How to use _is_exception method in autotest

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1#!/usr/bin/env python2# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-3import json4from alipay.aop.api.constant.ParamConstants import *5class AlipayAccountExrateSourcerateQueryModel(object):6 def __init__(self):7 self._end_time = None8 self._generate_date = None9 self._is_exception = None10 self._rate_source_code = None11 self._size = None12 self._start_time = None13 @property14 def end_time(self):15 return self._end_time16 @end_time.setter17 def end_time(self, value):18 self._end_time = value19 @property20 def generate_date(self):21 return self._generate_date22 @generate_date.setter23 def generate_date(self, value):24 self._generate_date = value25 @property26 def is_exception(self):27 return self._is_exception28 @is_exception.setter29 def is_exception(self, value):30 self._is_exception = value31 @property32 def rate_source_code(self):33 return self._rate_source_code34 @rate_source_code.setter35 def rate_source_code(self, value):36 self._rate_source_code = value37 @property38 def size(self):39 return self._size40 @size.setter41 def size(self, value):42 self._size = value43 @property44 def start_time(self):45 return self._start_time46 @start_time.setter47 def start_time(self, value):48 self._start_time = value49 def to_alipay_dict(self):50 params = dict()51 if self.end_time:52 if hasattr(self.end_time, 'to_alipay_dict'):53 params['end_time'] = self.end_time.to_alipay_dict()54 else:55 params['end_time'] = self.end_time56 if self.generate_date:57 if hasattr(self.generate_date, 'to_alipay_dict'):58 params['generate_date'] = self.generate_date.to_alipay_dict()59 else:60 params['generate_date'] = self.generate_date61 if self.is_exception:62 if hasattr(self.is_exception, 'to_alipay_dict'):63 params['is_exception'] = self.is_exception.to_alipay_dict()64 else:65 params['is_exception'] = self.is_exception66 if self.rate_source_code:67 if hasattr(self.rate_source_code, 'to_alipay_dict'):68 params['rate_source_code'] = self.rate_source_code.to_alipay_dict()69 else:70 params['rate_source_code'] = self.rate_source_code71 if self.size:72 if hasattr(self.size, 'to_alipay_dict'):73 params['size'] = self.size.to_alipay_dict()74 else:75 params['size'] = self.size76 if self.start_time:77 if hasattr(self.start_time, 'to_alipay_dict'):78 params['start_time'] = self.start_time.to_alipay_dict()79 else:80 params['start_time'] = self.start_time81 return params82 @staticmethod83 def from_alipay_dict(d):84 if not d:85 return None86 o = AlipayAccountExrateSourcerateQueryModel()87 if 'end_time' in d:88 o.end_time = d['end_time']89 if 'generate_date' in d:90 o.generate_date = d['generate_date']91 if 'is_exception' in d:92 o.is_exception = d['is_exception']93 if 'rate_source_code' in d:94 o.rate_source_code = d['rate_source_code']95 if 'size' in d:96 o.size = d['size']97 if 'start_time' in d:98 o.start_time = d['start_time']...

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...10 每次重试的间隔为1~3秒之间的随机数11 """12 if exceptions and not isinstance(exceptions, list):13 exceptions = [exceptions]14 def _is_exception(exc):15 if not exceptions:16 return True17 for exception in exceptions:18 if isinstance(exc, exception):19 return True20 return False21 return retry(22 stop_max_attempt_number=3, stop_max_delay=10000,23 wait_random_min=1000, wait_random_max=3000,24 retry_on_exception=_is_exception,...

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