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1# Copyright 2016 Intel Corporation2#3# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");4# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.5# You may obtain a copy of the License at6#7# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software10# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,11# WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.12# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and13# limitations under the License.14# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------15from sawtooth_sdk.protobuf.validator_pb2 import Message16from sawtooth_sdk.protobuf import state_context_pb217from sawtooth_sdk.protobuf import events_pb218from sawtooth_sdk.processor.exceptions import InternalError19from sawtooth_sdk.processor.exceptions import AuthorizationException20class Context(object):21 """22 Context provides an interface for getting, setting, and deleting23 validator state. All validator interactions by a handler should be24 through a Context instance.25 Attributes:26 _stream ( client grpc communication27 _context_id (str): the context_id passed in from the validator28 """29 def __init__(self, stream, context_id):30 self._stream = stream31 self._context_id = context_id32 def get_state(self, addresses, timeout=None):33 """34 get_state queries the validator state for data at each of the35 addresses in the given list. The addresses that have been set36 are returned in a list.37 Args:38 addresses (list): the addresses to fetch39 timeout: optional timeout, in seconds40 Returns:41 results (list): a list of Entries (address, data), for the42 addresses that have a value43 Raises:44 AuthorizationException45 """46 request = state_context_pb2.TpStateGetRequest(47 context_id=self._context_id,48 addresses=addresses)49 response_string = self._stream.send(50 Message.TP_STATE_GET_REQUEST,51 request.SerializeToString()).result(timeout).content52 response = state_context_pb2.TpStateGetResponse()53 response.ParseFromString(response_string)54 if response.status == \55 state_context_pb2.TpStateGetResponse.AUTHORIZATION_ERROR:56 raise AuthorizationException(57 'Tried to get unauthorized address: {}'.format(addresses))58 entries = response.entries if response is not None else []59 results = [e for e in entries if len( != 0]60 return results61 def set_state(self, entries, timeout=None):62 """63 set_state requests that each address in the provided dictionary be64 set in validator state to its corresponding value. A list is65 returned containing the successfully set addresses.66 Args:67 entries (dict): dictionary where addresses are the keys and data is68 the value.69 timeout: optional timeout, in seconds70 Returns:71 addresses (list): a list of addresses that were set72 Raises:73 AuthorizationException74 """75 state_entries = [state_context_pb2.TpStateEntry(76 address=e,77 data=entries[e]) for e in entries]78 request = state_context_pb2.TpStateSetRequest(79 entries=state_entries,80 context_id=self._context_id).SerializeToString()81 response = state_context_pb2.TpStateSetResponse()82 response.ParseFromString(83 self._stream.send(Message.TP_STATE_SET_REQUEST,84 request).result(timeout).content)85 if response.status == \86 state_context_pb2.TpStateSetResponse.AUTHORIZATION_ERROR:87 addresses = [e.address for e in entries]88 raise AuthorizationException(89 'Tried to set unauthorized address: {}'.format(addresses))90 return response.addresses91 def delete_state(self, addresses, timeout=None):92 """93 delete_state requests that each of the provided addresses be unset94 in validator state. A list of successfully deleted addresses95 is returned.96 Args:97 addresses (list): list of addresses to delete98 timeout: optional timeout, in seconds99 Returns:100 addresses (list): a list of addresses that were deleted101 Raises:102 AuthorizationException103 """104 request = state_context_pb2.TpStateDeleteRequest(105 context_id=self._context_id,106 addresses=addresses).SerializeToString()107 response = state_context_pb2.TpStateDeleteResponse()108 response.ParseFromString(109 self._stream.send(Message.TP_STATE_DELETE_REQUEST,110 request).result(timeout).content)111 if response.status == \112 state_context_pb2.TpStateDeleteResponse.AUTHORIZATION_ERROR:113 raise AuthorizationException(114 'Tried to delete unauthorized address: {}'.format(addresses))115 return response.addresses116 def add_receipt_data(self, data, timeout=None):117 """Add a blob to the execution result for this transaction.118 Args:119 data (bytes): The data to add.120 """121 request = state_context_pb2.TpReceiptAddDataRequest(122 context_id=self._context_id,123 data=data).SerializeToString()124 response = state_context_pb2.TpReceiptAddDataResponse()125 response.ParseFromString(126 self._stream.send(127 Message.TP_RECEIPT_ADD_DATA_REQUEST,128 request).result(timeout).content)129 if response.status == state_context_pb2.TpReceiptAddDataResponse.ERROR:130 raise InternalError(131 "Failed to add receipt data: {}".format((data)))132 def add_event(self, event_type, attributes=None, data=None, timeout=None):133 """Add a new event to the execution result for this transaction.134 Args:135 event_type (str): This is used to subscribe to events. It should be136 globally unique and describe what, in general, has occured.137 attributes (list of (str, str) tuples): Additional information138 about the event that is transparent to the validator.139 Attributes can be used by subscribers to filter the type of140 events they receive.141 data (bytes): Additional information about the event that is opaque142 to the validator.143 """144 if attributes is None:145 attributes = []146 event = events_pb2.Event(147 event_type=event_type,148 attributes=[149 events_pb2.Event.Attribute(key=key, value=value)150 for key, value in attributes151 ],152 data=data,153 )154 request = state_context_pb2.TpEventAddRequest(155 context_id=self._context_id, event=event).SerializeToString()156 response = state_context_pb2.TpEventAddResponse()157 response.ParseFromString(158 self._stream.send(159 Message.TP_EVENT_ADD_REQUEST,160 request).result(timeout).content)161 if response.status == state_context_pb2.TpEventAddResponse.ERROR:162 raise InternalError(163 "Failed to add event: ({}, {}, {})".format(...

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...108 _context_id109 except NameError, e:110 # this is expected to happen, it's normal behaviour.111 # global name '_context_id' is not defined112 _context_id = bauble.gui.widgets.statusbar.get_context_id('__task')113"new context id: %s" % _context_id)114 msg_id = bauble.gui.widgets.statusbar.push(_context_id, msg)115 __message_ids.append(msg_id)116 return msg_id117def clear_messages():118 """119 Clear all the messages from the statusbar that were set with120 :func:`bauble.task.set_message`121 """122 if bauble.gui is None or bauble.gui.widgets is None \123 or bauble.gui.widgets.statusbar is None:124 return125 global _context_id, __message_ids126 for mid in __message_ids:...

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