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...141 self._send(struct.pack("=I", len(str)))142 self._send(str, timeout)143 self.transferred += len(str) + 4144 self._report_stats("Sent")145 def _receive_packet(self, timeout=60):146 size = struct.unpack("=I", self._receive(4))[0]147 str = self._receive(size, timeout)148 self.transferred += len(str) + 4149 self._report_stats("Received")150 return str151 def _send_file_chunks(self, filename, timeout=60):152 if self._log_func:153 self._log_func("Sending file %s" % filename)154 f = open(filename, "rb")155 try:156 try:157 end_time = time.time() + timeout158 while True:159 data = self._send_packet(data, end_time - time.time())161 if len(data) < CHUNKSIZE:162 break163 except FileTransferError, e:164 e.filename = filename165 raise166 finally:167 f.close()168 def _receive_file_chunks(self, filename, timeout=60):169 if self._log_func:170 self._log_func("Receiving file %s" % filename)171 f = open(filename, "wb")172 try:173 try:174 end_time = time.time() + timeout175 while True:176 data = self._receive_packet(end_time - time.time())177 f.write(data)178 if len(data) < CHUNKSIZE:179 break180 except FileTransferError, e:181 e.filename = filename182 raise183 finally:184 f.close()185 def _send_msg(self, msg, timeout=60):186 self._send(struct.pack("=I", msg))187 def _receive_msg(self, timeout=60):188 s = self._receive(4, timeout)189 return struct.unpack("=I", s)[0]190 def _handle_transfer_error(self):191 # Save original exception192 e = sys.exc_info()193 try:194 # See if we can get an error message195 msg = self._receive_msg()196 except FileTransferError:197 # No error message -- re-raise original exception198 raise e[0], e[1], e[2]199 if msg == RSS_ERROR:200 errmsg = self._receive_packet()201 raise FileTransferServerError(errmsg)202 raise e[0], e[1], e[2]203class FileUploadClient(FileTransferClient):204 """205 Connect to a RSS (remote shell server) and upload files or directory trees.206 """207 def __init__(self, address, port, log_func=None, timeout=20):208 """209 Connect to a server.210 @param address: The server's address211 @param port: The server's port212 @param log_func: If provided, transfer stats will be passed to this213 function during the transfer214 @param timeout: Time duration to wait for connection to succeed215 @raise FileTransferConnectError: Raised if the connection fails216 @raise FileTransferProtocolError: Raised if an incorrect magic number217 is received218 @raise FileTransferSocketError: Raised if the RSS_UPLOAD message cannot219 be sent to the server220 """221 super(FileUploadClient, self).__init__(address, port, log_func, timeout)222 self._send_msg(RSS_UPLOAD)223 def _upload_file(self, path, end_time):224 if os.path.isfile(path):225 self._send_msg(RSS_CREATE_FILE)226 self._send_packet(os.path.basename(path))227 self._send_file_chunks(path, end_time - time.time())228 elif os.path.isdir(path):229 self._send_msg(RSS_CREATE_DIR)230 self._send_packet(os.path.basename(path))231 for filename in os.listdir(path):232 self._upload_file(os.path.join(path, filename), end_time)233 self._send_msg(RSS_LEAVE_DIR)234 def upload(self, src_pattern, dst_path, timeout=600):235 """236 Send files or directory trees to the server.237 The semantics of src_pattern and dst_path are similar to those of scp.238 For example, the following are OK:239 src_pattern='/tmp/foo.txt', dst_path='C:\\'240 (uploads a single file)241 src_pattern='/usr/', dst_path='C:\\Windows\\'242 (uploads a directory tree recursively)243 src_pattern='/usr/*', dst_path='C:\\Windows\\'244 (uploads all files and directory trees under /usr/)245 The following is not OK:246 src_pattern='/tmp/foo.txt', dst_path='C:\\Windows\\*'247 (wildcards are only allowed in src_pattern)248 @param src_pattern: A path or wildcard pattern specifying the files or249 directories to send to the server250 @param dst_path: A path in the server's filesystem where the files will251 be saved252 @param timeout: Time duration in seconds to wait for the transfer to253 complete254 @raise FileTransferTimeoutError: Raised if timeout expires255 @raise FileTransferServerError: Raised if something goes wrong and the256 server sends an informative error message to the client257 @note: Other exceptions can be raised.258 """259 end_time = time.time() + timeout260 try:261 try:262 self._send_msg(RSS_SET_PATH)263 self._send_packet(dst_path)264 matches = glob.glob(src_pattern)265 for filename in matches:266 self._upload_file(os.path.abspath(filename), end_time)267 self._send_msg(RSS_DONE)268 except FileTransferTimeoutError:269 raise270 except FileTransferError:271 self._handle_transfer_error()272 else:273 # If nothing was transferred, raise an exception274 if not matches:275 raise FileTransferNotFoundError("Pattern %s does not "276 "match any files or "277 "directories" %278 src_pattern)279 # Look for RSS_OK or RSS_ERROR280 msg = self._receive_msg(end_time - time.time())281 if msg == RSS_OK:282 return283 elif msg == RSS_ERROR:284 errmsg = self._receive_packet()285 raise FileTransferServerError(errmsg)286 else:287 # Neither RSS_OK nor RSS_ERROR found288 raise FileTransferProtocolError("Received unexpected msg")289 except:290 # In any case, if the transfer failed, close the connection291 self.close()292 raise293class FileDownloadClient(FileTransferClient):294 """295 Connect to a RSS (remote shell server) and download files or directory trees.296 """297 def __init__(self, address, port, log_func=None, timeout=20):298 """299 Connect to a server.300 @param address: The server's address301 @param port: The server's port302 @param log_func: If provided, transfer stats will be passed to this303 function during the transfer304 @param timeout: Time duration to wait for connection to succeed305 @raise FileTransferConnectError: Raised if the connection fails306 @raise FileTransferProtocolError: Raised if an incorrect magic number307 is received308 @raise FileTransferSendError: Raised if the RSS_UPLOAD message cannot309 be sent to the server310 """311 super(FileDownloadClient, self).__init__(address, port, log_func, timeout)312 self._send_msg(RSS_DOWNLOAD)313 def download(self, src_pattern, dst_path, timeout=600):314 """315 Receive files or directory trees from the server.316 The semantics of src_pattern and dst_path are similar to those of scp.317 For example, the following are OK:318 src_pattern='C:\\foo.txt', dst_path='/tmp'319 (downloads a single file)320 src_pattern='C:\\Windows', dst_path='/tmp'321 (downloads a directory tree recursively)322 src_pattern='C:\\Windows\\*', dst_path='/tmp'323 (downloads all files and directory trees under C:\\Windows)324 The following is not OK:325 src_pattern='C:\\Windows', dst_path='/tmp/*'326 (wildcards are only allowed in src_pattern)327 @param src_pattern: A path or wildcard pattern specifying the files or328 directories, in the server's filesystem, that will be sent to329 the client330 @param dst_path: A path in the local filesystem where the files will331 be saved332 @param timeout: Time duration in seconds to wait for the transfer to333 complete334 @raise FileTransferTimeoutError: Raised if timeout expires335 @raise FileTransferServerError: Raised if something goes wrong and the336 server sends an informative error message to the client337 @note: Other exceptions can be raised.338 """339 dst_path = os.path.abspath(dst_path)340 end_time = time.time() + timeout341 file_count = 0342 dir_count = 0343 try:344 try:345 self._send_msg(RSS_SET_PATH)346 self._send_packet(src_pattern)347 except FileTransferError:348 self._handle_transfer_error()349 while True:350 msg = self._receive_msg()351 if msg == RSS_CREATE_FILE:352 # Receive filename and file contents353 filename = self._receive_packet()354 if os.path.isdir(dst_path):355 dst_path = os.path.join(dst_path, filename)356 self._receive_file_chunks(dst_path, end_time - time.time())357 dst_path = os.path.dirname(dst_path)358 file_count += 1359 elif msg == RSS_CREATE_DIR:360 # Receive dirname and create the directory361 dirname = self._receive_packet()362 if os.path.isdir(dst_path):363 dst_path = os.path.join(dst_path, dirname)364 if not os.path.isdir(dst_path):365 os.mkdir(dst_path)366 dir_count += 1367 elif msg == RSS_LEAVE_DIR:368 # Return to parent dir369 dst_path = os.path.dirname(dst_path)370 elif msg == RSS_DONE:371 # Transfer complete372 if not file_count and not dir_count:373 raise FileTransferNotFoundError("Pattern %s does not "374 "match any files or "375 "directories that "376 "could be downloaded" %377 src_pattern)378 break379 elif msg == RSS_ERROR:380 # Receive error message and abort381 errmsg = self._receive_packet()382 raise FileTransferServerError(errmsg)383 else:384 # Unexpected msg385 raise FileTransferProtocolError("Received unexpected msg")386 except:387 # In any case, if the transfer failed, close the connection388 self.close()389 raise390def upload(address, port, src_pattern, dst_path, log_func=None, timeout=60,391 connect_timeout=20):392 """393 Connect to server and upload files.394 @see: FileUploadClient395 """...

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...38"Received egts packet: %s", response)39 if not self._check_response(response):40 return False41 if self.did == 0xFFffFFff:42 auth_params = self._receive_packet(conn)43"Received egts packet: %s", auth_params)44 self._send_replay(conn, auth_params)45 if not self._check_auth_params(auth_params):46 return False47 subrec = EgtsSrAuthInfo(EGTS_SR_AUTH_INFO, unm=self.login, upsw=self.password)48 response = self._send_auth_packet(conn, subrec)49"Received egts packet: %s", response)50 if not self._check_response(response):51 return False52 result_code = self._receive_packet(conn)53"Received egts packet: %s", result_code)54 self._send_replay(conn, result_code)55 if not self._check_result_code(result_code):56 return False57 return True58 def _loop(self, conn):59 while self.num < self.max:60 egts = self._receive_packet(conn)61 self._send_replay(conn, egts)62 self.num += 163"Received egts packet: %s", egts)64 def _receive_packet(self, conn):65 while len(self.buffer) <= EGTS_MAX_PACKET_LENGTH:66 if self.buffer == b'':67 data = conn.recv(1024)68 if not data:69 return None70 else:71 self.buffer += data72 try:73 egts = Egts(self.buffer)74 self.buffer = egts.rest_buff75 return egts76 except EgtsPcInvdatalen as err:77 data = conn.recv(1024)78 if not data:79 return None80 else:81 self.buffer += data82 def _send_replay(self, conn, egts):83 reply = egts.reply(, self.rid)84 self._pid_increment()85 self._rid_increment()86 def _send_auth_packet(self, conn, subrec):87 egts_record = EgtsRecord(rid=self.rid, sst=EGTS_AUTH_SERVICE, subrecords=[subrec])88 packet = Egts.form_bin(, [egts_record])89 conn.send(packet)90 self._pid_increment()91 self._rid_increment()92 response = self._receive_packet(conn)93 return response94 def _pid_increment(self):95 += 196 if > 0xFFff:97 = 098 def _rid_increment(self):99 self.rid += 1100 if self.rid > 0xFFff:101 self.rid = 0102 @staticmethod103 def _check_response(packet):104 for record in packet.records:105 for subrec in record.subrecords:106 if subrec.rst != 0:...

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