How to use _register_subcommand_hooks method in autotest

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...191 self.pkgmgr = packages.PackageManager(192 self.autodir, run_function_dargs={'timeout': 600})193 self.num_tests_run = 0194 self.num_tests_failed = 0195 self._register_subcommand_hooks()196 # these components aren't usable on the server197 self.bootloader = None198 self.harness = None199 # set up the status logger200 self._indenter = status_indenter()201 self._logger = base_job.status_logger(202 self, self._indenter, 'status.log', 'status.log',203 record_hook=server_job_record_hook(self))204 @classmethod205 # The unittests will hide this method, well, for unittesting206 # pylint: disable=E0202207 def _find_base_directories(cls):208 """209 Determine locations of autodir, clientdir and serverdir. Assumes210 that this file is located within serverdir and uses __file__ along211 with relative paths to resolve the location.212 """213 serverdir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))214 autodir = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(serverdir, '..'))215 clientdir = os.path.join(autodir, 'client')216 return autodir, clientdir, serverdir217 # The unittests will hide this method, well, for unittesting218 # pylint: disable=E0202219 def _find_resultdir(self, resultdir):220 """221 Determine the location of resultdir. For server jobs we expect one to222 always be explicitly passed in to __init__, so just return that.223 """224 if resultdir:225 return os.path.normpath(resultdir)226 else:227 return None228 def _get_status_logger(self):229 """Return a reference to the status logger."""230 return self._logger231 @staticmethod232 def _load_control_file(path):233 f = open(path)234 try:235 control_file = finally:237 f.close()238 return re.sub('\r', '', control_file)239 def _register_subcommand_hooks(self):240 """241 Register some hooks into the subcommand modules that allow us242 to properly clean up self.hosts created in forked subprocesses.243 """244 def on_fork(cmd):245 self._existing_hosts_on_fork = set(self.hosts)246 def on_join(cmd):247 new_hosts = self.hosts - self._existing_hosts_on_fork248 for host in new_hosts:249 host.close()250 subcommand.subcommand.register_fork_hook(on_fork)251 subcommand.subcommand.register_join_hook(on_join)252 def init_parser(self):253 """...

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