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...29 # Override the function30 _floatstr = _json_floatstr31 if _indent is not None and not isinstance(_indent, str):32 _indent = ' ' * _indent33 def _iterencode_list(lst, _current_indent_level):34 if not lst:35 yield '[]'36 return37 if markers is not None:38 markerid = id(lst)39 if markerid in markers:40 raise ValueError("Circular reference detected")41 markers[markerid] = lst42 buf = '['43 ## @THREEJS44 # - block the moronic functionality that puts each45 # index on its own line causing insane row counts46 #if _indent is not None:47 # _current_indent_level += 148 # newline_indent = '\n' + _indent * _current_indent_level49 # separator = _item_separator + newline_indent50 # buf += newline_indent51 #else:52 newline_indent = None53 separator = _item_separator54 first = True55 for value in lst:56 if first:57 first = False58 else:59 buf = separator60 if isinstance(value, str):61 yield buf + _encoder(value)62 elif value is None:63 yield buf + 'null'64 elif value is True:65 yield buf + 'true'66 elif value is False:67 yield buf + 'false'68 elif isinstance(value, int):69 yield buf + str(value)70 elif isinstance(value, float):71 yield buf + _floatstr(value)72 else:73 yield buf74 if isinstance(value, (list, tuple)):75 chunks = _iterencode_list(value, _current_indent_level)76 elif isinstance(value, dict):77 chunks = _iterencode_dict(value, _current_indent_level)78 else:79 chunks = _iterencode(value, _current_indent_level)80 for chunk in chunks:81 yield chunk82 if newline_indent is not None:83 _current_indent_level -= 184 yield '\n' + _indent * _current_indent_level85 yield ']'86 if markers is not None:87 del markers[markerid]88 def _iterencode_dict(dct, _current_indent_level):89 if not dct:90 yield '{}'91 return92 if markers is not None:93 markerid = id(dct)94 if markerid in markers:95 raise ValueError("Circular reference detected")96 markers[markerid] = dct97 yield '{'98 if _indent is not None:99 _current_indent_level += 1100 newline_indent = '\n' + _indent * _current_indent_level101 item_separator = _item_separator + newline_indent102 yield newline_indent103 else:104 newline_indent = None105 item_separator = _item_separator106 first = True107 if _sort_keys:108 items = sorted(dct.items(), key=lambda kv: kv[0])109 else:110 items = dct.items()111 for key, value in items:112 if isinstance(key, str):113 pass114 # JavaScript is weakly typed for these, so it makes sense to115 # also allow them. Many encoders seem to do something like this.116 elif isinstance(key, float):117 key = _floatstr(key)118 elif key is True:119 key = 'true'120 elif key is False:121 key = 'false'122 elif key is None:123 key = 'null'124 elif isinstance(key, int):125 key = str(key)126 elif _skipkeys:127 continue128 else:129 raise TypeError("key " + repr(key) + " is not a string")130 if first:131 first = False132 else:133 yield item_separator134 yield _encoder(key)135 yield _key_separator136 if isinstance(value, str):137 yield _encoder(value)138 elif value is None:139 yield 'null'140 elif value is True:141 yield 'true'142 elif value is False:143 yield 'false'144 elif isinstance(value, int):145 yield str(value)146 elif isinstance(value, float):147 yield _floatstr(value)148 else:149 if isinstance(value, (list, tuple)):150 chunks = _iterencode_list(value, _current_indent_level)151 elif isinstance(value, dict):152 chunks = _iterencode_dict(value, _current_indent_level)153 else:154 chunks = _iterencode(value, _current_indent_level)155 for chunk in chunks:156 yield chunk157 if newline_indent is not None:158 _current_indent_level -= 1159 yield '\n' + _indent * _current_indent_level160 yield '}'161 if markers is not None:162 del markers[markerid]163 def _iterencode(o, _current_indent_level):164 if isinstance(o, str):165 yield _encoder(o)166 elif o is None:167 yield 'null'168 elif o is True:169 yield 'true'170 elif o is False:171 yield 'false'172 elif isinstance(o, int):173 yield str(o)174 elif isinstance(o, float):175 yield _floatstr(o)176 elif isinstance(o, (list, tuple)):177 for chunk in _iterencode_list(o, _current_indent_level):178 yield chunk179 elif isinstance(o, dict):180 for chunk in _iterencode_dict(o, _current_indent_level):181 yield chunk182 else:183 if markers is not None:184 markerid = id(o)185 if markerid in markers:186 raise ValueError("Circular reference detected")187 markers[markerid] = o188 o = _default(o)189 for chunk in _iterencode(o, _current_indent_level):190 yield chunk191 if markers is not None:...

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...33 flat_list_extend = flat_list.extend # a tiny bit faster34 for t in list_of_tuples:35 flat_list_extend(t)36 return flat_list37 def _iterencode_list(l, level):38 '''39 '''40 if not l:41 yield '[]'42 return43 if markers is not None:44 markerid = id(l)45 if markerid in markers:46 raise ValueError("Circular reference detected")47 markers[markerid] = l48 buf = '['49 newline_indent = None50 separator = _item_separator51 first = True52 for value in l:53 if first:54 first = False55 else:56 buf = separator57 if isinstance(value, str):58 yield buf + _encoder(value)59 elif value is None:60 yield buf + 'null'61 elif value is True:62 yield buf + 'true'63 elif value is False:64 yield buf + 'false'65 elif isinstance(value, int):66 yield buf + str(value)67 elif isinstance(value, float):68 yield buf + _float_str(value)69 else:70 yield buf71 if isinstance(value, list):72 chunks = _iterencode_list(value, level)73 elif isinstance(value, dict):74 chunks = _iterencode_dict(value, level)75 else:76 chunks = _iterencode(value, level)77 for chunk in chunks:78 yield chunk79 if newline_indent is not None:80 level -= 181 yield '\n' + _indent * level82 yield ']'83 if markers is not None:84 del markers[markerid]85 def _iterencode_dict(d, level):86 # if not d:87 # yield '{}'88 # return89 if markers is not None:90 markerid = id(d)91 if markerid in markers:92 raise ValueError("Circular reference detected")93 markers[markerid] = d94 yield '{'95 if _indent is not None:96 level += 197 newline_indent = '\n' + _indent * level98 item_separator = _item_separator + newline_indent99 yield newline_indent100 else:101 newline_indent = None102 item_separator = _item_separator103 first = True104 if _sort_keys:105 items = sorted(d.items(), key=lambda kv: kv[0])106 else:107 items = d.items()108 for key, value in items:109 # if not key:110 # continue111 if isinstance(value, dict) and not value:112 continue113 if isinstance(value, list) and len(value) == 0:114 continue115 elif isinstance(key, str):116 pass117 elif isinstance(key, float):118 key = _float_str(key)119 elif key is True:120 key = 'true'121 elif key is False:122 key = 'false'123 elif key is None:124 key = 'null'125 elif isinstance(key, int):126 key = str(key)127 elif _skipkeys:128 continue129 else:130 raise TypeError("key " + repr(key) + " is not a string")131 if first:132 first = False133 else:134 yield item_separator135 yield _encoder(key)136 yield _key_separator137 if isinstance(value, str):138 yield _encoder(value)139 # elif value is None:140 # yield 'null'141 elif value is True:142 yield 'true'143 elif value is False:144 yield 'false'145 elif isinstance(value, int):146 yield str(value)147 elif isinstance(value, float):148 yield _float_str(value)149 else:150 if isinstance(value, list):151 chunks = _iterencode_list(value, level)152 elif isinstance(value, dict):153 chunks = _iterencode_dict(value, level)154 else:155 chunks = _iterencode(value, level)156 for chunk in chunks:157 yield chunk158 if newline_indent is not None:159 level -= 1160 yield '\n' + _indent * level161 yield '}'162 if markers is not None:163 del markers[markerid]164 def _iterencode(o, level):165 if isinstance(o, str):166 yield _encoder(o)167 elif o is None:168 yield 'null'169 elif o is True:170 yield 'true'171 elif o is False:172 yield 'false'173 elif isinstance(o, int):174 yield str(o)175 elif isinstance(o, float):176 yield _float_str(o)177 elif isinstance(o, list):178 for chunk in _iterencode_list(o, level):179 yield chunk180 elif isinstance(o, dict):181 for chunk in _iterencode_dict(o, level):182 yield chunk183 elif isinstance(o, UUID):184 yield _encoder(str(o))185 elif isinstance(o, Matrix):186 for chunk in _iterencode_list(_matrix_list(o), level):187 yield chunk188 else:189 if markers is not None:190 markerid = id(o)191 if markerid in markers:192 raise ValueError("Circular reference detected")193 markers[markerid] = o194 o = _default(o)195 for chunk in _iterencode(o, level):196 yield chunk197 if markers is not None:198 del markers[markerid]199 if _indent is not None and not isinstance(_indent, str):200 _indent = ' ' * _indent...

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