How to use _check_paired_results_exist method in autotest

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...262 Return the name of the pidfile this BaseAgentTask's process uses. To be263 overridden if necessary.264 """265 return drone_manager.AUTOSERV_PID_FILE266 def _check_paired_results_exist(self):267 if not self._paired_with_monitor().has_process():268 metadata = {269 '_type': 'scheduler_error',270 'error': 'No paired results in task',271 'task': str(self),272 'pidfile_id': str(self._paired_with_monitor().pidfile_id)}273 autotest_stats.Counter('no_paired_results_in_task',274 metadata=metadata).increment()275 self.finished(False)276 return False277 return True278 def _create_monitor(self):279 assert not self.monitor280 self.monitor = pidfile_monitor.PidfileRunMonitor()281 def run(self):282 if not self._check_paired_results_exist():283 return284 self._create_monitor()285 self._command_line(), self._working_directory(),287 num_processes=self.num_processes,288 nice_level=AUTOSERV_NICE_LEVEL, log_file=self._log_file(),289 pidfile_name=self._pidfile_name(),290 paired_with_pidfile=self._paired_with_monitor().pidfile_id,291 username=self.owner_username,292 drone_hostnames_allowed=self.get_drone_hostnames_allowed())293 def get_drone_hostnames_allowed(294 self, restricted_subnets=utils.RESTRICTED_SUBNETS,295 enable_drone_in_subnet=ENABLE_DRONE_IN_RESTRICTED_SUBNET):296 filtered_drones = None297 has_unrestricted_host = False298 if (self.hostnames and restricted_subnets and enable_drone_in_subnet):299 for hostname in self.hostnames.values():300 subnet = utils.get_restricted_subnet(hostname,301 restricted_subnets)302 # Return an empty set if the list of hosts exists both in303 # restricted and unrestricted subnet. No drone can work in such304 # case.305 if ((not subnet and filtered_drones is not None) or306 (subnet and has_unrestricted_host)):307 logging.error('The test has some DUT in restricted subnet, '308 'but some in unrestricted subnet. Therefore, '309 'no drone is available to run the test.')310 return set()311 if not subnet:312 has_unrestricted_host = True313 continue314 server_ip_map=system_utils.DroneCache.get_drone_ip_map()315 filtered_drones_for_host = set(316 utils.get_servers_in_same_subnet(317 subnet[0], subnet[1],318 server_ip_map=server_ip_map))319'DUT %s is in restricted subnet, drone can only '320 'be chosen from %s', hostname,321 filtered_drones_for_host)322 if filtered_drones is None:323 filtered_drones = filtered_drones_for_host324 else:325 filtered_drones = set.intersection(326 filtered_drones, filtered_drones_for_host)327 # If filtered_drones is an empty set, that means no drone is328 # allowed to run the task. This is different fron None, which329 # means all drones are allowed.330 if filtered_drones == set():331 logging.error('DUT(s) is in restricted subnet, but no '332 'drone is available to run the test.')333 return filtered_drones334 # If host is not in restricted subnet, use the unrestricted drones only.335 if (filtered_drones is None and restricted_subnets and336 enable_drone_in_subnet):337 filtered_drones = set(338 system_utils.DroneCache.get_unrestricted_drones(339 restricted_subnets=restricted_subnets))340 if not models.DroneSet.drone_sets_enabled():341 return filtered_drones342 hqes = models.HostQueueEntry.objects.filter(id__in=self.queue_entry_ids)343 if not hqes:344 # Only special tasks could be missing host queue entries345 assert isinstance(self, SpecialAgentTask)346 return self._user_or_global_default_drone_set(347 self.task, self.task.requested_by)348 job_ids = hqes.values_list('job', flat=True).distinct()349 assert job_ids.count() == 1, ("BaseAgentTask's queue entries "350 "span multiple jobs")351 job = models.Job.objects.get(id=job_ids[0])352 drone_set = job.drone_set353 if not drone_set:354 return self._user_or_global_default_drone_set(job, job.user())355 if filtered_drones:356 return set.intersection(filtered_drones,357 drone_set.get_drone_hostnames())358 else:359 return drone_set.get_drone_hostnames()360 def _user_or_global_default_drone_set(self, obj_with_owner, user):361 """362 Returns the user's default drone set, if present.363 Otherwise, returns the global default drone set.364 """365 default_hostnames = models.DroneSet.get_default().get_drone_hostnames()366 if not user:367 logging.warning('%s had no owner; using default drone set',368 obj_with_owner)369 return default_hostnames370 if not user.drone_set:371 logging.warning('User %s has no default drone set, using global '372 'default', user.login)373 return default_hostnames374 return user.drone_set.get_drone_hostnames()375 def register_necessary_pidfiles(self):376 pidfile_id = self._drone_manager.get_pidfile_id_from(377 self._working_directory(), self._pidfile_name())378 self._drone_manager.register_pidfile(pidfile_id)379 paired_pidfile_id = self._paired_with_monitor().pidfile_id380 if paired_pidfile_id:381 self._drone_manager.register_pidfile(paired_pidfile_id)382 def recover(self):383 if not self._check_paired_results_exist():384 return385 self._create_monitor()386 self.monitor.attach_to_existing_process(387 self._working_directory(), pidfile_name=self._pidfile_name(),388 num_processes=self.num_processes)389 if not self.monitor.has_process():390 # no process to recover; wait to be started normally391 self.monitor = None392 return393 self.started = True394'Recovering process %s for %s at %s',395 self.monitor.get_process(), type(self).__name__,396 self._working_directory())397 def _check_queue_entry_statuses(self, queue_entries, allowed_hqe_statuses,...

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