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1# coding: utf-82from __future__ import absolute_import3from datetime import date, datetime # noqa: F4014from typing import List, Dict # noqa: F4015from nwrsc.api.models.base_model_ import Model6from nwrsc.api.models.decorated_run import DecoratedRun # noqa: F401,E5017from nwrsc.api import util8class ResultEntry(Model):9 """NOTE: This class is auto generated by the swagger code generator program.10 Do not edit the class manually.11 """12 def __init__(self, driverid: str=None, carid: str=None, firstname: str=None, lastname: str=None, year: str=None, make: str=None, model: str=None, color: str=None, number: int=None, classcode: str=None, indexcode: str=None, indexstr: str=None, useclsmult: bool=None, indexval: float=None, rungroup: int=None, runs: List[DecoratedRun]=None, net: float=None, pen: float=None, netall: float=None, penall: float=None, position: int=None, diff1: float=None, diffn: float=None, pospoints: int=None, diffpoints: float=None, points: float=None, trophy: bool=None, modified: datetime=None): # noqa: E50113 """ResultEntry - a model defined in Swagger14 :param driverid: The driverid of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50115 :type driverid: str16 :param carid: The carid of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50117 :type carid: str18 :param firstname: The firstname of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50119 :type firstname: str20 :param lastname: The lastname of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50121 :type lastname: str22 :param year: The year of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50123 :type year: str24 :param make: The make of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50125 :type make: str26 :param model: The model of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50127 :type model: str28 :param color: The color of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50129 :type color: str30 :param number: The number of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50131 :type number: int32 :param classcode: The classcode of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50133 :type classcode: str34 :param indexcode: The indexcode of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50135 :type indexcode: str36 :param indexstr: The indexstr of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50137 :type indexstr: str38 :param useclsmult: The useclsmult of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50139 :type useclsmult: bool40 :param indexval: The indexval of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50141 :type indexval: float42 :param rungroup: The rungroup of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50143 :type rungroup: int44 :param runs: The runs of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50145 :type runs: List[DecoratedRun]46 :param net: The net of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50147 :type net: float48 :param pen: The pen of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50149 :type pen: float50 :param netall: The netall of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50151 :type netall: float52 :param penall: The penall of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50153 :type penall: float54 :param position: The position of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50155 :type position: int56 :param diff1: The diff1 of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50157 :type diff1: float58 :param diffn: The diffn of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50159 :type diffn: float60 :param pospoints: The pospoints of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50161 :type pospoints: int62 :param diffpoints: The diffpoints of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50163 :type diffpoints: float64 :param points: The points of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50165 :type points: float66 :param trophy: The trophy of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50167 :type trophy: bool68 :param modified: The modified of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E50169 :type modified: datetime70 """71 self.swagger_types = {72 'driverid': str,73 'carid': str,74 'firstname': str,75 'lastname': str,76 'year': str,77 'make': str,78 'model': str,79 'color': str,80 'number': int,81 'classcode': str,82 'indexcode': str,83 'indexstr': str,84 'useclsmult': bool,85 'indexval': float,86 'rungroup': int,87 'runs': List[DecoratedRun],88 'net': float,89 'pen': float,90 'netall': float,91 'penall': float,92 'position': int,93 'diff1': float,94 'diffn': float,95 'pospoints': int,96 'diffpoints': float,97 'points': float,98 'trophy': bool,99 'modified': datetime100 }101 self.attribute_map = {102 'driverid': 'driverid',103 'carid': 'carid',104 'firstname': 'firstname',105 'lastname': 'lastname',106 'year': 'year',107 'make': 'make',108 'model': 'model',109 'color': 'color',110 'number': 'number',111 'classcode': 'classcode',112 'indexcode': 'indexcode',113 'indexstr': 'indexstr',114 'useclsmult': 'useclsmult',115 'indexval': 'indexval',116 'rungroup': 'rungroup',117 'runs': 'runs',118 'net': 'net',119 'pen': 'pen',120 'netall': 'netall',121 'penall': 'penall',122 'position': 'position',123 'diff1': 'diff1',124 'diffn': 'diffn',125 'pospoints': 'pospoints',126 'diffpoints': 'diffpoints',127 'points': 'points',128 'trophy': 'trophy',129 'modified': 'modified'130 }131 self._driverid = driverid132 self._carid = carid133 self._firstname = firstname134 self._lastname = lastname135 self._year = year136 self._make = make137 self._model = model138 self._color = color139 self._number = number140 self._classcode = classcode141 self._indexcode = indexcode142 self._indexstr = indexstr143 self._useclsmult = useclsmult144 self._indexval = indexval145 self._rungroup = rungroup146 self._runs = runs147 self._net = net148 self._pen = pen149 self._netall = netall150 self._penall = penall151 self._position = position152 self._diff1 = diff1153 self._diffn = diffn154 self._pospoints = pospoints155 self._diffpoints = diffpoints156 self._points = points157 self._trophy = trophy158 self._modified = modified159 @classmethod160 def from_dict(cls, dikt) -> 'ResultEntry':161 """Returns the dict as a model162 :param dikt: A dict.163 :type: dict164 :return: The ResultEntry of this ResultEntry. # noqa: E501165 :rtype: ResultEntry166 """167 return util.deserialize_model(dikt, cls)168 @property169 def driverid(self) -> str:170 """Gets the driverid of this ResultEntry.171 the UUID of the driver # noqa: E501172 :return: The driverid of this ResultEntry.173 :rtype: str174 """175 return self._driverid176 @driverid.setter177 def driverid(self, driverid: str):178 """Sets the driverid of this ResultEntry.179 the UUID of the driver # noqa: E501180 :param driverid: The driverid of this ResultEntry.181 :type driverid: str182 """183 self._driverid = driverid184 @property185 def carid(self) -> str:186 """Gets the carid of this ResultEntry.187 the UUID of the car # noqa: E501188 :return: The carid of this ResultEntry.189 :rtype: str190 """191 return self._carid192 @carid.setter193 def carid(self, carid: str):194 """Sets the carid of this ResultEntry.195 the UUID of the car # noqa: E501196 :param carid: The carid of this ResultEntry.197 :type carid: str198 """199 self._carid = carid200 @property201 def firstname(self) -> str:202 """Gets the firstname of this ResultEntry.203 the driver firstname # noqa: E501204 :return: The firstname of this ResultEntry.205 :rtype: str206 """207 return self._firstname208 @firstname.setter209 def firstname(self, firstname: str):210 """Sets the firstname of this ResultEntry.211 the driver firstname # noqa: E501212 :param firstname: The firstname of this ResultEntry.213 :type firstname: str214 """215 self._firstname = firstname216 @property217 def lastname(self) -> str:218 """Gets the lastname of this ResultEntry.219 the driver lastname # noqa: E501220 :return: The lastname of this ResultEntry.221 :rtype: str222 """223 return self._lastname224 @lastname.setter225 def lastname(self, lastname: str):226 """Sets the lastname of this ResultEntry.227 the driver lastname # noqa: E501228 :param lastname: The lastname of this ResultEntry.229 :type lastname: str230 """231 self._lastname = lastname232 @property233 def year(self) -> str:234 """Gets the year of this ResultEntry.235 the car year # noqa: E501236 :return: The year of this ResultEntry.237 :rtype: str238 """239 return self._year240 @year.setter241 def year(self, year: str):242 """Sets the year of this ResultEntry.243 the car year # noqa: E501244 :param year: The year of this ResultEntry.245 :type year: str246 """247 self._year = year248 @property249 def make(self) -> str:250 """Gets the make of this ResultEntry.251 the car make # noqa: E501252 :return: The make of this ResultEntry.253 :rtype: str254 """255 return self._make256 @make.setter257 def make(self, make: str):258 """Sets the make of this ResultEntry.259 the car make # noqa: E501260 :param make: The make of this ResultEntry.261 :type make: str262 """263 self._make = make264 @property265 def model(self) -> str:266 """Gets the model of this ResultEntry.267 the car model # noqa: E501268 :return: The model of this ResultEntry.269 :rtype: str270 """271 return self._model272 @model.setter273 def model(self, model: str):274 """Sets the model of this ResultEntry.275 the car model # noqa: E501276 :param model: The model of this ResultEntry.277 :type model: str278 """279 self._model = model280 @property281 def color(self) -> str:282 """Gets the color of this ResultEntry.283 the car color # noqa: E501284 :return: The color of this ResultEntry.285 :rtype: str286 """287 return self._color288 @color.setter289 def color(self, color: str):290 """Sets the color of this ResultEntry.291 the car color # noqa: E501292 :param color: The color of this ResultEntry.293 :type color: str294 """295 self._color = color296 @property297 def number(self) -> int:298 """Gets the number of this ResultEntry.299 the car number # noqa: E501300 :return: The number of this ResultEntry.301 :rtype: int302 """303 return self._number304 @number.setter305 def number(self, number: int):306 """Sets the number of this ResultEntry.307 the car number # noqa: E501308 :param number: The number of this ResultEntry.309 :type number: int310 """311 self._number = number312 @property313 def classcode(self) -> str:314 """Gets the classcode of this ResultEntry.315 the car classcode (in series classlist) # noqa: E501316 :return: The classcode of this ResultEntry.317 :rtype: str318 """319 return self._classcode320 @classcode.setter321 def classcode(self, classcode: str):322 """Sets the classcode of this ResultEntry.323 the car classcode (in series classlist) # noqa: E501324 :param classcode: The classcode of this ResultEntry.325 :type classcode: str326 """327 self._classcode = classcode328 @property329 def indexcode(self) -> str:330 """Gets the indexcode of this ResultEntry.331 the car indexcode (in series indexlist) # noqa: E501332 :return: The indexcode of this ResultEntry.333 :rtype: str334 """335 return self._indexcode336 @indexcode.setter337 def indexcode(self, indexcode: str):338 """Sets the indexcode of this ResultEntry.339 the car indexcode (in series indexlist) # noqa: E501340 :param indexcode: The indexcode of this ResultEntry.341 :type indexcode: str342 """343 self._indexcode = indexcode344 @property345 def indexstr(self) -> str:346 """Gets the indexstr of this ResultEntry.347 the displayed indexcode (may have indentifiers such as * if special handling is provided) # noqa: E501348 :return: The indexstr of this ResultEntry.349 :rtype: str350 """351 return self._indexstr352 @indexstr.setter353 def indexstr(self, indexstr: str):354 """Sets the indexstr of this ResultEntry.355 the displayed indexcode (may have indentifiers such as * if special handling is provided) # noqa: E501356 :param indexstr: The indexstr of this ResultEntry.357 :type indexstr: str358 """359 self._indexstr = indexstr360 @property361 def useclsmult(self) -> bool:362 """Gets the useclsmult of this ResultEntry.363 true if the flag is set that will selectively apply the classcode multiplier (not common) # noqa: E501364 :return: The useclsmult of this ResultEntry.365 :rtype: bool366 """367 return self._useclsmult368 @useclsmult.setter369 def useclsmult(self, useclsmult: bool):370 """Sets the useclsmult of this ResultEntry.371 true if the flag is set that will selectively apply the classcode multiplier (not common) # noqa: E501372 :param useclsmult: The useclsmult of this ResultEntry.373 :type useclsmult: bool374 """375 self._useclsmult = useclsmult376 @property377 def indexval(self) -> float:378 """Gets the indexval of this ResultEntry.379 the compiled index value to use (includes zero or more of class index, car index and class multiplier) # noqa: E501380 :return: The indexval of this ResultEntry.381 :rtype: float382 """383 return self._indexval384 @indexval.setter385 def indexval(self, indexval: float):386 """Sets the indexval of this ResultEntry.387 the compiled index value to use (includes zero or more of class index, car index and class multiplier) # noqa: E501388 :param indexval: The indexval of this ResultEntry.389 :type indexval: float390 """391 self._indexval = indexval392 @property393 def rungroup(self) -> int:394 """Gets the rungroup of this ResultEntry.395 the rungroup this entry ran in # noqa: E501396 :return: The rungroup of this ResultEntry.397 :rtype: int398 """399 return self._rungroup400 @rungroup.setter401 def rungroup(self, rungroup: int):402 """Sets the rungroup of this ResultEntry.403 the rungroup this entry ran in # noqa: E501404 :param rungroup: The rungroup of this ResultEntry.405 :type rungroup: int406 """407 self._rungroup = rungroup408 @property409 def runs(self) -> List[DecoratedRun]:410 """Gets the runs of this ResultEntry.411 an array of runs # noqa: E501412 :return: The runs of this ResultEntry.413 :rtype: List[DecoratedRun]414 """415 return self._runs416 @runs.setter417 def runs(self, runs: List[DecoratedRun]):418 """Sets the runs of this ResultEntry.419 an array of runs # noqa: E501420 :param runs: The runs of this ResultEntry.421 :type runs: List[DecoratedRun]422 """423 self._runs = runs424 @property425 def net(self) -> float:426 """Gets the net of this ResultEntry.427 the sum net time of the best COUNTED run from each course # noqa: E501428 :return: The net of this ResultEntry.429 :rtype: float430 """431 return self._net432 @net.setter433 def net(self, net: float):434 """Sets the net of this ResultEntry.435 the sum net time of the best COUNTED run from each course # noqa: E501436 :param net: The net of this ResultEntry.437 :type net: float438 """439 self._net = net440 @property441 def pen(self) -> float:442 """Gets the pen of this ResultEntry.443 the sum unindexed time of COUNTED runs from each course (includes penalties) # noqa: E501444 :return: The pen of this ResultEntry.445 :rtype: float446 """447 return self._pen448 @pen.setter449 def pen(self, pen: float):450 """Sets the pen of this ResultEntry.451 the sum unindexed time of COUNTED runs from each course (includes penalties) # noqa: E501452 :param pen: The pen of this ResultEntry.453 :type pen: float454 """455 self._pen = pen456 @property457 def netall(self) -> float:458 """Gets the netall of this ResultEntry.459 the sum net time of the best run from each course # noqa: E501460 :return: The netall of this ResultEntry.461 :rtype: float462 """463 return self._netall464 @netall.setter465 def netall(self, netall: float):466 """Sets the netall of this ResultEntry.467 the sum net time of the best run from each course # noqa: E501468 :param netall: The netall of this ResultEntry.469 :type netall: float470 """471 self._netall = netall472 @property473 def penall(self) -> float:474 """Gets the penall of this ResultEntry.475 the sum unindexed time of the best run from each course (includes penalties) # noqa: E501476 :return: The penall of this ResultEntry.477 :rtype: float478 """479 return self._penall480 @penall.setter481 def penall(self, penall: float):482 """Sets the penall of this ResultEntry.483 the sum unindexed time of the best run from each course (includes penalties) # noqa: E501484 :param penall: The penall of this ResultEntry.485 :type penall: float486 """487 self._penall = penall488 @property489 def position(self) -> int:490 """Gets the position of this ResultEntry.491 the finishing position in class # noqa: E501492 :return: The position of this ResultEntry.493 :rtype: int494 """495 return self._position496 @position.setter497 def position(self, position: int):498 """Sets the position of this ResultEntry.499 the finishing position in class # noqa: E501500 :param position: The position of this ResultEntry.501 :type position: int502 """503 self._position = position504 @property505 def diff1(self) -> float:506 """Gets the diff1 of this ResultEntry.507 the difference in time to first place: (net1 - netx)/indexval # noqa: E501508 :return: The diff1 of this ResultEntry.509 :rtype: float510 """511 return self._diff1512 @diff1.setter513 def diff1(self, diff1: float):514 """Sets the diff1 of this ResultEntry.515 the difference in time to first place: (net1 - netx)/indexval # noqa: E501516 :param diff1: The diff1 of this ResultEntry.517 :type diff1: float518 """519 self._diff1 = diff1520 @property521 def diffn(self) -> float:522 """Gets the diffn of this ResultEntry.523 the difference in time to the next position: (netn - netx)/indexval # noqa: E501524 :return: The diffn of this ResultEntry.525 :rtype: float526 """527 return self._diffn528 @diffn.setter529 def diffn(self, diffn: float):530 """Sets the diffn of this ResultEntry.531 the difference in time to the next position: (netn - netx)/indexval # noqa: E501532 :param diffn: The diffn of this ResultEntry.533 :type diffn: float534 """535 self._diffn = diffn536 @property537 def pospoints(self) -> int:538 """Gets the pospoints of this ResultEntry.539 the championship points for the current position # noqa: E501540 :return: The pospoints of this ResultEntry.541 :rtype: int542 """543 return self._pospoints544 @pospoints.setter545 def pospoints(self, pospoints: int):546 """Sets the pospoints of this ResultEntry.547 the championship points for the current position # noqa: E501548 :param pospoints: The pospoints of this ResultEntry.549 :type pospoints: int550 """551 self._pospoints = pospoints552 @property553 def diffpoints(self) -> float:554 """Gets the diffpoints of this ResultEntry.555 the championship points based on difference from first # noqa: E501556 :return: The diffpoints of this ResultEntry.557 :rtype: float558 """559 return self._diffpoints560 @diffpoints.setter561 def diffpoints(self, diffpoints: float):562 """Sets the diffpoints of this ResultEntry.563 the championship points based on difference from first # noqa: E501564 :param diffpoints: The diffpoints of this ResultEntry.565 :type diffpoints: float566 """567 self._diffpoints = diffpoints568 @property569 def points(self) -> float:570 """Gets the points of this ResultEntry.571 one of pospoints or diffpoints depending on the series settings # noqa: E501572 :return: The points of this ResultEntry.573 :rtype: float574 """575 return self._points576 @points.setter577 def points(self, points: float):578 """Sets the points of this ResultEntry.579 one of pospoints or diffpoints depending on the series settings # noqa: E501580 :param points: The points of this ResultEntry.581 :type points: float582 """583 self._points = points584 @property585 def trophy(self) -> bool:586 """Gets the trophy of this ResultEntry.587 true if this position is awarded a trophy for the event # noqa: E501588 :return: The trophy of this ResultEntry.589 :rtype: bool590 """591 return self._trophy592 @trophy.setter593 def trophy(self, trophy: bool):594 """Sets the trophy of this ResultEntry.595 true if this position is awarded a trophy for the event # noqa: E501596 :param trophy: The trophy of this ResultEntry.597 :type trophy: bool598 """599 self._trophy = trophy600 @property601 def modified(self) -> datetime:602 """Gets the modified of this ResultEntry.603 the mod time # noqa: E501604 :return: The modified of this ResultEntry.605 :rtype: datetime606 """607 return self._modified608 @modified.setter609 def modified(self, modified: datetime):610 """Sets the modified of this ResultEntry.611 the mod time # noqa: E501612 :param modified: The modified of this ResultEntry.613 :type modified: datetime614 """...

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1#!/usr/bin/env vpython2# Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.3# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be4# found in the LICENSE file.5"""Lists all the reached symbols from an instrumentation dump."""6import argparse7import logging8import operator9import os10import sys11_SRC_PATH = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(12 os.path.dirname(__file__), os.pardir, os.pardir))13path = os.path.join(_SRC_PATH, 'tools', 'cygprofile')14sys.path.append(path)15import symbol_extractor16def _Median(items):17 if not items:18 return None19 sorted_items = sorted(items)20 if len(sorted_items) & 1:21 return sorted_items[len(sorted_items)/2]22 else:23 return (sorted_items[len(sorted_items)/2 - 1] +24 sorted_items[len(sorted_items)/2]) / 225class SymbolOffsetProcessor(object):26 """Utility for processing symbols in binaries.27 This class is used to translate between general offsets into a binary and the28 starting offset of symbols in the binary. Because later phases in orderfile29 generation have complicated strategies for resolving multiple symbols that map30 to the same binary offset, this class is concerned with locating a symbol31 containing a binary offset. If such a symbol exists, the start offset will be32 unique, even when there are multiple symbol names at the same location in the33 binary.34 In the function names below, "dump" is used to refer to arbitrary offsets in a35 binary (eg, from a profiling run), while "offset" refers to a symbol36 offset. The dump offsets are relative to the start of text, as returned by37 This class manages expensive operations like extracting symbols, so that39 higher-level operations can be done in different orders without the caller40 managing all the state.41 """42 def __init__(self, binary_filename):43 self._binary_filename = binary_filename44 self._symbol_infos = None45 self._name_to_symbol = None46 self._offset_to_primary = None47 self._offset_to_symbols = None48 def SymbolInfos(self):49 """The symbols associated with this processor's binary.50 The symbols are ordered by offset.51 Returns:52 [symbol_extractor.SymbolInfo]53 """54 if self._symbol_infos is None:55 self._symbol_infos = symbol_extractor.SymbolInfosFromBinary(56 self._binary_filename)57 self._symbol_infos.sort(key=lambda s: s.offset)58'%d symbols from %s',59 len(self._symbol_infos), self._binary_filename)60 return self._symbol_infos61 def NameToSymbolMap(self):62 """Map symbol names to their full information.63 Returns:64 {symbol name (str): symbol_extractor.SymbolInfo}65 """66 if self._name_to_symbol is None:67 self._name_to_symbol = { s for s in self.SymbolInfos()}68 return self._name_to_symbol69 def OffsetToPrimaryMap(self):70 """The map of a symbol offset in this binary to its primary symbol.71 Several symbols can be aliased to the same address, through ICF. This72 returns the first one. The order is consistent for a given binary, as it's73 derived from the file layout. We assert that all aliased symbols are the74 same size.75 Returns:76 {offset (int): primary (symbol_extractor.SymbolInfo)}77 """78 if self._offset_to_primary is None:79 self._offset_to_primary = {}80 for s in self.SymbolInfos():81 if s.offset not in self._offset_to_primary:82 self._offset_to_primary[s.offset] = s83 else:84 curr = self._offset_to_primary[s.offset]85 if curr.size != s.size:86 assert curr.size == 0 or s.size == 0, (87 'Nonzero size mismatch between {} and {}'.format(88, # Upgrade to a symbol with nonzero size, otherwise don't change90 # anything so that we use the earliest nonzero-size symbol.91 if curr.size == 0 and s.size != 0:92 self._offset_to_primary[s.offset] = s93 return self._offset_to_primary94 def OffsetToSymbolsMap(self):95 """Map offsets to the set of matching symbols.96 Unlike OffsetToPrimaryMap, this is a 1-to-many mapping.97 Returns;98 {offset (int): [symbol_extractor.SymbolInfo]}99 """100 if self._offset_to_symbols is None:101 self._offset_to_symbols = symbol_extractor.GroupSymbolInfosByOffset(102 self.SymbolInfos())103 return self._offset_to_symbols104 def OffsetsPrimarySize(self, offsets):105 """Computes the total primary size of a set of offsets.106 Args:107 offsets (int iterable) a set of offsets.108 Returns109 int The sum of the primary size of the offsets.110 """111 return sum(self.OffsetToPrimaryMap()[x].size for x in offsets)112 def GetReachedOffsetsFromDump(self, dump):113 """Find the symbol offsets from a list of binary offsets.114 The dump is a list offsets into a .text section. This finds the symbols115 which contain the dump offsets, and returns their offsets. Note that while116 usually a symbol offset corresponds to a single symbol, in some cases117 several symbols will map to the same offset. For that reason this function118 returns only the offset list. See for computing more119 information about symbols.120 Args:121 dump: (int iterable) Dump offsets, for example as returned by MergeDumps().122 Returns:123 [int] Reached symbol offsets.124 """125 dump_offset_to_symbol_info = self._GetDumpOffsetToSymbolInfo()126'Offset to Symbol size = %d', len(dump_offset_to_symbol_info))127 assert max(dump) / 4 <= len(dump_offset_to_symbol_info)128 already_seen = set()129 reached_offsets = []130 reached_return_addresses_not_found = 0131 for dump_offset in dump:132 symbol_info = dump_offset_to_symbol_info[dump_offset / 4]133 if symbol_info is None:134 reached_return_addresses_not_found += 1135 continue136 if symbol_info.offset in already_seen:137 continue138 reached_offsets.append(symbol_info.offset)139 already_seen.add(symbol_info.offset)140 if reached_return_addresses_not_found:141 logging.warning('%d return addresses don\'t map to any symbol',142 reached_return_addresses_not_found)143 return reached_offsets144 def MatchSymbolNames(self, symbol_names):145 """Find the symbols in this binary which match a list of symbols.146 Args:147 symbol_names (str iterable) List of symbol names.148 Returns:149 [symbol_extractor.SymbolInfo] Symbols in this binary matching the names.150 """151 our_symbol_names = set( for s in self.SymbolInfos())152 matched_names = our_symbol_names.intersection(set(symbol_names))153 return [self.NameToSymbolMap()[n] for n in matched_names]154 def _GetDumpOffsetToSymbolInfo(self):155 """Computes an array mapping each word in .text to a symbol.156 Returns:157 [symbol_extractor.SymbolInfo or None] For every 4 bytes of the .text158 section, maps it to a symbol, or None.159 """160 min_offset = min(s.offset for s in self.SymbolInfos())161 max_offset = max(s.offset + s.size for s in self.SymbolInfos())162 text_length_words = (max_offset - min_offset) / 4163 offset_to_symbol_info = [None for _ in xrange(text_length_words)]164 for s in self.SymbolInfos():165 offset = s.offset - min_offset166 for i in range(offset / 4, (offset + s.size) / 4):167 offset_to_symbol_info[i] = s168 return offset_to_symbol_info169class ProfileManager(object):170 """Manipulates sets of profiles.171 The manager supports only lightweight-style profiles (see172 and not the older cygprofile offset lists.173 A "profile set" refers to a set of data from an instrumented version of chrome174 that will be processed together, usually to produce a single orderfile. A175 "run" refers to a session of chrome, visiting several pages and thus176 comprising a browser process and at least one renderer process. A "dump"177 refers to the instrumentation in chrome writing out offsets of instrumented178 functions. There may be several dumps per run, for example one describing179 chrome startup and a second describing steady-state page interaction. Each180 process in a run produces one file per dump.181 These dump files have a timestamp of the dump time. Each process produces its182 own timestamp, but the dumps from each process occur very near in time to each183 other (< 1 second). If there are several dumps per run, each set of dumps is184 marked by a "phase" in the filename which is consistent across processes. For185 example the dump for the startup could be phase 0 and then the steady-state186 would be labeled phase 1.187 We assume the files are named like *-TIMESTAMP.SUFFIX_PHASE, where TIMESTAMP188 is in nanoseconds, SUFFIX is string without dashes, PHASE is an integer189 numbering the phases as 0, 1, 2..., and the only dot is the one between190 TIMESTAMP and SUFFIX. Note that the current dump filename also includes a191 process id which is currently unused.192 This manager supports several configurations of dumps.193 * A single dump from a single run. These files are merged together to produce194 a single dump without regard for browser versus renderer methods.195 * Several phases of dumps from a single run. Files are grouped by phase as196 described above.197 * Several phases of dumps from multiple runs from a set of telemetry198 benchmarks. The timestamp is used to distinguish each run because each199 benchmark takes < 10 seconds to run but there are > 50 seconds of setup200 time. This files can be grouped into run sets that are within 30 seconds of201 each other. Each run set is then grouped into phases as before.202 """203 class _RunGroup(object):204 RUN_GROUP_THRESHOLD_NS = 30e9205 def __init__(self):206 self._filenames = []207 def Filenames(self, phase=None):208 if phase is None:209 return self._filenames210 return [f for f in self._filenames211 if ProfileManager._Phase(f) == phase]212 def Add(self, filename):213 self._filenames.append(filename)214 def IsCloseTo(self, filename):215 run_group_ts = _Median(216 [ProfileManager._Timestamp(f) for f in self._filenames])217 return abs(ProfileManager._Timestamp(filename) -218 run_group_ts) < self.RUN_GROUP_THRESHOLD_NS219 def __init__(self, filenames):220 """Initialize a ProfileManager.221 Args:222 filenames ([str]): List of filenames describe the profile set.223 """224 self._filenames = sorted(filenames, key=self._Timestamp)225 self._run_groups = None226 def GetPhases(self):227 """Return the set of phases of all orderfiles.228 Returns:229 set(int)230 """231 return set(self._Phase(f) for f in self._filenames)232 def GetMergedOffsets(self, phase=None):233 """Merges files, as if from a single dump.234 Args:235 phase (int, optional) If present, restrict to this phase.236 Returns:237 [int] Ordered list of reached offsets. Each offset only appears238 once in the output, in the order of the first dump that contains it.239 """240 if phase is None:241 return self._GetOffsetsForGroup(self._filenames)242 return self._GetOffsetsForGroup(f for f in self._filenames243 if self._Phase(f) == phase)244 def GetRunGroupOffsets(self, phase=None):245 """Merges files from each run group and returns offset list for each.246 Args:247 phase (int, optional) If present, restrict to this phase.248 Returns:249 [ [int] ] List of offsets lists, each as from GetMergedOffsets.250 """251 return [self._GetOffsetsForGroup(g) for g in self._GetRunGroups(phase)]252 def _GetOffsetsForGroup(self, filenames):253 dumps = [self._ReadOffsets(f) for f in filenames]254 seen_offsets = set()255 result = []256 for dump in dumps:257 for offset in dump:258 if offset not in seen_offsets:259 result.append(offset)260 seen_offsets.add(offset)261 return result262 def _GetRunGroups(self, phase=None):263 if self._run_groups is None:264 self._ComputeRunGroups()265 return [g.Filenames(phase) for g in self._run_groups]266 @classmethod267 def _Timestamp(cls, filename):268 dash_index = filename.rindex('-')269 dot_index = filename.rindex('.')270 return int(filename[dash_index+1:dot_index])271 @classmethod272 def _Phase(cls, filename):273 return int(filename.split('_')[-1])274 def _ReadOffsets(self, filename):275 return [int(x.strip()) for x in open(filename)]276 def _ComputeRunGroups(self):277 self._run_groups = []278 for f in self._filenames:279 for g in self._run_groups:280 if g.IsCloseTo(f):281 g.Add(f)282 break283 else:284 g = self._RunGroup()285 g.Add(f)286 self._run_groups.append(g)287def GetReachedOffsetsFromDumpFiles(dump_filenames, library_filename):288 """Produces a list of symbol offsets reached by the dumps.289 Args:290 dump_filenames (str iterable) A list of dump filenames.291 library_filename (str) The library file which the dumps refer to.292 Returns:293 [int] A list of symbol offsets. This order of symbol offsets produced is294 given by the deduplicated order of offsets found in dump_filenames (see295 also MergeDumps().296 """297 dump = ProfileManager(dump_filenames).GetMergedOffsets()298 if not dump:299 logging.error('Empty dump, cannot continue: %s', '\n'.join(dump_filenames))300 return None301'Reached offsets = %d', len(dump))302 processor = SymbolOffsetProcessor(library_filename)303 return processor.GetReachedOffsetsFromDump(dump)304def CreateArgumentParser():305 """Returns an ArgumentParser."""306 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Outputs reached symbols')307 parser.add_argument('--instrumented-build-dir', type=str,308 help='Path to the instrumented build', required=True)309 parser.add_argument('--build-dir', type=str, help='Path to the build dir',310 required=True)311 parser.add_argument('--dumps', type=str, help='A comma-separated list of '312 'files with instrumentation dumps', required=True)313 parser.add_argument('--output', type=str, help='Output filename',314 required=True)315 parser.add_argument('--offsets-output', type=str,316 help='Output filename for the symbol offsets',317 required=False, default=None)318 parser.add_argument('--library-name', default='',319 help=('Chrome shared library name (usually '320 'or'))321 return parser322def main():323 logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO)324 parser = CreateArgumentParser()325 args = parser.parse_args()326'Merging dumps')327 dump_files = args.dumps.split(',')328 profile_manager = ProfileManager(dump_files)329 profile_manager.SortByTimestamp()330 dumps = profile_manager.GetMergedOffsets()331 instrumented_native_lib = os.path.join(args.instrumented_build_dir,332 'lib.unstripped', args.library_name)333 regular_native_lib = os.path.join(args.build_dir,334 'lib.unstripped', args.library_name)335 instrumented_processor = SymbolOffsetProcessor(instrumented_native_lib)336 reached_offsets = instrumented_processor.GetReachedOffsetsFromDumps(dumps)337 if args.offsets_output:338 with file(args.offsets_output, 'w') as f:339 f.write('\n'.join(map(str, reached_offsets)))340'Reached Offsets = %d', len(reached_offsets))341 primary_map = instrumented_processor.OffsetToPrimaryMap()342 reached_primary_symbols = set(343 primary_map[offset] for offset in reached_offsets)344'Reached symbol names = %d', len(reached_primary_symbols))345 regular_processor = SymbolOffsetProcessor(regular_native_lib)346 matched_in_regular_build = regular_processor.MatchSymbolNames(347 for s in reached_primary_symbols)348'Matched symbols = %d', len(matched_in_regular_build))349 total_size = sum(s.size for s in matched_in_regular_build)350'Total reached size = %d', total_size)351 with open(args.output, 'w') as f:352 for s in matched_in_regular_build:353 f.write( + '\n')354if __name__ == '__main__':...

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