How to use _log_garbage_collector_stats method in autotest

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...3import gc, logging, pprint4verbose = False5# A mapping from type objects to a count of instances of those types in the6# garbage collectors all objects list on the previous call to7# _log_garbage_collector_stats().8_previous_obj_type_map = {}9# A set of object ids for everything in the all objects list on the10# previous call to _log_garbage_collector_stats().11_previous_obj_ids = set()12def _log_garbage_collector_stats(minimum_count=10):13 """14 Log statistics about how many of what type of Python object exist in this15 process.16 @param minimum_count: The minimum number of instances of a type for it17 to be considered worthy of logging.18 """19 global _previous_obj_type_map20 global _previous_obj_ids21 # We get all objects -before- creating any new objects within this function.22 # to avoid having our own local instances in the list.23 all_objects = gc.get_objects()24 obj = None25 new_objects = []26 try:...

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...9 def setUp(self):10 self.god = mock.mock_god()11 def tearDown(self):12 self.god.unstub_all()13 def test_log_garbage_collector_stats(self):14 # Call this for code coverage.15 # Prevent log spam from this test but do test that the log16 # message formats correctly.17 def _mock_logging_func(message, *args):18 if args:19 message %= args20 self.god.stub_with(logging, 'debug', _mock_logging_func)21 self.god.stub_with(logging, 'info', _mock_logging_func)22 gc_stats._log_garbage_collector_stats()23 # Add a new dict, exercise the delta counting & printing code.24 y = {}25 gc_stats._log_garbage_collector_stats(1)26if __name__ == '__main__':...

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