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...64 # the task. post-job tasks continue when the job is aborted.65 pass66 def _pidfile_label(self):67 # '.autoserv_execute' -> 'autoserv'68 return self._pidfile_name()[1:-len('_execute')]69class SelfThrottledPostJobTask(PostJobTask):70 """71 PostJobTask that maintains its own process limit.72 We throttle tasks like parsing because we don't want them to73 hold up tests. At the same time we don't wish to build up load74 that will take forever to parse.75 """76 _num_running_processes = 077 # Last known limit of max processes, used to check whether78 # max processes config has been changed.79 _last_known_max_processes = 080 # Whether an email should be sent to notifiy process limit being hit.81 _notification_on = True82 # Once process limit is hit, an email will be sent.83 # To prevent spams, do not send another email until84 # it drops to lower than the following level.85 REVIVE_NOTIFICATION_THRESHOLD = 0.8086 @classmethod87 def _increment_running_processes(cls):88 cls._num_running_processes += 189 autotest_stats.Gauge('scheduler').send(90 '%s.num_running_processes' % cls.__name__,91 cls._num_running_processes)92 @classmethod93 def _decrement_running_processes(cls):94 cls._num_running_processes -= 195 autotest_stats.Gauge('scheduler').send(96 '%s.num_running_processes' % cls.__name__,97 cls._num_running_processes)98 @classmethod99 def _max_processes(cls):100 raise NotImplementedError101 @classmethod102 def _can_run_new_process(cls):103 return cls._num_running_processes < cls._max_processes()104 def _process_started(self):105 return bool(self.monitor)106 def tick(self):107 # override tick to keep trying to start until the process count goes108 # down and we can, at which point we revert to default behavior109 if self._process_started():110 super(SelfThrottledPostJobTask, self).tick()111 else:112 self._try_starting_process()113 def run(self):114 # override run() to not actually run unless we can115 self._try_starting_process()116 @classmethod117 def _notify_process_limit_hit(cls):118 """Send an email to notify that process limit is hit."""119 if cls._notification_on:120 subject = '%s: hitting max process limit.' % cls.__name__121 message = ('Running processes/Max processes: %d/%d'122 % (cls._num_running_processes, cls._max_processes()))123 email_manager.manager.enqueue_notify_email(subject, message)124 cls._notification_on = False125 @classmethod126 def _reset_notification_switch_if_necessary(cls):127 """Reset _notification_on if necessary.128 Set _notification_on to True on the following cases:129 1) If the limit of max processes configuration changes;130 2) If _notification_on is False and the number of running processes131 drops to lower than a level defined in REVIVE_NOTIFICATION_THRESHOLD.132 """133 if cls._last_known_max_processes != cls._max_processes():134 cls._notification_on = True135 cls._last_known_max_processes = cls._max_processes()136 return137 percentage = float(cls._num_running_processes) / cls._max_processes()138 if (not cls._notification_on and139 percentage < cls.REVIVE_NOTIFICATION_THRESHOLD):140 cls._notification_on = True141 def _try_starting_process(self):142 self._reset_notification_switch_if_necessary()143 if not self._can_run_new_process():144 self._notify_process_limit_hit()145 return146 # actually run the command147 super(SelfThrottledPostJobTask, self).run()148 if self._process_started():149 self._increment_running_processes()150 def finished(self, success):151 super(SelfThrottledPostJobTask, self).finished(success)152 if self._process_started():153 self._decrement_running_processes()154class GatherLogsTask(PostJobTask):155 """156 Task responsible for157 * gathering uncollected logs (if Autoserv crashed hard or was killed)158 * copying logs to the results repository159 * spawning CleanupTasks for hosts, if necessary160 * spawning a FinalReparseTask for the job161 * setting the final status of the host, directly or through a cleanup162 """163 def __init__(self, queue_entries, recover_run_monitor=None):164 self._job = queue_entries[0].job165 super(GatherLogsTask, self).__init__(166 queue_entries, log_file_name='.collect_crashinfo.log')167 self._set_ids(queue_entries=queue_entries)168 # TODO: Refactor into autoserv_utils. def _generate_command(self, results_dir):170 host_list = ','.join( for queue_entry in self.queue_entries)172 return [autoserv_utils.autoserv_path , '-p',173 '--pidfile-label=%s' % self._pidfile_label(),174 '--use-existing-results', '--collect-crashinfo',175 '-m', host_list, '-r', results_dir]176 @property177 def num_processes(self):178 return len(self.queue_entries)179 def _pidfile_name(self):180 return drone_manager.CRASHINFO_PID_FILE181 def prolog(self):182 self._check_queue_entry_statuses(183 self.queue_entries,184 allowed_hqe_statuses=(models.HostQueueEntry.Status.GATHERING,),185 allowed_host_statuses=(models.Host.Status.RUNNING,))186 super(GatherLogsTask, self).prolog()187 def epilog(self):188 super(GatherLogsTask, self).epilog()189 self._parse_results(self.queue_entries)190 self._reboot_hosts()191 def _reboot_hosts(self):192 if self._autoserv_monitor.has_process():193 final_success = (self._final_status() ==194 models.HostQueueEntry.Status.COMPLETED)195 num_tests_failed = self._autoserv_monitor.num_tests_failed()196 else:197 final_success = False198 num_tests_failed = 0199 reboot_after = self._job.reboot_after200 do_reboot = (201 # always reboot after aborted jobs202 self._final_status() == models.HostQueueEntry.Status.ABORTED203 or reboot_after == model_attributes.RebootAfter.ALWAYS204 or (reboot_after == model_attributes.RebootAfter.IF_ALL_TESTS_PASSED205 and final_success and num_tests_failed == 0)206 or num_tests_failed > 0)207 for queue_entry in self.queue_entries:208 if do_reboot:209 # don't pass the queue entry to the CleanupTask. if the cleanup210 # fails, the job doesn't care -- it's over.211 models.SpecialTask.objects.create(212 host=models.Host.objects.get(,213 task=models.SpecialTask.Task.CLEANUP,214 requested_by=self._job.owner_model())215 else:216 def run(self):218 autoserv_exit_code = self._autoserv_monitor.exit_code()219 # only run if Autoserv exited due to some signal. if we have no exit220 # code, assume something bad (and signal-like) happened.221 if autoserv_exit_code is None or os.WIFSIGNALED(autoserv_exit_code):222 super(GatherLogsTask, self).run()223 else:224 self.finished(True)225class FinalReparseTask(SelfThrottledPostJobTask):226 def __init__(self, queue_entries):227 super(FinalReparseTask, self).__init__(queue_entries,228 log_file_name='.parse.log')229 # don't use _set_ids, since we don't want to set the host_ids230 self.queue_entry_ids = [ for entry in queue_entries]231 def _generate_command(self, results_dir):232 return [_parser_path, '--write-pidfile', '--record-duration',233 '-l', '2', '-r', '-o', results_dir]234 @property235 def num_processes(self):236 return 0 # don't include parser processes in accounting237 def _pidfile_name(self):238 return drone_manager.PARSER_PID_FILE239 @classmethod240 def _max_processes(cls):241 return scheduler_config.config.max_parse_processes242 def prolog(self):243 self._check_queue_entry_statuses(244 self.queue_entries,245 allowed_hqe_statuses=(models.HostQueueEntry.Status.PARSING,))246 super(FinalReparseTask, self).prolog()247 def epilog(self):248 super(FinalReparseTask, self).epilog()249 self._archive_results(self.queue_entries)250class ArchiveResultsTask(SelfThrottledPostJobTask):251 _ARCHIVING_FAILED_FILE = '.archiver_failed'252 def __init__(self, queue_entries):253 super(ArchiveResultsTask, self).__init__(queue_entries,254 log_file_name='.archiving.log')255 # don't use _set_ids, since we don't want to set the host_ids256 self.queue_entry_ids = [ for entry in queue_entries]257 def _pidfile_name(self):258 return drone_manager.ARCHIVER_PID_FILE259 # TODO: Refactor into autoserv_utils. def _generate_command(self, results_dir):261 return [autoserv_utils.autoserv_path , '-p',262 '--pidfile-label=%s' % self._pidfile_label(), '-r', results_dir,263 '--use-existing-results', '--control-filename=control.archive',264 os.path.join(drones.AUTOTEST_INSTALL_DIR, 'scheduler',265 'archive_results.control.srv')]266 @classmethod267 def _max_processes(cls):268 return scheduler_config.config.max_transfer_processes269 def prolog(self):270 self._check_queue_entry_statuses(271 self.queue_entries,...

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