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...63 offerings_number = offerings_number + 164 if offerings_number != 1:65 msg = _('No service offering has been defined')66 raise Exception(msg)67 def _get_field(self, namespace, element, predicate, id_=False):68 result = []69 for e in self._graph.objects(element, namespace[predicate]):70 if not id_:71 result.append(unicode(e))72 else:73 #If id = True means that the uri will be used so it is necesary to return the class74 result.append(e)75 if len(result) == 0:76 result.append('')77 return result78 def _parse_basic_info(self, service_uri):79 count = 080 result = {}81 for t in self._graph.predicate_objects(service_uri):82 count = count + 183 if count < 3:84 result['part_ref'] = True85 return86 result['part_ref'] = False87 vendor = self._get_field(USDL, service_uri, 'hasProvider', id_=True)[0]88 result['vendor'] = self._get_field(FOAF, vendor, 'name')[0]89 # provider vCard90 vcard = self._get_field(VCARD, vendor, 'adr', id_=True)[0]91 if vcard != '':92 result['vcard'] = {93 'BEGIN': [{94 'properties': {},95 'value':'VCARD',96 }],97 'FN': [{98 'properties': {},99 'value': result['vendor']100 }],101 'ADR': [{102 'properties': {},103 'value': self._get_field(VCARD, vcard, 'street-address')[0] + ';' + self._get_field(VCARD, vcard, 'postal-code')[0] + ';' + self._get_field(VCARD, vcard, 'locality')[0] + ';' + self._get_field(VCARD, vcard, 'country-name')[0]104 }],105 'TEL': [{106 'properties': {},107 'value': self._get_field(VCARD, vcard, 'tel')[0]108 }],109 'EMAIL': [{110 'properties': {},111 'value': self._get_field(VCARD, vcard, 'email')[0]112 }],113 'END': [{114 'properties': {},115 'value': "VCARD"116 }]117 }118 result['name'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, service_uri, 'title')[0]119 version = self._get_field(USDL, service_uri, 'versionInfo')[0]120 service_parts = self._get_field(USDL, service_uri, 'hasPartMandatory', id_=True)121 if len(service_parts) > 0:122 result['parts'] = []123 for part in service_parts:124 part_info = {}125 part_info['name'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, part, 'title')[0]126 part_info['uri'] = unicode(part)127 result['parts'].append(part_info)128 result['short_description'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, service_uri, 'abstract')[0]129 result['long_description'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, service_uri, 'description')[0]130 result['created'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, service_uri, 'created')[0]131 result['modified'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, service_uri, 'modified')[0]132 result['uriImage'] = self._get_field(FOAF, service_uri, 'depiction')[0]133 result['version'] = version134 result['page'] = self._get_field(FOAF, service_uri, 'page')[0]135 return result136 def _parse_legal_info(self, service_uri):137 result = []138 legal_conditions = self._get_field(USDL, service_uri, 'hasLegalCondition', id_=True)139 # If legal does not exist the method does nothing140 if len(legal_conditions) == 1 and legal_conditions[0] == '':141 return []142 for legal in legal_conditions:143 legal_condition = {144 'type': self._get_field(RDF, legal, 'type')[0],145 'label': self._get_field(DCTERMS, legal, 'title')[0],146 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, legal, 'description')[0],147 'clauses': [],148 }149 clauses = self._get_field(LEGAL, legal, 'hasClause', id_=True)150 for c in clauses:151 clause = {}152 clause['name'] = self._get_field(LEGAL, c, 'name')[0]153 clause['text'] = self._get_field(LEGAL, c, 'text')[0]154 legal_condition['clauses'].append(clause)155 result.append(legal_condition)156 return result157 def _parse_sla_info(self, service_uri):158 result = []159 service_level_profile = self._get_field(USDL, service_uri, 'hasServiceLevelProfile', id_=True)[0]160 #If sla does not exist the method does nothing161 if service_level_profile != '':162 service_levels = self._get_field(SLA, service_level_profile, 'hasServiceLevel', id_=True)163 for sla in service_levels:164 service_level = {165 'type': self._get_field(RDF, sla, 'type')[0],166 'name': self._get_field(DCTERMS, sla, 'title')[0],167 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, sla, 'description')[0],168 'obligatedParty': self._get_field(SLA, sla, 'obligatedParty')[0],169 'slaExpresions': [],170 }171 sla_expresions = self._get_field(SLA, sla, 'serviceLevelExpression', id_=True)172 for exp in sla_expresions:173 expresion = {174 'name': self._get_field(DCTERMS, exp, 'title')[0],175 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, exp, 'description')[0],176 'variables': [],177 }178 variables = self._get_field(SLA, exp, 'hasVariable', id_=True)179 for var in variables:180 # The sla variables may defines service availibility or location, defined181 # by a point in utm coodinates plus a radius, in this case this property is182 # set in the sla expresion.183 radius = False184 default_value = self._get_field(SLA, var, 'hasDefault', id_=True)[0]185 if default_value == '':186 default_value = self._get_field(SLA, var, 'hasServiceRadius', id_=True)[0]187 if default_value != '':188 radius = True189 if 'location' not in expresion:190 expresion['location'] = {}191 type_ = self._get_field(RDF, default_value, 'type', id_=True)[0]192 # The sla variable may contains a location, i.e service availability193 if type_ == GR['QualitativeValue']:194 location = self._get_field(GEO, default_value, 'location', id_=True)[0]195 if location != '':196 if 'location' not in expresion:197 expresion['location'] = {}198 expresion['location']['coordinates'] = {199 'lat': self._get_field(GEO, location, 'lat')[0],200 'long': self._get_field(GEO, location, 'long')[0],201 }202 else:203 variable_info = {204 'label': self._get_field(RDFS, var, 'label')[0],205 'type': self._get_field(RDF, default_value, 'type')[0],206 'value': self._get_field(GR, default_value, 'hasValue')[0],207 'unit': self._get_field(GR, default_value, 'hasUnitOfMeasurement')[0],208 }209 expresion['variables'].append(variable_info)210 if radius:211 expresion['location']['radius'] = variable_info212 service_level['slaExpresions'].append(expresion)213 result.append(service_level)214 return result215 def _parse_interaction_protocols(self, service_uri):216 result = []217 # Get the interaction protocols that define the service functionality218 interaction_protocols = self._get_field(USDL, service_uri, 'hasInteractionProtocol', id_=True)219 if len(interaction_protocols) == 1 and interaction_protocols[0] == '':220 return []221 for itp in interaction_protocols:222 protocol_info = {223 'title': self._get_field(DCTERMS, itp, 'title')[0],224 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, itp, 'description')[0],225 'technical_interface': self._get_field(USDL, itp, 'hasTechnicalInterface')[0],226 'interactions': []227 }228 interactions = self._get_field(USDL, itp, 'hasInteraction', id_=True)229 for inte in interactions:230 interaction_info = {231 'title': self._get_field(DCTERMS, inte, 'title')[0],232 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, inte, 'description')[0],233 'interface_operation': self._get_field(USDL, inte, 'hasInterfaceOperation')[0],234 'inputs': [],235 'outputs': []236 }237 for input_ in self._get_field(USDL, inte, 'hasInput', id_=True):238 input_info = {239 'label': self._get_field(RDFS, input_, 'label')[0],240 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, input_, 'description')[0],241 'interface_element': self._get_field(USDL, input_, 'hasInterfaceElement')[0]242 }243 interaction_info['inputs'].append(input_info)244 for output in self._get_field(USDL, inte, 'hasOutput', id_=True):245 output_info = {246 'label': self._get_field(RDFS, output, 'label')[0],247 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, output, 'description')[0],248 'interface_element': self._get_field(USDL, output, 'hasInterfaceElement')[0]249 }250 interaction_info['outputs'].append(output_info)251 protocol_info['interactions'].append(interaction_info)252 result.append(protocol_info)253 return result254 def _parse_bind_expression(self, expression):255 result = {}256 operations = {257 unicode(SP['Sum']): '+',258 unicode(SP['Minus']): '-',259 unicode(SP['Mul']): '*',260 unicode(SP['Div']): '/'261 }262 # Check the operation263 exp_type = self._get_field(RDF, expression, 'type', id_=True)264 if exp_type[0] == '':265 raise Exception('Invalid price function: An expression must contain an operation per level')266 try:267 op = operations[unicode(exp_type[0])]268 except:269 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Invalid operation')270 # Get arguments value271 arg1 = self._get_field(SP, expression, 'arg1', id_=True)[0]272 arg2 = self._get_field(SP, expression, 'arg2', id_=True)[0]273 if self._get_field(RDF, arg1, 'type', id_=True)[0] == '':274 # Get variable name275 result['arg1'] = self._get_field(SP, arg1, 'varName')[0]276 else:277 # arg1 is an expression278 result['arg1'] = self._parse_bind_expression(arg1)279 if self._get_field(RDF, arg2, 'type', id_=True)[0] == '':280 # Get variable name281 result['arg2'] = self._get_field(SP, arg2, 'varName')[0]282 else:283 # arg2 is an expression284 result['arg2'] = self._parse_bind_expression(arg2)285 result['operation'] = op286 return result287 def _parse_function(self, price_function):288 result = {289 'label': self._get_field(RDFS, price_function, 'label')[0],290 'variables': {},291 'function': {}292 }293 variables = []294 # Pre-process price variables295 for variable in self._get_field(PRICE, price_function, 'hasVariable', id_=True):296 # Check variable type to know if it is a constant or an usage297 # variable298 var_label = self._get_field(RDFS, variable, 'label')[0]299 var_type = self._get_field(RDF, variable, 'type', id_=True)[0]300 if var_type == PRICE['Constant']:301 val_part = self._get_field(PRICE, variable, 'hasValue', id_=True)[0]302 const_value = self._get_field(GR, val_part, 'hasValueFloat')303 # Check that the value is valid304 if len(const_value) == 1 and const_value[0] == '':305 const_value = self._get_field(GR, val_part, 'hasValueInteger')306 if len(const_value) != 1 or const_value[0] == '':307 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Only a value is allowed for constants')308 variables.append({309 'type': 'constant',310 'id': variable,311 'label': var_label,312 'value': const_value[0]313 })314 elif var_type == PRICE['Usage']:315 variables.append({316 'type': 'usage',317 'id': variable,318 'label': var_label319 })320 else:321 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Invalid variable type')322 # Get body expression323 function_body = self._get_field(SPIN, price_function, 'body', id_=True)[0]324 body_type = self._get_field(RDF, function_body, 'type', id_=True)[0]325 if body_type != SP['Select']:326 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Invalid SPARQL method')327 # Check where clause328 bind_expression = None329 matching_exp = {}330 # Iterate over expressions list331 exp_list = self._get_field(SP, function_body, 'where', id_=True)[0]332 # First element333 first = self._get_field(RDF, exp_list, 'first', id_=True)[0]334 # Rest of the list335 rest = self._get_field(RDF, exp_list, 'rest', id_=True)[0]336 nil = False337 while not nil:338 # Get expression node339 exp = first340 # Check bind expression341 exp_type = self._get_field(RDF, exp, 'type', id_=True)342 if len(exp_type) > 0 and exp_type[0] == SP['Bind']:343 if bind_expression == None:344 bind_expression = exp345 else:346 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Only a bind expression is allowed')347 else:348 # Get expression tuple349 subject = self._get_field(SP, exp, 'subject', id_=True)[0]350 predicate = self._get_field(SP, exp, 'predicate', id_=True)[0]351 object_ = self._get_field(SP, exp, 'object', id_=True)[0]352 # Check if the expression defines an aux name353 if predicate == PRICE['hasValue']:354 variable_info = None355 found = False356 i = 0357 while not found and i < len(variables):358 if variables[i]['id'] == subject:359 found = True360 variable_info = variables[i]361 variable_info['type'] = variables[i]['type']362 i += 1363 if not found:364 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Variable not declared')365 # Get the aux name366 aux_name = self._get_field(SP, object_, 'varName')[0]367 if aux_name in matching_exp:368 # Check that is a variable name and not a369 # duplicity in the expression370 if 'variable_info' in matching_exp[aux_name]:371 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Duplicated expression')372 # The variable name used in the bind expression has373 # already been processed374 final_name = matching_exp[aux_name]['final_name']375 # The variable and its name are bound so it is possible to store376 # the variable info in the result structure377 result['variables'][final_name] = {378 'label': variable_info['label'],379 'type': variable_info['type']380 }381 if variable_info['type'] == 'constant':382 result['variables'][final_name]['value'] = variable_info['value']383 # Store variable info in matching expression in order to avoid duplicity384 matching_exp[aux_name]['variable_info'] = variable_info385 else:386 matching_exp[aux_name] = {387 'variable_info': variable_info388 }389 # Check if the expression defines a final name390 elif predicate == GR['hasValueFloat'] or predicate == GR['hasValueInteger']:391 aux_name = self._get_field(SP, subject, 'varName')[0]392 final_name = self._get_field(SP, object_, 'varName')[0]393 if aux_name in matching_exp:394 # Check that it contains variable info and395 # not a duplicated final name396 if 'final_name' in matching_exp[aux_name]:397 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Duplicated expression')398 # The variable has already been processed so it is possible399 # to store the variable info in the result structure400 result['variables'][final_name] = {401 'label': matching_exp[aux_name]['variable_info']['label'],402 'type': matching_exp[aux_name]['variable_info']['type']403 }404 if matching_exp[aux_name]['variable_info']['type'] == 'constant':405 result['variables'][final_name]['value'] = matching_exp[aux_name]['variable_info']['value']406 # Store the final name in matching expression to avoid duplicity407 matching_exp[aux_name]['final_name'] = final_name408 else:409 matching_exp[aux_name] = {410 'final_name': final_name411 }412 else:413 raise Exception('Invalid price function: Invalid predicate')414 # Check list pointer415 if rest == RDF['nil']:416 # There is not more elements417 nil = True418 else:419 # Update list pointer420 first = self._get_field(RDF, rest, 'first', id_=True)[0]421 rest = self._get_field(RDF, rest, 'rest', id_=True)[0]422 # Parse bind expression423 expression = self._get_field(SP, bind_expression, 'expression', id_=True)[0]424 # Parse the concrete function used to calculate the price425 result['function'] = self._parse_bind_expression(expression)426 # Build price function427 return result428 def _parse_pricing_info(self):429 result = {}430 # Parse offering info431 result['title'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, self._offering_uri, 'title')[0]432 result['description'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, self._offering_uri, 'description')[0]433 result['valid_from'] = self._get_field(USDL, self._offering_uri, 'validFrom')[0]434 result['valid_through'] = self._get_field(USDL, self._offering_uri, 'validThrough')[0]435 # Parse price plans info436 price_plans = self._get_field(USDL, self._offering_uri, 'hasPricePlan', id_=True)437 result['price_plans'] = []438 # Parse price plans439 for price in price_plans:440 price_plan = {}441 price_plan['title'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, price, 'title')[0]442 price_plan['description'] = self._get_field(DCTERMS, price, 'description')[0]443 # Get the label of the price plan444 label = self._get_field(RDFS, price, 'label')445 if len(label) == 1:446 price_plan['label'] = label[0]447 elif len(label) > 1:448 raise Exception('Only a label is supported for the price plan')449 # Get price components450 price_components = self._get_field(PRICE, price, 'hasPriceComponent', id_=True)451 if len(price_components) > 1 or price_components[0] != '':452 # Initialize components and deductions453 price_plan['price_components'] = []454 price_plan['deductions'] = []455 for pc in price_components:456 # Get initial information457 price_component = {458 'title': self._get_field(DCTERMS, pc, 'title')[0],459 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, pc, 'description')[0]460 }461 # Check if it includes a price specification462 price_specification = self._get_field(PRICE, pc, 'hasPrice', id_=True)[0]463 function_found = False464 if price_specification != '':465 price_container = price_specification466 else:467 # Check if a price function exists468 price_function = self._get_field(PRICE, pc, 'hasPriceFunction', id_=True)[0]469 text_function = self._get_field(PRICE, pc, 'hasTextFunction')[0]470 if price_function != '' and text_function != '':471 function_found = True472 else:473 price_container = pc474 if function_found:475 # Save price function serialization476 price_component['text_function'] = text_function477 price_component['price_function'] = self._parse_function(price_function)478 else:479 # If not price function defined, get the price480 price_component['currency'] = self._get_field(GR, price_container, 'hasCurrency')[0]481 value = self._get_field(GR, price_container, 'hasCurrencyValue')[0]482 if not value:483 price_component['value'] = self._get_field(GR, price_container, 'hasValueFloat')[0]484 else:485 price_component['value'] = value486 price_component['unit'] = self._get_field(GR, price_container, 'hasUnitOfMeasurement')[0]487 # Check if it is a deduction getting component type488 component_type = self._get_field(RDF, pc, 'type', id_=True)[0]489 if component_type == PRICE['PriceComponent']:490 price_plan['price_components'].append(price_component)491 elif component_type == PRICE['Deduction']:492 price_plan['deductions'].append(price_component)493 taxes = self._get_field(PRICE, price, 'hasTax', id_=True)494 if len(taxes) > 1 or taxes[0] != '':495 price_plan['taxes'] = []496 for pc in taxes:497 tax = {498 'title': self._get_field(DCTERMS, pc, 'title')[0],499 'description': self._get_field(DCTERMS, pc, 'description')[0],500 'currency': self._get_field(GR, pc, 'hasCurrency')[0],501 }502 value = self._get_field(GR, pc, 'hasCurrencyValue')503 if not value:504 tax['value'] = value[0]505 else:506 tax['value'] = self._get_field(GR, pc, 'hasValueFloat')[0]507 tax['unit'] = self._get_field(GR, pc, 'hasUnitOfMeasurement')[0]508 price_plan['taxes'].append(tax)509 result['price_plans'].append(price_plan)510 return result511 def parse(self):512 result = {}513 result['pricing'] = self._parse_pricing_info()514 result['services_included'] = []515 for service_uri in self._get_field(USDL, self._offering_uri, 'includes', id_=True):516 if service_uri != '':517 basic_info = self._parse_basic_info(service_uri)518 if not basic_info['part_ref']:519 basic_info['legal'] = self._parse_legal_info(service_uri)520 basic_info['sla'] = self._parse_sla_info(service_uri)521 basic_info['interactions'] = self._parse_interaction_protocols(service_uri)522 del(basic_info['part_ref'])523 result['services_included'].append(basic_info)524 if not len(result['services_included']) > 0:525 raise Exception('No services included')526 return result527def validate_usdl(usdl, mimetype, offering_data):528 valid = True529 reason = ''...

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...57 pass58class Diagnostics(object):59 def __init__(self, exc):60 self._exc = exc61 def _get_field(self, field):62 from uxdbcffi._impl.adapters import bytes_to_ascii63 if self._exc and self._exc._pgres:64 b = libpq.PQresultErrorField(self._exc._pgres, field)65 if b:66 b = ffi.string(b)67 if six.PY3: # py2 tests insist on str here68 b = bytes_to_ascii(b)69 return b70 @property71 def severity(self):72 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_SEVERITY)73 @property74 def sqlstate(self):75 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_SQLSTATE)76 @property77 def message_primary(self):78 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_MESSAGE_PRIMARY)79 @property80 def message_detail(self):81 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_MESSAGE_DETAIL)82 @property83 def message_hint(self):84 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_MESSAGE_HINT)85 @property86 def statement_position(self):87 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_STATEMENT_POSITION)88 @property89 def internal_position(self):90 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_INTERNAL_POSITION)91 @property92 def internal_query(self):93 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_INTERNAL_QUERY)94 @property95 def context(self):96 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_CONTEXT)97 @property98 def schema_name(self):99 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_SCHEMA_NAME)100 @property101 def table_name(self):102 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_TABLE_NAME)103 @property104 def column_name(self):105 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_COLUMN_NAME)106 @property107 def datatype_name(self):108 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_DATATYPE_NAME)109 @property110 def constraint_name(self):111 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_CONSTRAINT_NAME)112 @property113 def source_file(self):114 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_SOURCE_FILE)115 @property116 def source_line(self):117 return self._get_field(libpq.LIBPQ_DIAG_SOURCE_LINE)118 @property119 def source_function(self):...

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