How to use _get_unpassable_types method in autotest

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1import itertools2import common3def _get_unpassable_types(arg):4 """ Given an argument, returns a set of types contained in arg that are5 unpassable. If arg is an atomic type (e.g. int) it either returns an6 empty set (if the type is passable) or a singleton of the type (if the7 type is not passable). """8 if isinstance(arg, (basestring, int, long)):9 return set()10 elif isinstance(arg, (list, tuple, set, frozenset, dict)):11 if isinstance(arg, dict):12 # keys and values must both be passable13 parts = itertools.chain(arg.iterkeys(), arg.itervalues())14 else:15 # for all other containers we just iterate16 parts = iter(arg)17 types = set()18 for part in parts:19 types |= _get_unpassable_types(part)20 return types21 else:22 return set([type(arg)])23def _validate_args(args):24 """ Validates arguments. Lists and dictionaries are valid argument types,25 so you can pass *args and **dargs in directly, rather than having to26 iterate over them yourself. """27 unpassable_types = _get_unpassable_types(args)28 if unpassable_types:29 msg = "arguments of type '%s' cannot be passed to remote profilers"30 msg %= ", ".join(t.__name__ for t in unpassable_types)31 raise TypeError(msg)32class profiler_proxy(object):33 """ This is a server-side class that acts as a proxy to a real client-side34 profiler class."""35 def __init__(self, profiler_name):36 = profiler_name37 # does the profiler support rebooting?38 profiler_module = common.setup_modules.import_module(39 profiler_name, "autotest_lib.client.profilers.%s" % profiler_name)40 profiler_class = getattr(profiler_module, profiler_name)41 self.supports_reboot = profiler_class.supports_reboot...

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