How to use _kernel_for_title method in autotest

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...821 else:822 if line.startswith("%s=" % key):823 return line.split("=")[1]824 return None825 def _kernel_for_title(self, title):826 '''827 Returns the kernel path for an entry based on its title828 :type title: string829 :param title: the title of the entry830 :return: the kernel path of None831 '''832 index = self._index_for_title(title)833 if index is not None:834 info = self.get_info_lines(index)835 kernel = self._info_filter(info, 'kernel')836 return kernel837 else:838 return None839 def _is_number(self, data):840 '''841 Returns true if supplied data is an int or string with digits842 '''843 if isinstance(data, int):844 return True845 elif isinstance(data, str) and data.isdigit():846 return True847 return False848 def _get_entry_selection(self, data):849 '''850 Returns a valid grubby parameter for commands such as --update-kernel851 '''852 if self._is_number(data):853 return data854 elif isinstance(data, str) and data.startswith('/'):855 # assume it's the kernel filename856 return data857 elif isinstance(data, str):858 return self._kernel_for_title(data)859 else:860 raise ValueError("Bad value for 'kernel' parameter. Expecting "861 "either and int (index) or string (kernel or "862 "title)")863 def _remove_duplicate_cmdline_args(self, cmdline):864 """865 Remove the duplicate entries in cmdline making sure that the first866 duplicate occurrences are the ones removed and the last one remains867 (this is in order to not change the semantics of the "console"868 parameter where the last occurrence has special meaning)869 :param cmdline: a space separate list of kernel boot parameters870 (ex. 'console=ttyS0,57600n8 nmi_watchdog=1')871 :return: a space separated list of kernel boot parameters without872 duplicates...

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