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...316 if hasattr(self, 'run_once'):317 p_args, p_dargs = _cherry_pick_args(self.run_once,318 args, dargs)319 # pull in any non-* and non-** args from self.execute320 for param in _get_nonstar_args(self.execute):321 if param in dargs:322 p_dargs[param] = dargs[param]323 else:324 p_args, p_dargs = _cherry_pick_args(self.execute,325 args, dargs)326 _call_test_function(self.execute, *p_args, **p_dargs)327 except Exception:328 try:329 logging.exception('Exception escaping from test:')330 except:331 pass # don't let logging exceptions here interfere332 # Save the exception while we run our cleanup() before333 # reraising it.334 exc_info = sys.exc_info()335 try:336 try:337 if run_cleanup:338 _cherry_pick_call(self.cleanup, *args, **dargs)339 except Exception:340 print 'Ignoring exception during cleanup() phase:'341 traceback.print_exc()342 print 'Now raising the earlier %s error' % exc_info[0]343 self.crash_handler_report()344 finally:345 self.job.logging.restore()346 try:347 raise exc_info[0], exc_info[1], exc_info[2]348 finally:349 # # Be nice and prevent a circular reference.351 del exc_info352 else:353 try:354 if run_cleanup:355 _cherry_pick_call(self.cleanup, *args, **dargs)356 self.crash_handler_report()357 finally:358 self.job.logging.restore()359 except error.AutotestError:360 if self.network_destabilizing:361 self.job.enable_warnings("NETWORK")362 # Pass already-categorized errors on up.363 raise364 except Exception, e:365 if self.network_destabilizing:366 self.job.enable_warnings("NETWORK")367 # Anything else is an ERROR in our own code, not execute().368 raise error.UnhandledTestError(e)369 else:370 if self.network_destabilizing:371 self.job.enable_warnings("NETWORK")372def _get_nonstar_args(func):373 """Extract all the (normal) function parameter names.374 Given a function, returns a tuple of parameter names, specifically375 excluding the * and ** parameters, if the function accepts them.376 @param func: A callable that we want to chose arguments for.377 @return: A tuple of parameters accepted by the function.378 """379 return func.func_code.co_varnames[:func.func_code.co_argcount]380def _cherry_pick_args(func, args, dargs):381 """Sanitize positional and keyword arguments before calling a function.382 Given a callable (func), an argument tuple and a dictionary of keyword383 arguments, pick only those arguments which the function is prepared to384 accept and return a new argument tuple and keyword argument dictionary.385 Args:386 func: A callable that we want to choose arguments for.387 args: A tuple of positional arguments to consider passing to func.388 dargs: A dictionary of keyword arguments to consider passing to func.389 Returns:390 A tuple of: (args tuple, keyword arguments dictionary)391 """392 # Cherry pick args:393 if func.func_code.co_flags & 0x04:394 # func accepts *args, so return the entire args.395 p_args = args396 else:397 p_args = ()398 # Cherry pick dargs:399 if func.func_code.co_flags & 0x08:400 # func accepts **dargs, so return the entire dargs.401 p_dargs = dargs402 else:403 # Only return the keyword arguments that func accepts.404 p_dargs = {}405 for param in _get_nonstar_args(func):406 if param in dargs:407 p_dargs[param] = dargs[param]408 return p_args, p_dargs409def _cherry_pick_call(func, *args, **dargs):410 """Cherry picks arguments from args/dargs based on what "func" accepts411 and calls the function with the picked arguments."""412 p_args, p_dargs = _cherry_pick_args(func, args, dargs)413 return func(*p_args, **p_dargs)414def _validate_args(args, dargs, *funcs):415 """Verify that arguments are appropriate for at least one callable.416 Given a list of callables as additional parameters, verify that417 the proposed keyword arguments in dargs will each be accepted by at least418 one of the callables.419 NOTE: args is currently not supported and must be empty....

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