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...64def _assert_is_all_blank_lines(lines, source_file):65 if sum(len(line.strip()) for line in lines) > 0:66 raise ValueError('warning patterns are not separated by blank lines '67 'in %s' % source_file)68def _read_overrides(overrides_file):69 """70 Read pattern overrides from overrides_file, which may be None. Overrides71 files are expected to have the format:72 <old regex> <newline> <new regex> <newline> <newline>73 old regex = a regex from the patterns file74 new regex = the regex to replace it75 Lines beginning with # are ignored.76 Returns a dict mapping old regexes to their replacements.77 """78 if not overrides_file:79 return {}80 overrides_lines = [line for line in overrides_file.readlines()81 if not line.startswith('#')]82 overrides_pairs = zip(overrides_lines[0::3], overrides_lines[1::3])83 _assert_is_all_blank_lines(overrides_lines[2::3], overrides_file)84 return dict(overrides_pairs)85def build_alert_hooks(patterns_file, warnfile, overrides_file=None):86 """Parse data in patterns file and transform into alert_hook list.87 Args:88 patterns_file: file; File to read alert pattern definitions from.89 warnfile: file; File to configure alert function to write warning to.90 Returns:91 list; Regex to alert function mapping.92 [(regex, alert_function), ...]93 """94 pattern_lines = patterns_file.readlines()95 # expected pattern format:96 # <msgtype> <newline> <regex> <newline> <alert> <newline> <newline>97 # msgtype = a string categorizing the type of the message - used for98 # enabling/disabling specific categories of warnings99 # regex = a python regular expression100 # alert = a string describing the alert message101 # if the regex matches the line, this displayed warning will102 # be the result of (alert % match.groups())103 patterns = zip(pattern_lines[0::4], pattern_lines[1::4],104 pattern_lines[2::4])105 _assert_is_all_blank_lines(pattern_lines[3::4], patterns_file)106 overrides_map = _read_overrides(overrides_file)107 hooks = []108 for msgtype, regex, alert in patterns:109 regex = overrides_map.get(regex, regex)110 regex = re.compile(regex.rstrip('\n'))111 alert_function = make_alert(warnfile, msgtype.rstrip('\n'),112 alert.rstrip('\n'))113 hooks.append((regex, alert_function))114 return hooks115def build_alert_hooks_from_path(patterns_path, warnfile):116 """117 Same as build_alert_hooks, but accepts a path to a patterns file and118 automatically finds the corresponding site overrides file if one exists.119 """120 dirname, basename = os.path.split(patterns_path)...

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...3 def __init__(self, extra_pkgs_file):4 self.extra_pkgs_file = extra_pkgs_file5 with open(self.extra_pkgs_file, "r") as f:6 extra_info = json.load(f)7 self.overrides = self._read_overrides(extra_info)8 self.hiddens = set(extra_info.get("hiddens", []))9 def _read_overrides(self, extra_info) -> dict:10 if "overrides" in extra_info:11 overrides = extra_info["overrides"]12 return {pkg["name"]: pkg for pkg in overrides}13 else:14 return {}15 def override_pkg_infos(self, pkg_infos: list) -> list:16 for pkg_info in pkg_infos:17 if pkg_info["name"] in self.overrides:18 # mark pkg_info as overridden19 self.overrides[pkg_info["name"]]["_overridden"] = True20 override_pkg = self.overrides[pkg_info["name"]]21 # get all properties from override_pkg22 attrs = set(override_pkg.keys()).union(23 {"version", "license", "homepage", "description"}...

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