How to use _save_checksum_dict method in autotest

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...582 for line in checksum_file_contents.splitlines():583 checksum, package_name = line.split(None, 1)584 self._checksum_dict[package_name] = checksum585 return self._checksum_dict586 def _save_checksum_dict(self, checksum_dict):587 '''588 Save the checksum dictionary onto the checksum file. Update the589 local _checksum_dict variable with this new set of values.590 checksum_dict : New checksum dictionary591 checksum_dir : The directory in which to store the checksum file to.592 '''593 checksum_path = self._get_checksum_file_path()594 self._checksum_dict = checksum_dict.copy()595 checksum_contents = '\n'.join(checksum + ' ' + pkg_name596 for pkg_name, checksum in597 checksum_dict.iteritems())598 # Write the checksum file back to disk599 self._run_command('echo "%s" > %s' % (checksum_contents,600 checksum_path),601 _run_command_dargs={'verbose': False})602 def compute_checksum(self, pkg_path):603 '''604 Compute the MD5 checksum for the package file and return it.605 pkg_path : The complete path for the package file606 '''607 md5sum_output = self._run_command("md5sum %s " % pkg_path).stdout608 return md5sum_output.split()[0]609 def update_checksum(self, pkg_path):610 '''611 Update the checksum of the package in the packages' checksum612 file. This method is called whenever a package is fetched just613 to be sure that the checksums in the local file are the latest.614 pkg_path : The complete path to the package file.615 '''616 # Compute the new checksum617 new_checksum = self.compute_checksum(pkg_path)618 checksum_dict = self._get_checksum_dict()619 checksum_dict[os.path.basename(pkg_path)] = new_checksum620 self._save_checksum_dict(checksum_dict)621 def remove_checksum(self, pkg_name):622 '''623 Remove the checksum of the package from the packages checksum file.624 This method is called whenever a package is removed from the625 repositories in order clean its corresponding checksum.626 pkg_name : The name of the package to be removed627 '''628 checksum_dict = self._get_checksum_dict()629 if pkg_name in checksum_dict:630 del checksum_dict[pkg_name]631 self._save_checksum_dict(checksum_dict)632 def compare_checksum(self, pkg_path):633 '''634 Calculate the checksum of the file specified in pkg_path and635 compare it with the checksum in the checksum file636 Return True if both match else return False.637 pkg_path : The full path to the package file for which the638 checksum is being compared639 '''640 checksum_dict = self._get_checksum_dict()641 package_name = os.path.basename(pkg_path)642 if not checksum_dict or package_name not in checksum_dict:643 return False644 repository_checksum = checksum_dict[package_name]645 local_checksum = self.compute_checksum(pkg_path)...

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