How to use _build_command_line method in autotest

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...39 failed.append(fixture)40 return (tests, failed)41def _run_apptest(config, shell, args, apptest):42 """Runs an apptest and checks the output for signs of gtest failure."""43 command = _build_command_line(config, args, apptest)44 logging.getLogger().debug("Command: %s" % " ".join(command))45 start_time = time.time()46 try:47 output = _run_test_with_timeout(config, shell, args, apptest)48 except Exception as e:49 _print_error(command, e)50 return False51 # Fail on output with gtest's "[ FAILED ]" or a lack of "[ PASSED ]".52 # The latter condition ensures failure on broken command lines or output.53 # Check output instead of exit codes because mojo shell always exits with 0.54 if output.find("[ FAILED ]") != -1 or output.find("[ PASSED ]") == -1:55 _print_error(command, output)56 return False57 ms = int(round(1000 * (time.time() - start_time)))58 logging.getLogger().debug("Passed with output (%d ms):\n%s" % (ms, output))59 return True60def _get_fixtures(config, shell, args, apptest):61 """Returns an apptest's "Suite.Fixture" list via --gtest_list_tests output."""62 arguments = args + ["--gtest_list_tests"]63 command = _build_command_line(config, args, apptest)64 logging.getLogger().debug("Command: %s" % " ".join(command))65 try:66 tests = _run_test_with_timeout(config, shell, arguments, apptest)67 logging.getLogger().debug("Tests for %s:\n%s" % (apptest, tests))68 # Remove log lines from the output and ensure it matches known formatting.69 tests = re.sub("^(\[|WARNING: linker:).*\n", "", tests, flags=re.MULTILINE)70 if not re.match("^(\w*\.\r?\n( \w*\r?\n)+)+", tests):71 raise Exception("Unrecognized --gtest_list_tests output:\n%s" % tests)72 tests = tests.split("\n")73 test_list = []74 for line in tests:75 if not line:76 continue77 if line[0] != " ":78 suite = line.strip()79 continue80 test_list.append(suite + line.strip())81 return test_list82 except Exception as e:83 _print_error(command, e)84 return []85def _print_error(command_line, error):86 """Properly format an exception raised from a failed command execution."""87 exit_code = ""88 if hasattr(error, 'returncode'):89 exit_code = " (exit code %d)" % error.returncode90 print "\n[ FAILED ] Command%s: %s" % (exit_code, " ".join(command_line))91 print 72 * "-"92 print error.output if hasattr(error, 'output') else error93 print 72 * "-"94def _build_command_line(config, args, apptest):95 """Build the apptest command line. This value isn't executed on Android."""96 paths = Paths(config)97 # On Linux, always run tests with xvfb, but not for --gtest_list_tests.98 use_xvfb = (config.target_os == Config.OS_LINUX and99 not "--gtest_list_tests" in args)100 prefix = [paths.xvfb, paths.build_dir] if use_xvfb else []101 return prefix + [paths.mojo_runner] + args + [apptest]102# TODO(msw): Determine proper test timeout durations (starting small).103def _run_test_with_timeout(config, shell, args, apptest, timeout_in_seconds=10):104 """Run the given test with a timeout and return the output or an error."""105 result = multiprocessing.Queue()106 process = multiprocessing.Process(107 target=_run_test, args=(config, shell, args, apptest, result))108 process.start()109 process.join(timeout_in_seconds)110 if process.is_alive():111 process.terminate()112 process.join()113 return "Error: Test timeout after %s seconds" % timeout_in_seconds114 return result.get()115def _run_test(config, shell, args, apptest, result):116 """Run the given test and puts the output in |result|."""117 if (config.target_os != Config.OS_ANDROID):118 command = _build_command_line(config, args, apptest)119 result.put(subprocess.check_output(command, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT))120 return121 assert shell122 (r, w) = os.pipe()123 with os.fdopen(r, "r") as rf:124 with os.fdopen(w, "w") as wf:125 shell.StartActivity('MojoShellActivity', args + [apptest], wf, wf.close)...

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...14 """15 Profiler based on inotifywait from inotify-tools16 """17 version = 118 def _build_command_line(self, paths, test):19 default_opts = "-m -t 0 --format='%T|%,e|%w|%f' --timefmt '%m/%d %X'"20 paths_valid = [p for p in paths if os.path.exists(p)]21 paths_str = ' '.join(paths_valid)22 output_option = '-o %s' % os.path.join(test.profdir, 'inotify')23 options = '%s %s' % (default_opts, output_option)24 return '%s %s %s' % (self.inotifywait, options, paths_str)25 def initialize(self, paths=[]):26 try:27 self.inotifywait = os_dep.command('inotifywait')28 except ValueError:29 logging.error('Command inotifywait from inotify-tools is not present')30 self.inotifywait = None31 self.paths = paths32 def start(self, test):33 if self.inotifywait is None:34 logging.error("Profiler inotify won't perform any action because "35 "the inotifywait tool from inotify-tools is missing "36 "on this system")37 return38 # monitor the test directories by default39 if not self.paths:40 self.paths = [test.bindir, test.srcdir, test.tmpdir]41 self.command_line = self._build_command_line(self.paths, test)42 logging.debug('running inotify profiler command: %s',43 self.command_line)44 p = subprocess.Popen(self.command_line,45 shell=True,46 stdout=subprocess.PIPE,47 stderr=subprocess.PIPE)48 = p.pid49 def stop(self, test):50 if self.inotifywait is None:51 return52 try:53 os.kill(, 15)54 except OSError:55 pass...

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