 self._extract_payload(inputs_dir_path)260 shutil.copyfile(glob.glob(f'{inputs_dir_path}/xemu/*.deb')[0],261 os.path.join(inputs_dir_path, 'xemu.deb'))262 results_dir_path = os.path.join(temp_path, 'results')263 os.makedirs(results_dir_path)264 try:265'Creating container')266 c = d.containers.create(TEST_CONTAINER_IMAGE_NAME, detach=True, auto_remove=False, network_mode='none', mem_limit=1280*1024*1024)267 self.copy_to_container(c, self._private_dir_path, '/work')268 self.copy_to_container(c, inputs_dir_path, '/work')269 self.copy_to_container(c, results_dir_path, '/work')270 c.start()271 except:272 log.exception('Failed to launch container')273 raise274'Container started. Waiting for container to exit...')275 now = time.time()276 start_time = now277 last_status_update_time = now278 while True:279 c.reload()280 now = time.time()281 if c.status != 'running':282 exit_code = c.attrs['State']['ExitCode']283'Container exit code: %d', exit_code)284 if exit_code != 0:285 success = False286 break287 if (now - start_time) > JOB_MAX_RUNTIME_SECONDS:288'Tester exceeded maximum time. Terminating.')289 c.kill()290 success = False291 break292 if (now - last_status_update_time) > JOB_STATUS_UPDATE_INTERVAL_SECONDS:293 self._post_job_status_update()294 last_status_update_time = now295 time.sleep(1)296 # Pack results297 try:298 self.copy_from_container(c, '/work/results', os.path.dirname(results_dir_path))299'Saving container logs')300 with open(os.path.join(results_dir_path, 'log.txt'), 'wb') as f:301 f.write(c.logs(timestamps=True))302 except:303 log.exception('Failed to save logs')304 success = False305'Removing container')306 c.remove()307 self._archive_results(results_dir_path)...

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...18class SiteAgentTask(object):19 """20 SiteAgentTask subclasses BaseAgentTask in monitor_db.21 """22 def _archive_results(self, queue_entries):23 """24 Set the status of queue_entries to ARCHIVING.25 This method sets the status of the queue_entries to ARCHIVING26 if the enable_archiving flag is true in global_config.ini.27 Otherwise, it bypasses the archiving step and sets the queue entries28 to the final status of current step.29 """30 enable_archiving = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(31 scheduler_config.CONFIG_SECTION, 'enable_archiving', type=bool)32 # Set the status of the queue entries to archiving or self final status33 if enable_archiving:34 status = models.HostQueueEntry.Status.ARCHIVING35 else:36 status = self._final_status()...

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