How to use _get_test_keyval method in autotest

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...787 formatted_row += "%s " % word788 formatted_row += "\n"789 formatted_row += "\n"790 return formatted_row791 def _get_test_keyval(jobid, keyname, db, default=''):792 try:793 lines = []794 idx = db.execute('SELECT job_idx FROM tko_jobs WHERE '795 'afe_job_id=%s' % jobid)[0]796 test_indexes = db.execute('SELECT test_idx FROM tko_tests WHERE '797 'job_idx=%s' % idx)798 for i in test_indexes:799 rows = db.execute('SELECT value FROM tko_test_attributes '800 'WHERE test_idx=%s AND attribute="%s"' %801 (i[0], keyname))802 if rows:803 for row in rows:804 line = []805 for c in row:806 line.append(str(c))807 lines.append(" ".join(line))808 if lines:809 return lines[0]810 else:811 return default812 except Exception:813 return default814 stats = {}815 rows = _db.execute("""816 SELECT t.test, s.word, t.reason817 FROM tko_tests AS t, tko_jobs AS j, tko_status AS s818 WHERE t.job_idx = j.job_idx819 AND s.status_idx = t.status820 AND j.afe_job_id = %s821 """ % framework_tests = _find_framework_tests(rows)823 failed_rows = [r for r in rows if r[1] != 'GOOD']824 framework_tests_failed = _find_framework_tests(failed_rows)825 explicitly_failed_rows = [r for r in rows if r[1] == 'FAIL']826 warn_rows = [r for r in rows if r[1] == 'WARN']827 skipped_rows = [(r[0], r[1], '') for r in rows if r[1] == 'TEST_NA']828 passed_rows = [(r[0], r[1], '') for r in rows if r[1] == 'GOOD' and r[0] not in framework_tests]829 total_executed = len(rows) - len(framework_tests)830 total_failed = len(failed_rows) - len(framework_tests_failed)831 total_skipped = len(skipped_rows)832 if total_executed > 0:833 success_rate = 100 - ((total_failed / float(total_executed)) * 100)834 else:835 success_rate = 0836 stats['total_executed'] = total_executed837 stats['total_failed'] = total_failed838 stats['total_passed'] = total_executed - total_failed839 stats['total_skipped'] = total_skipped840 stats['success_rate'] = success_rate841 stats['fail_detail'] = _format_rows(explicitly_failed_rows)842 stats['warn_detail'] = _format_rows(warn_rows)843 stats['skip_detail'] = _format_rows(skipped_rows)844 stats['pass_detail'] = _format_rows(passed_rows)845 time_row = _db.execute("""846 SELECT started_time, finished_time847 FROM tko_jobs848 WHERE afe_job_id = %s849 """ % if time_row:851 t_begin, t_end = time_row[0]852 try:853 delta = t_end - t_begin854 minutes, seconds = divmod(delta.seconds, 60)855 hours, minutes = divmod(minutes, 60)856 stats['execution_time'] = ("%02d:%02d:%02d" %857 (hours, minutes, seconds))858 # One of t_end or t_begin are None859 except TypeError:860 stats['execution_time'] = '(could not determine)'861 else:862 stats['execution_time'] = '(none)'863 keyval_dict_list = []864 keyval_list = self.get_keyval_list()865 print "DBG: kv list obtained from get_keyval_list: %s" % keyval_list866 if keyval_list:867 for kv in keyval_list:868 keyval_dict = {}869 keyval_dict[kv] = _get_test_keyval(, kv, _db)870 keyval_dict_list.append(keyval_dict)871 stats['keyval_dict_list'] = keyval_dict_list872 return stats873 def get_keyval_list(self):874 raw = settings.get_value('SCHEDULER',875 'keyval_names_exibit_summary_mail',876 default="")877 keyval_list = re.split(r'[\s,;:]', raw)878 return [element for element in keyval_list if element]879 def set_status(self, status, update_queues=False):880 self.update_field('status', status)881 if update_queues:882 for queue_entry in self.get_host_queue_entries():883 queue_entry.set_status(status)...

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