How to use _make_parallel_wrapper method in autotest

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...327 """328 Return True if external logging should be used.329 """330 return False331 def _make_parallel_wrapper(self, function, machines, log):332 """Wrap function as appropriate for calling by parallel_simple."""333 is_forking = not (len(machines) == 1 and self.machines == machines)334 if self._parse_job and is_forking and log:335 def wrapper(machine):336 self._parse_job += "/" + machine337 self._using_parser = True338 self.machines = [machine]339 self.push_execution_context(machine)340 os.chdir(self.resultdir)341 utils.write_keyval(self.resultdir, {"hostname": machine})342 self.init_parser()343 result = function(machine)344 self.cleanup_parser()345 return result346 elif len(machines) > 1 and log:347 def wrapper(machine):348 self.push_execution_context(machine)349 os.chdir(self.resultdir)350 machine_data = {'hostname': machine,351 'status_version': str(self._STATUS_VERSION)}352 utils.write_keyval(self.resultdir, machine_data)353 result = function(machine)354 return result355 else:356 wrapper = function357 return wrapper358 def parallel_simple(self, function, machines, log=True, timeout=None,359 return_results=False):360 """361 Run 'function' using parallel_simple, with an extra wrapper to handle362 the necessary setup for continuous parsing, if possible. If continuous363 parsing is already properly initialized then this should just work.364 :param function: A callable to run in parallel given each machine.365 :param machines: A list of machine names to be passed one per subcommand366 invocation of function.367 :param log: If True, output will be written to output in a subdirectory368 named after each machine.369 :param timeout: Seconds after which the function call should timeout.370 :param return_results: If True instead of an AutoServError being raised371 on any error a list of the results|exceptions from the function372 called on each arg is returned. [default: False]373 :raise error.AutotestError: If any of the functions failed.374 """375 wrapper = self._make_parallel_wrapper(function, machines, log)376 return subcommand.parallel_simple(wrapper, machines,377 log=log, timeout=timeout,378 return_results=return_results)379 def parallel_on_machines(self, function, machines, timeout=None):380 """381 :param function: Called in parallel with one machine as its argument.382 :param machines: A list of machines to call function(machine) on.383 :param timeout: Seconds after which the function call should timeout.384 :return: A list of machines on which function(machine) returned385 without raising an exception.386 """387 results = self.parallel_simple(function, machines, timeout=timeout,388 return_results=True)389 success_machines = []...

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