How to use _make_rsync_compatible_source method in autotest

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...110 for pattern in patterns]111 else:112 return [utils.scp_remote_escape(path) + pattern113 for pattern in patterns]114 def _make_rsync_compatible_source(self, source, is_local):115 """116 Applies the same logic as _make_rsync_ccompatible_globs, but applies if117 to an entire list of sources, producing a new list of sources,118 properly quoted.119 """120 return sum((self._make_rsync_compatible_globs(path, is_local)121 for path in source), [])122 def _encode_remote_paths(self, paths, escape=True):123 """124 Given a list of file paths, encodes it as a single remote path, in the125 style used by rsync and scp.126 """127 if escape:128 paths = [utils.scp_remote_escape(path) for path in paths]129 return '%s@%s:"%s"' % (self.user, self.hostname, " ".join(paths))130 def _make_ssh_cmd(self, cmd):131 base_cmd = _make_ssh_cmd_default(user=self.user, port=self.port,132 opts=self.master_ssh_option,133 hosts_file=self.known_hosts_file)134 return '%s %s "%s"' % (base_cmd, self.hostname, utils.sh_escape(cmd))135 def _make_scp_cmd(self, sources, dest):136 """137 Given a list of source paths and a destination path, produces the138 appropriate scp command for encoding it. Remote paths must be139 pre-encoded.140 """141 command = ("scp -rq %s -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o "142 "UserKnownHostsFile=%s -P %d %s '%s'")143 return command % (self.master_ssh_option, self.known_hosts_file,144 self.port, " ".join(sources), dest)145 def _set_umask_perms(self, dest):146 """147 Given a destination file/dir (recursively) set the permissions on all148 the files and directories to the max allowed by running umask.149 """150 umask = os.umask(0)151 os.umask(umask)152 max_privs = 0777 & ~umask153 def set_file_privs(filename):154 file_stat = os.stat(filename)155 file_privs = max_privs156 # if the original file permissions do not have at least one157 # executable bit then do not set it anywhere158 if not file_stat.st_mode & 0111:159 file_privs &= ~0111160 os.chmod(filename, file_privs)161 for root, dirs, files in os.walk(dest, topdown=False):162 for dirname in dirs:163 os.chmod(os.path.join(root, dirname), max_privs)164 for filename in files:165 set_file_privs(os.path.join(root, filename))166 if os.path.isdir(dest):167 os.chmod(dest, max_privs)168 else:169 set_file_privs(dest)170 def get_file(self, source, dest, delete_dest=False, preserve_perm=True,171 preserve_symlinks=False):172 """173 Copy files from the remote host to a local path174 Directories will be copied recursively.175 Args:176 delete_dest: if it is true, the command will also clear out any177 old files at dest that are not in the source178 preserve_perm: tells get_file() to try to preserve the sources179 permissions on files and dirs180 preserve_symlinks: try to preserver symlinks instead of181 transforming them into files/dirs on copy182 Raiseds:183 the scp command failed184 """185 self.start_master_ssh()186 if isinstance(source, basestring):187 source = [source]188 dest = os.path.abspath(dest)189 try_scp = True190 if try_scp:191 if delete_dest and os.path.isdir(dest):192 shutil.rmtree(dest)193 os.mkdir(dest)194 remote_source = self._make_rsync_compatible_source(source, False)195 if remote_source:196 remote_source = self._encode_remote_paths(remote_source,197 escape=False)198 local_dest = utils.sh_escape(dest)199 scp = self._make_scp_cmd([remote_source], local_dest)200 try:201 except error.CmdError, e:203 raise error.ServeRunError(e.args[0], e.args[1])204 if not preserve_perm:205 # have no way to tell scp to not try to preserve the permssions so206 # set them after copy instead.207 # for rsync we could use "--no-p --chmod=ugo-rmX" but those208 # options are only in veryrecent rsync versions209 self._set_umask_perms = (dest)210 def send_file(self, source, dest, delete_dest=False,211 preserve_symlinks=False):212 """213 Copy files from a local path to the remote host.214 """215 self.start_master_ssh()216 if isinstance(source, basestring):217 source_is_dir = os.path.isdir(source)218 source = [source]219 remote_dest = self._encode_remote_paths([dest])220 # if rsync is diabled or fails, try scp221 try_scp = True222 if try_scp:223 # scp has no equivalent to --delete, just drop the entire dest dir224 if delete_dest:225 dest_exists = False226 try:227"test -x %s" % dest)228 dest_exists = True229 except error.ServRunError:230 pass231 dest_is_dir = False232 if dest_exists:233 try:234"test -d %s" % dest)235 dest_is_dir = True236 except error.ServRunError:237 pass238 # if there is a list of more than one path, destination *has*239 # to be a dir.It therr's a single path being transferred and240 # it is a dir, the destination also has to be a dir241 if len(source) > 1 and source_is_dir:242 dest_is_dir = True243 if dest_exists and dest_is_dir:244 cmd = "rm -fr %s && mkdir %s" % (dest, dest)245 elif not dest_exists and dest_is_dir:246 cmd = "mkdir %s" % dest247 local_sources = self._make_rsync_compatible_source(source, True)249 if local_sources:250 scp = self._make_scp_cmd(local_sources, remote_dest)251 try:252 # utils.run253 except error.CmdError, e:254 raise error.ServRunError(e.args[0], e.args[1])255 def ssh_ping(self, timeout=60):256 try:257"true", timeout=timeout, connect_timeout=timeout)258 except error.ServSSHTimeout:259 msg = "Host (ssh) verify timed out (timeout = %d)" % timeout260 raise error.ServSSHTimeout(msg)261 except error.ServSSHPermissionDeniedError:262 raise...

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