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...6@author Adam Kostolányi7@date 16.3.20228"""9import math10def _is_number(x):11 """!12 Check if x is number13 @param x number to check14 @return True if x is number15 """16 if type(x) is int or type(x) is float:17 return True18 return False19def _is_int(x):20 """!21 Check if x is integer even if x is float (5 -> True, 5.0 -> True, 5.1 -> False)22 @param x number to integer check23 @return True if x is integer24 """25 return isinstance(x, int) or (isinstance(x, float) and x.is_integer())26def add(a, b):27 """!28 Addition of two numbers29 @param a addend30 @param b addend31 @return sum of a and b32 @exception TypeError if a or b is not a number33 """34 if not _is_number(a) or not _is_number(b):35 raise TypeError36 return a + b37def subtract(a, b):38 """!39 Subtraction of two numbers40 @param a minuend41 @param b subtrahend42 @return difference of a and b43 @exception TypeError if a or b is not a number44 """45 if not _is_number(a) or not _is_number(b):46 raise TypeError47 return a - b48def multiply(a, b):49 """!50 Multiplication of two numbers51 @param a multiplier52 @param b multiplicand53 @return product of a and b54 @exception TypeError if a or b is not a number55 """56 if not _is_number(a) or not _is_number(b):57 raise TypeError58 return a * b59def divide(a, b):60 """!61 Division of two numbers62 Note that function does not take care of zero division.63 @param a dividend64 @param b divisor65 @return quotient of a and b66 @exception TypeError if a or b is not a number67 """68 if not _is_number(a) or not _is_number(b):69 raise TypeError70 result = a / float(b)71 if int(result) == result:72 return int(result)73 return result74def power(x, n):75 """!76 Calculate x^n77 @param x base value78 @param n exponent79 @return x raised to the power n80 @exception TypeError if `x` or `n` isn't number81 @exception ValueError if exponent isn't natural number82 """83 if not _is_number(x) or not _is_number(n):84 raise TypeError('`x` or `n` isn\'t number')85 if not _is_int(n) or n < 0.0:86 raise ValueError('Exponent isn\'t natural number')87 return x ** n88def root(x, n):89 """!90 Calculate nth root of `x`91 @param x positive number92 @param n number n in nth root93 @return x**(1/n)94 @exception TypeError if `x` or `n` isnt't number95 @exception ValueError if `n` isn't integer96 @exception ValueError if `n` is zero 97 @exception ValueError if `x` is negative number98 """99 if not _is_number(x) or not _is_number(n):100 raise TypeError('`x` or `n` isn\'t number')101 if not _is_int(n):102 raise ValueError('`n` isn\'t integer')103 if x < 0:104 raise ValueError('`x` is negative number')105 if n == 0:106 raise ValueError('`n` can\'t be 0')107 return x**(1/n)108def factorial(x):109 """!110 Calculate `x` factorial111 @param x value for factorial calculation112 @return x factorial113 @exception TypeError if `x` isn't number114 @exception ValusError if `x` isn't integer or `x` is negative number115 """116 if not _is_number(x):117 raise TypeError('`x` isn\'t number')118 if not _is_int(x):119 raise ValueError('`x` isn\'t integer')120 return math.factorial(int(x))121def modulo(x, n):122 """!123 Calculate modulo from `x` and `n`124 @param x divident125 @param n divisor126 @return x % n127 @exception TypeError if `x` or `n` isnt't number128 @exception ValueError if `x` or `n` isnt't integer129 """130 if not _is_number(x) or not _is_number(n):131 raise TypeError('`x` or `n` isn\'t number')132 if not _is_int(x) or not _is_int(n):133 raise ValueError('`x` or `n` isn\'t integer')134 return int(x) % int(n)135def sum(li: list):136 """!137 Sum up list138 @param li list with numbers139 @return sum140 """141 sum = 0142 for number in li:143 sum = add(sum, number)144 return sum

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...8# Change History:9# 2021-01-20 Hengxin.Li the first version10class FileNameSort(object):11 @staticmethod12 def _is_number(s):13 try:14 float(s)15 return True16 except ValueError:17 pass18 try:19 import unicodedata20 unicodedata.numeric(s)21 return True22 except (TypeError, ValueError):23 pass24 return False25 def _find_continuous_num(self, astr, c):26 num = ''27 # noinspection PyBroadException28 try:29 while not self._is_number(astr[c]) and c < len(astr):30 c += 131 while self._is_number(astr[c]) and c < len(astr):32 num += astr[c]33 c += 134 except:35 pass36 if num != '':37 return int(num)38 def _comp2filename(self, file1, file2):39 smaller_length = min(len(file1), len(file2))40 continuous_num = ''41 for c in range(0, smaller_length):42 if not self._is_number(file1[c]) and not self._is_number(file2[c]):43 if file1[c] < file2[c]:44 return True45 if file1[c] > file2[c]:46 return False47 if file1[c] == file2[c]:48 if c == smaller_length - 1:49 if len(file1) < len(file2):50 return True51 else:52 return False53 else:54 continue55 if self._is_number(file1[c]) and not self._is_number(file2[c]):56 return True57 if not self._is_number(file1[c]) and self._is_number(file2[c]):58 return False59 if self._is_number(file1[c]) and self._is_number(file2[c]):60 if self._find_continuous_num(file1, c) < self._find_continuous_num(file2, c):61 return True62 else:63 return False64 @staticmethod65 def sort_insert(lst):66 for i in range(1, len(lst)):67 x = lst[i]68 j = i69 while j > 0 and lst[j - 1] > x:70 # while j > 0 and comp2filename(x, lst[j-1]):71 lst[j] = lst[j - 1]72 j -= 173 lst[j] = x...

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