How to use _get_label_hosts method in autotest

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...251 WHERE host_id IN (%s)252 """253 return self._get_many2many_dict(query, host_ids)254 @_host_timer.decorate255 def _get_label_hosts(self, host_ids):256 if not host_ids:257 return {}, {}258 query = """259 SELECT label_id, host_id260 FROM afe_hosts_labels261 WHERE host_id IN (%s)262 """ % self._get_sql_id_list(host_ids)263 rows = self._db.execute(query)264 labels_to_hosts = self._process_many2many_dict(rows)265 hosts_to_labels = self._process_many2many_dict(rows, flip=True)266 return labels_to_hosts, hosts_to_labels267 @classmethod268 def find_unused_healty_hosts(cls):269 """Get hosts that are currently unused and in the READY state.270 @return: A list of host objects, one for each unused healthy host.271 """272 # Avoid any host with a currently active queue entry against it.273 hqe_join = ('LEFT JOIN afe_host_queue_entries AS active_hqe '274 'ON ( = active_hqe.host_id AND '275 '')276 # Avoid any host with a new special task against it. There are 2 cases277 # when an inactive but incomplete special task will not use the host278 # this tick: 1. When the host is locked 2. When an active hqe already279 # has special tasks for the same host. In both these cases this host280 # will not be in the ready hosts list anyway. In all other cases,281 # an incomplete special task will grab the host before a new job does282 # by assigning an agent to it.283 special_task_join = ('LEFT JOIN afe_special_tasks as new_tasks '284 'ON ( = new_tasks.host_id AND '285 'new_tasks.is_complete=0)')286 return scheduler_models.Host.fetch(287 joins='%s %s' % (hqe_join, special_task_join),288 where="active_hqe.host_id IS NULL AND new_tasks.host_id IS NULL "289 "AND afe_hosts.leased "290 "AND NOT afe_hosts.locked "291 "AND (afe_hosts.status IS NULL "292 "OR afe_hosts.status = 'Ready')")293 @_host_timer.decorate294 def set_leased(self, leased_value, **kwargs):295 """Modify the leased bit on the hosts with ids in host_ids.296 @param leased_value: The True/False value of the leased column for297 the hosts with ids in host_ids.298 @param kwargs: The args to use in finding matching hosts.299 """300'Setting leased = %s for the hosts that match %s',301 leased_value, kwargs)302 models.Host.objects.filter(**kwargs).update(leased=leased_value)303 @_host_timer.decorate304 def _get_labels(self, job_dependencies):305 """306 Calculate a dict mapping label id to label object so that we don't307 frequently round trip to the database every time we need a label.308 @param job_dependencies: A dict mapping an integer job id to a list of309 integer label id's. ie. {job_id: [label_id]}310 @return: A dict mapping an integer label id to a scheduler model label311 object. ie. {label_id: label_object}312 """313 id_to_label = dict()314 # Pull all the labels on hosts we might look at315 host_labels = scheduler_models.Label.fetch(316 where="id IN (SELECT label_id FROM afe_hosts_labels)")317 id_to_label.update([(, label) for label in host_labels])318 # and pull all the labels on jobs we might look at.319 job_label_set = set()320 for job_deps in job_dependencies.values():321 job_label_set.update(job_deps)322 # On the rare/impossible chance that no jobs have any labels, we323 # can skip this.324 if job_label_set:325 job_string_label_list = ','.join([str(x) for x in job_label_set])326 job_labels = scheduler_models.Label.fetch(327 where="id IN (%s)" % job_string_label_list)328 id_to_label.update([(, label) for label in job_labels])329 return id_to_label330 @_host_timer.decorate331 def refresh(self, pending_queue_entries):332 """Update the query manager.333 Cache information about a list of queue entries and eligible hosts334 from the database so clients can avoid expensive round trips during335 host acquisition.336 @param pending_queue_entries: A list of queue entries about which we337 need information.338 """339 self._hosts_available = self._get_ready_hosts()340 relevant_jobs = [queue_entry.job_id341 for queue_entry in pending_queue_entries]342 self._job_acls = self._get_job_acl_groups(relevant_jobs)343 self._ineligible_hosts = (self._get_job_ineligible_hosts(relevant_jobs))344 self._job_dependencies = (self._get_job_dependencies(relevant_jobs))345 host_ids = self._hosts_available.keys()346 self._host_acls = self._get_host_acls(host_ids)347 self._label_hosts, self._host_labels = (348 self._get_label_hosts(host_ids))...

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...94 FROM afe_acl_groups_hosts95 WHERE host_id IN (%s)96 """97 return self._get_many2many_dict(query, host_ids)98 def _get_label_hosts(self, host_ids):99 if not host_ids:100 return {}, {}101 query = """102 SELECT label_id, host_id103 FROM afe_hosts_labels104 WHERE host_id IN (%s)105 """ % self._get_sql_id_list(host_ids)106 rows = self._db.execute(query)107 labels_to_hosts = self._process_many2many_dict(rows)108 hosts_to_labels = self._process_many2many_dict(rows, flip=True)109 return labels_to_hosts, hosts_to_labels110 def _get_labels(self):111 return dict((, label) for label112 in scheduler_models.Label.fetch())113 def recovery_on_startup(self):114 for metahost_scheduler in self._metahost_schedulers:115 metahost_scheduler.recovery_on_startup()116 def refresh(self, pending_queue_entries):117 self._hosts_available = self._get_ready_hosts()118 relevant_jobs = [queue_entry.job_id119 for queue_entry in pending_queue_entries]120 self._job_acls = self._get_job_acl_groups(relevant_jobs)121 self._ineligible_hosts = self._get_job_ineligible_hosts(relevant_jobs)122 self._job_dependencies = self._get_job_dependencies(relevant_jobs)123 host_ids = self._hosts_available.keys()124 self._host_acls = self._get_host_acls(host_ids)125 self._label_hosts, self._host_labels = self._get_label_hosts(host_ids)126 self._labels = self._get_labels()127 def tick(self):128 for metahost_scheduler in self._metahost_schedulers:129 metahost_scheduler.tick()130 def hosts_in_label(self, label_id):131 return set(self._label_hosts.get(label_id, ()))132 def remove_host_from_label(self, host_id, label_id):133 self._label_hosts[label_id].remove(host_id)134 def pop_host(self, host_id):135 return self._hosts_available.pop(host_id)136 def ineligible_hosts_for_entry(self, queue_entry):137 return set(self._ineligible_hosts.get(queue_entry.job_id, ()))138 def _is_acl_accessible(self, host_id, queue_entry):139 job_acls = self._job_acls.get(queue_entry.job_id, set())...

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