How to use _exc_info_to_string method in autotest

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...39 """40 stream = getattr(self, 'stream', None)41 ec, ev, tb = err42 try:43 exc_info = self._exc_info_to_string(err, test)44 except TypeError:45 # 2.3 compat46 exc_info = self._exc_info_to_string(err)47 for cls, (storage, label, isfail) in self.errorClasses.items():48 if isclass(ec) and issubclass(ec, cls):49 if isfail:50 test.passed = False51 storage.append((test, exc_info))52 # Might get patched into a streamless result53 if stream is not None:54 if self.showAll:55 message = [label]56 detail = _exception_detail(err[1])57 if detail:58 message.append(detail)59 stream.writeln(": ".join(message))60 elif self.dots:61 stream.write(label[:1])62 return63 self.errors.append((test, exc_info))64 test.passed = False65 if stream is not None:66 if self.showAll:67'ERROR')68 elif self.dots:69 stream.write('E')70 def printErrors(self):71 """Overrides to print all errorClasses errors as well.72 """73 _TextTestResult.printErrors(self)74 for cls in self.errorClasses.keys():75 storage, label, isfail = self.errorClasses[cls]76 if isfail:77 self.printErrorList(label, storage)78 # Might get patched into a result with no config79 if hasattr(self, 'config'):80 def printSummary(self, start, stop):82 """Called by the test runner to print the final summary of test83 run results.84 """85 write = writeln = taken = float(stop - start)88 run = self.testsRun89 plural = run != 1 and "s" or ""90 91 writeln(self.separator2)92 writeln("Ran %s test%s in %.3fs" % (run, plural, taken))93 writeln()94 summary = {}95 eckeys = self.errorClasses.keys()96 eckeys.sort()97 for cls in eckeys:98 storage, label, isfail = self.errorClasses[cls]99 count = len(storage)100 if not count:101 continue102 summary[label] = count103 if len(self.failures):104 summary['failures'] = len(self.failures)105 if len(self.errors):106 summary['errors'] = len(self.errors)107 if not self.wasSuccessful():108 write("FAILED")109 else:110 write("OK")111 items = summary.items()112 if items:113 items.sort()114 write(" (")115 write(", ".join(["%s=%s" % (label, count) for116 label, count in items]))117 writeln(")")118 else:119 writeln()120 def wasSuccessful(self):121 """Overrides to check that there are no errors in errorClasses122 lists that are marked as errors and should cause a run to123 fail.124 """125 if self.errors or self.failures:126 return False127 for cls in self.errorClasses.keys():128 storage, label, isfail = self.errorClasses[cls]129 if not isfail:130 continue131 if storage:132 return False133 return True134 def _addError(self, test, err):135 try:136 exc_info = self._exc_info_to_string(err, test)137 except TypeError:138 # 2.3: does not take test arg139 exc_info = self._exc_info_to_string(err)140 self.errors.append((test, exc_info))141 if self.showAll:142'ERROR')143 elif self.dots:144'E')145 def _exc_info_to_string(self, err, test=None):146 # 2.3/2.4 -- 2.4 passes test, 2.3 does not147 try:148 return _TextTestResult._exc_info_to_string(self, err, test)149 except TypeError:150 # 2.3: does not take test arg151 return _TextTestResult._exc_info_to_string(self, err)152def ln(*arg, **kw):153 from warnings import warn154 warn("ln() has moved to nose.util from nose.result and will be removed "155 "from nose.result in a future release. Please update your imports ",156 DeprecationWarning)157 return _ln(*arg, **kw)...

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